2010-05-18-Monjoronson Q and A Session 101

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Topic: Thought Adjusters, Murder, a New Church, Temple

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.


  • Moderator-Philip


Prayer: Gentle Father and Mother, Divine Parents, embrace us in the warmth comfort and gentleness of this connection with spirit, with proper intention, human purpose, to understand the spiritual and divine nature of our human selves. Bring us now into the moment of contact once again this evening and bring forth another human endeavor to understand spirit, to allow spirit to understand ourselves through our questions and through our answers. Give spirit a chance to interact on our behalf, to guide us as a living principle of faith and trust. We ask for all available presences to support. We present equal opportunity to all presences, especially the presence of Monjoronson this evening.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, this is Monjoronson again returning to the customary question and answer formatted session. This evening, in all of these questions and answers, know that most important aspect of your spiritual dependency of your mind is to connect with the Indwelling Spirit. Begin to trust the understanding of your Indwelling Spirit and your own consciousness. Begin to understand that the Indwelling Spirit works as simply as a thought coming into your mind. This is why it is called the Thought Adjuster, since at that level the Thought Adjuster can actually manipulate what comes into your mind. Become observant, become communicative, become trusting, forever remain loyal. Thank you this evening, we are ready to begin.


Thought Adjusters

Question #1: Does each Thought Adjuster have a given name or number that indwells the humans of Urantia? If so, does this change upon fusion?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this interesting and amusing question. It would seem from observation, of the little that is known in the spiritual realm about the Thought Adjuster, that most information has to be discerned through human behavior and human effort and what is perceived as an Adjuster motivated life or consequence. In this respect, Adjusters are not known by name or number, they are known by the indwelt person. This is how the universe knows about them and upon fusion, the Adjuster relinquishes that part of Its nature to become a greater part of the human nature accepting the qualifications, the name as the human is known, so is the Adjuster known. Thank you for this question.

Question #2: This person has connected with one that feels like a cold black void. They did nothing offensive and seem completely normal but he sensed there was something not right, so much so that they were near hysterics. They wonder whether this is a personal trait of theirs or could this be their Thought Adjusters recognition of a barren person or a person that no longer has a Thought Adjuster?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. In answering your question be aware that it is tremendously difficult to state a circumstance intellectually without having access to a more personally observant recognition of behavior patterns, meaning it is tremendously difficult to say what is causing the void. Sometimes an avoidance by a person may be nothing more than the person not wanting to directly associate with another so that person cuts off an energy, or that person does not project anything towards the inquiring one. It could also be what he/she is doing that either they are completely aloof, or they are intensely involved in their own sphere of influence as not to project any energy from themselves towards others.

The projection of energy which is what you are talking about, not perceiving an energetic response from the person, usually has to do with a mental display of activity, recognition, acknowledgement, on their level. It is very different, lets say, on wanting to contact someone to think about them in a certain light. Sometimes, all of a sudden, you may see them or hear them in a mental telepathy response because energetically you are sending forth to that particular person, a particular energy signature. Not receiving something from a person and then feeling devoid of any response means that the person may be going through a tremendous period of depression which has nothing to do with Thought Adjuster activities. The quality with which humans receive and perceive others is unquestionably of a reciprocal nature. There are certain people, especially people of the opposite sex, who meet and the energetic response is a chemistry that matches and blends and creates a sensation within the consciousness.

Also, check your motives. If you are anticipating, assuming, or expecting something from another person and are not receiving it, then you need to question what your motives [are.] I am not saying this is the case but I don't have access to either mind so from what you are saying externally, again as stated before, it would be tremendously difficult to particularly qualify the nature of such behavior. Thank you for this question.

Question #3: This individual has pre-birth memories that are not theirs but are perhaps of his Thought Adjuster. Does he have these memories because his Thought Adjuster chose to show him or are these arbitrary 'spill-overs' because they are consciously working together?

Monjoronson: Thank you again for this question. It is tremendously difficult to qualify personal experience on a third person basis unbeknownst to you. I do not have the access and privilege of human minds on a general basis. To qualify something of a personal experience has to be qualified on a personal level. Do the homework. If it is Adjuster associated, ask the Adjuster. The Adjuster will qualify this to you if you need to know. It is an extremely personal thing. A lot of times the reason the Adjuster will show something to you, it is for your eyes only. The Adjuster is not showing that particular thing to someone else, they are showing it to you because it something that you need to see to move in the direction in which the Adjuster has outlined for you to move into.

