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Topic: Birthright

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Today’s message is about the birthright of a child -- to belong in the family of the Creator and lay claim to his or her inheritance. What does it mean to have a birthright?


A birthright is an entitlement -- a basic right of an individual who, having been born, has right to lay claim to it. The master taught that those that are ‘born’ of the spirit have this right of claim to enter into the family of the sons and daughters of God. Many have asked: ‘How does one enter into this kingdom or family of God?’ My friends, the keys to the kingdom lie in your faith. This faith is the belief in the sovereignty of God; the Creator of all; your spiritual paternal Origin; the Bestower of all personality; the Spark of God that lives in the mind of every individual; and the belief in the brotherhood of man -- to love one’s neighbor as one’s self.

“Many of you say that you believe in God, but how do you really know that you have entered therein, and what exactly is it that you are entering into? My friends, those that have entered into this family shall have eternal life and the ‘right’ to pursue the grand adventure -- to find God and to become like Him. Those that have entered need not be concerned about the probationary status of their survival, for they are secure in their standing before the universe and the Creator. It is only a matter of time for that individual to grow and progress, until fusion with their God fragment seals this right of passage for eternity.

“What are the noticeable signs of a child in this family of the Creator? Those that have entered into the joy of their Lord will show forth the fruits of the spirit. Does this mean that you are to become a fanatical religious zealot, who stands on a street corner shouting this good news to all passers by? No my friends, those that have entered change from the inside out. They begin to lose their prejudices and hatred for their fellows and desire to serve humanity because they feel oneness with all creation -- that all of humanity shares in this offer of eternal life in the family of God. As you mature in this ‘knowing’ you will learn to align your will with the will of the Creator -- not because it is law, but because you are becoming godlike in nature -- love is filling into all the dark areas of your being and therefore does the light show forth into the darkness and onto your fellows who seek for this light, but have not yet found the way. The will of God is that all shall find the way to eternal life in this family. God is no respecter of persons, races, nations, or religions. When all religious doctrines are stripped away or boiled down to their core truths, the child of God remains in unity with the will of the Creator because he or she realizes the interconnectedness of all things and personalities.

“It is a deeply personal free will decision and experience to ask and receive the rights to this inheritance. No priest, pastor, imam, monk, or other so-called spiritual leader can grant this right of passage. Only the true faith of an individual to seek the Creator can start the engines of rebirth in the spirit and partake in his or her birthright -- the entitlement to eternal life and in service to God. Claim your birthright today!


“Good day, “The Circle of Seven.”