2010-05-16-Setting the Stage

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Topic: Setting the Stage

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Unknown, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Elyon: [Mark[ Good morning my friends, this is Elyon here to enjoy another visit with you. I always like to take my lead, if you will, from that which you have brought to offer and share with each other and I always trust that I do not overstep my bounds by bringing in themes that are provided for the benefit of all. I would like to spend a few minutes then this morning in discussion of this idea of tying into the energy field and even directing it. I will use the popular example again of setting the stage for an event of any kind.


Wherever there is provision and intention to draw participants together and provide an experience, there is the necessity to set the stage, that is to create the environment designed to portray the intention and be conducive to the experience that is envisioned to be shared by all. This may be a concert, a wedding, a town hall meeting, a corporate board room meeting, or a meeting over lunch with friends. Every time there is a gathering of individuals there is a tone set, there is a stage set to be employed and the experience which is created by this intentional construction of the arena for the event.

You are well aware as you go into your varied restaurants, they attempt to create a certain mood and feeling. When you go to a wedding, there is the intention to create a festive mood and the decorations and atmosphere are all designed to promote this mood. When you have a simple cards group meeting with your friends it is incumbent upon you to clear the table, set the chairs out, provide drinks and snacks to create the atmosphere you wish to have while enjoying the experience of simply being together playing cards.

All of these examples indicate that some original idea and intention was employed to launch the participants experience in a particular direction. All these factors are in place to be conducive to such an experience having been placed there beforehand as an act of will and forethought by the one who would create this experience so that when the guests arrive, they to a person instantly have a sense of the experience they are about to encounter as a result of the predetermined efforts of those constructing the experience. The experience to be had is telegraphed through the environment created and one falls into easily, the atmosphere that is created, even quite subconsciously.

That is the stage, the arena, the tent, under which you gather for your events. Then there are the participants and particularly the leaders or directors who would seize upon the opportunity created by the manufacturing of the conditions for the event and wield the collective power that the creating of such a gathering includes and skillfully direct the energy forces to maximally collect and direct the potential and focus this energy as the translators between the mortal and material actions and words and translate these seemingly normal activities into the spiritual dimension where they may be directed, guided, and applied.

So it is I observed two different accounts witnessed here today where there was this realization of potential. The stage has been set and as participants there was this awareness that there was great potential inherent in this event to be harnessed and collected. Simply by the use of this awareness, the activating of this universe principle, it becomes apparent even to you who are so mortal at this point, that energy was indeed directed, that intention was indeed gathered and focused as a result of simply taking advantage of the opportunity present.

Both of these circumstances indicate the same universe principle in action, that is, the awareness that this is how it works, the awareness of the principle itself and the activating of that principle by taking the necessary steps you perceive need to be taken in order to insure this principles' complete activation. Sometimes you will be involved in setting the stage and creating the arena, other times you may walk on as a participant to the stage someone else has 'intentioned' into purpose and act as collector and director of the energies present, function as translator into the spiritual dimension, and facilitate this connection for the group as well as for your yourself individually.

These opportunities are present virtually daily, wherever you come in contact with others there is a meeting taking place, there is an opportunity for a gathering and a focusing of intention. This potential lies dormant waiting to be activated at will. It is pleasing to observe that your process of spiritual growth has brought you to a place of more ready awareness that this is so, of the position you hold and the potential before you.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your dialog today, inspired by the personal discoveries of your lives which as you see, have spiritual implications forever and always. I bid you all have a good day, farewell.

Unknown Source: [Cathy] In the process of creating energy transfer there are some activities that enhance effective transfer. Your intention to transfer is a key element. Also present are your associated helpers, your angels and their energy attachments that enable contact with other systems some of which you have only limited access to. Energy can be created by many means. When large groups of individuals gather there is a shared atmosphere, a shared energy. Your sensitivity to this energy has increased and you are able to direct the energy out onto a grid into a circuit. We on the other side have the ability to connect and use energy from the grid. It is indeed a service you are able to perform, this directing the energy from one place to another. All energy can be used for good. All energy can be transferred for use. You are encouraged to participate in this process.

Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings to all, I am Monjoronson here to avail myself of the opportunity to make a further contribution to this mornings discussion. On your world, at least in your culture here, there is a routine habit observed of individuals who are desiring to be elected, being endorsed by those who consider themselves in some authority, and by this process one gathers endorsements and builds support for an idea, a platform, or an individual. I'd like to activate this Urantia principle at this time and come out in endorsement of an idea that has recently been suggested in other locations as a means to bring a quick focus to the desire of a mortal individual to be in spiritual contact with either an alternate universe personality or with their own indwelling Fragment of the Father.


I am referring to using the 'switch-word concept' and adopting the word 'together.' As we have discussed before, repetition of certain processes brings with it the mastering of this process and the increased speed and efficiency of this process to the point where there is well nigh instantaneous results when you go into the process. That is what this technique is meant to offer those individuals who have been diligent in their pursuit and who have practiced this 'going to spirit' in any number of ways.

What I suggest here today is to begin to make this association, to build this synapse between the activity that you choose in the moment to approach spirit and this concept of 'together' or 'togetherness' and when you do one, may I suggest that you do the other in association. Insert this into your regular practice routine, your regular incursions into spirit. If you will do this activity you will find that you are able to grab this one associated word of 'together' in any moment of any circumstance and bring yourself to be looking at the situation from your seat of spiritual awareness, to have made this instantaneous switch by virtue of using this word to cross over. This word becomes a bridge, a doorway, and you are able to simply use this word to walk through, to walk across and be at this place where you may not have the time or luxury to enter into stillness and remove yourself to a secluded location. You will most certainly have the opportunity in simply thinking of this word 'together' to provide that much time for the switch and that is truly all that is needed for one who is practiced and will take advantage of this principle.

I fully approve of this idea of association and this word is as good as any and better than most for attaching to this state and so I encourage its adoption and use by those who see its relevance in their ascension career at this time. I think such an attitude of association will be conducive as a means to an instant connection, perhaps not always in use but there at the readiness in those moments when life is happening and you can remember to call on your spiritual side for its perspective, for its reference. Simply taking those few seconds will change the equation being observed, will bring in spiritual qualities and will set the stage for a spiritual experience. This is how you are able to bring all of your practiced training of engaging in spiritual pursuits instantly into the arena where you find yourself. More often than not, this sudden shift in awareness will prompt you to go the next step further and act as spiritual liaison to the limit of your capacity. It's all about taking small, seemingly simple steps, and yet your intention to set out and take these steps and your willingness to proceed through with taking them is what brings you across the distance.

That is the extent that I would like to offer today on the suggested approach and method. It is but one, there are innumerable approaches and methods. Please do not understand that by my suggesting such a method, all others might be inferior. That is simply not the case, rather I seize on this train of thought because it has been donated to the collective consciousness for use now by all of us. This contribution represents exactly what we have been referring to all along in creating the opportunity whereupon we may build, gather, direct, and guide our further movement.


Thank you for the opportunity you provide here today. I bid you all have a good week and success at making new connections to be used as they are desired in your experiences from arena to arena, from gatherings to meetings. May you wield the awareness of your position of your role and of your potential. May it be so. Farewell today.