Be careful in seeking third person references to qualify personal experience. Someone cannot explain God to you. They can talk about their experiences with God, they can talk about their assumptions or what they know to be true about God, but until you truly experience a revelation within your own consciousness which reveals God to you against all doubt, only then will you truly know the rewarding qualities which now resides within your consciousness. This knowing and understanding actually and literally shifts your consciousness. The perspective all of a sudden has been grounded in truth and reality and one really knows beyond any doubt of the veracity which they have discovered within themselves.

This is true of all personal experience. Always, be not afraid to approach the Father, be not afraid to meticulously ask the Father your true desires and concerns about understanding wisdom and knowledge, about what you are experiencing. Know first hand what this is about. Find the confidence within yourself to discover these things. Do not rely on a third person qualification on a purely personal matter. All activities of consciousness are answerable to the Thought Adjuster, ALL. Even the static thoughts, the perverse thoughts, the bad thoughts, the inappropriate thoughts, eventually are all responsive to the Thought Adjuster and their activity moved on by the Thought Adjuster's ability to image within your consciousness, a greater reality than the one you are experiencing.

Again, do not just pick the can of beans off of the shelf, then open it up with a can opener, and then heat it up and be satisfied. Look to the joy and integrity that involves soaking dry beans, cleaning them, overnight letting them get large, heating them up slowly, seasoning them, simmering their taste. Learn to develop a certainty within oneself and you will begin to understand on a greater level beyond any doubt, the level of reality and awareness which will relate to your present condition. Thank you for this question.

Question #4: Is there a way to tap into the Thought Adjuster recording of our life events so that we can see these events from the Thought Adjuster's point of view like a coach reviews game footage with his team?

Monjoronson: Unlike the game footage a coach reviews with his team, the Thought Adjuster is interactive. You can stop the tape and interact with the Thought Adjuster at any moment within the tape which you could not do if the coach was playing it. The ability to become interactive with the Thought Adjuster allows for a greater understanding with the individual who is able to ask the right questions to the Thought Adjuster. If you are just asking the Thought Adjuster for more food, more pleasure, a nicer car, more money, you may get those things but if you begin to ask for a greater understanding of the inner workings of the Thought Adjuster, of why certain images are presented to a human, of why the human may be led to do multiple things, things that the human particularly does not want to do, ask what is there in this task that one must learn? What is the lesson here?

On any level, a human working with the Thought Adjuster will be working with lessons. The Thought Adjuster sets up these lessons within the human consciousness and within the productivity of human life, of human association and interaction on a socially human level. [In] all of these interactions a person has to synchronize both with the will of the Father which is on an individual level, and the will of the Father that exists on a social level, on a multiple human level.

The dynamic tremendously shifts when many people are involved than when it is only one individual. So what you ask for certainly the Thought Adjuster has a program which can be tapped into. The way that the program is tapped into is into the integral moment of things while you are in the thrust of a challenging situation in life, when you are in the midst of life's lessons, while you are maneuvering the boat through the torrential storm you may have to make adjustments. It is in the ability to make adjustments and make the correct choices in these adjustments that you can navigate through any situation.

Begin to learn guidance, begin to learn aspects which the Thought Adjuster brings to your consciousness and understanding. Understanding the Thought Adjuster is not a difficult task but the task is made the more challenging on a world where one has to exercise faith and trust and understanding, or when it is not necessarily the protocol for life on this planet. So because it is not a focus of education and training, it is virgin territory, it is open. Explore, explore to the depths, because the relationship of man and the Thought Adjuster is the last great frontier you will encounter before you leave this planet. It is the responsibility of each and every one of you to begin to ask the correct questions of the Thought Adjuster and to begin to learn, to comprehend when and how the Thought Adjuster will answer or show you the answer or the concern which you seek.

Working with the Thought Adjuster is like putting an edge on a knife. To get the knife real sharp so that it will cut, it must be honed against something that is equally as hard so that it is actually abrasive and cuts into the existing metal and shapes it. The blade is honed to an edge. The Adjuster hones the human into a humble nature into a supple malleable substance so that you consciously choose to become clay or wax, something soft that can bend, that can adjust to any difficult situation, that can move through the immovable parts of life. A long time ago when the chemists on your world were searching for the 'alchemist stone,' for the substance and technique which would turn simple material into something precious, adding the 'alchemist stone' whould change lead to gold. This is a metaphor for the Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster is the only way for a human to transmute and transform.

The human is the only animal on the planet which is capable of becoming something different in a single lifetime. All other animals without Thought Adjusters are just animals. They will always reproduce and be the same. You say yes, humans reproduce and they're always the same, and this certainly would be true. Yet within the length and breadth of a human lifetime, a human can change his fate, and he can become the understanding and have the personal inter-workings of the Thought Adjuster. This will change his life and help bring his or herself in line with the will of the Father. You need to understand the Father, for He can both work on the planet through human endeavor as well as transform the human material into a divine substance. Again, thank you this evening for this question.


  • Murder

Question #5: Aside from our laws which define murder, does the universe differentiate what constitutes murder and degrees of murder also?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. One of the most confounding conditions and situations of the human race as observed by spirit personalities and [the] spirit world is that humans have a tremendously difficult time understanding their behavior. Murder is an aspect of human behavior which a human knowingly takes the life of another human usually for a personal motive or sense, because if a human were protecting his life against the actions of another it would be called self defense and not murder.

These human endeavors are tremendously difficult to align themselves within human consciousness and human social mores, especially in a society which may be pretending to evolve in a more spiritual harmony. As society develops, mans behavior and social nature begins to develop. It is unfortunate to live in times in which people seem to be unaccountable for themselves. Peoples seem to not want to accept consequences of their actions or accept the responsibility for their actions.

Spirit does not necessarily judge what humans do with behavior. What spirit discerns is that when humans have a tremendously difficult time adjusting their behavior to a certain quality of consciousness. There may be remorse or guilt felt about a purely animal nature which then tends to shut down certain parts within the human consciousness. When that happens, it does not allow for a complete integration of understanding which would move the human past the consciousness of an inappropriate behavior. Obviously the murderous behavior is working on the human in a certain way to come to some resolution. In normal situations, the resolution is to move past the behavior by beginning to exhibit and adopt a different behavioral operation plan. Usually removing the tendency toward violence involves a complete philosophical makeover and a spiritual awakening, a born again understanding, a rebirth within oneself.

To understand these things is to understand on a larger level that people move together within large groups. Even on the mansion worlds, before people can move forward into greater spiritual position and greater spiritual places, people have to attain a consistency of spirituality on a social level by learning to work together. Eventually it will be understood that to move forward in a greater spiritual capacity together, some of the behavior patterns will have to be modified and adjusted. It is hard to move into a greater spiritual awareness socially while there is lying, theft, murder, sexual abuse, physical and verbal assault going on within the society.

Human consciousness evolves slowly. The greater indulgence of a society such as yours, bears the responsibility of a tremendous burden placed upon itself to change its nonproductive behavior patterns. In this respect, your question is part of a larger human spiritual paradigm about reality: What is important? How do we slowly evolve the human social consciousness through individual effort and identity with spirit? It is not important what spirit thinks about any human behavior. What is important is how can humans feel wholesome and good about their behavior? How do they begin to share that wholesome and good feeling with other wholesome and good people? Again, thank you for this question.

Question #6: How is one who has murdered on Urantia, adjusted or corrected on the mansion worlds to be able to ascend?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this questioning. Human behavior patterns are resolved on the mansion worlds in many different ways. For example, it may be important for some people once reaching the mansion worlds, if they have reached a certain spiritual capacity, to go back to the individuals who have made it over to the other side that they may have had conflict with. If need be, they may be given time to go through a resolution period with these individuals. Those that have not achieved a greater spiritual consciousness then must be detained on the detention part of the sphere. There, such an ascender will, again, be amidst others who are also suffering the same consequence.

All forward progression has to do with human endeavor. Spirit is allowed to guide, spirit is allowed to present options, but all endeavor is human even on the mansion worlds. All endeavor must be human. Anything having to do with human spiritual progression is a purely human.

Spirit is not allowed to do anything in place of what you have to do. Spirit is allowed to show if it is asked. Spirit is allowed to present options, and is allowed to present multiple techniques which may be available to do something, but the effort to move forward is a purely human requirement. This is true whether one is on the original planet of birth as it is now or later on elsewhere. It makes no difference.

If human behavior on the birth planet has to be worked out on the morontia worlds, it remains the humans responsibility to make good on all accounts. Many times it is within the human’s consciousness to place certain facets of his past behavior in perspective for resolution..

It will be evident and known if this is meant to be done. If the human does not care and does not change, even on the mansion worlds, he is left to work it out. Nothing is ever done to coerce, trick, or fool the human on the mansion worlds. Remember that death is just a doorway, and that many times things are more difficult of resolution on the mansion worlds than they are on the world in which you presently live. Unfortunately you do not live on an advanced stage of life on Urantia. What is not finished on the world which you presently live on must be dealt with on the mansion worlds.

Many times it seems like humans find it overwhelming with their behavioral consequences in their , because they block them out as if they never did happen. It becomes tremendously difficult when this happens, to own up to behavior, to begin to seek some resolution. Many times it is not possible to change what man has done or what humans do. It is only possible to change how to do them so that one does not repeat mistakes. Sooner or later one has to come to a greater understanding of meaning and purpose and values no matter what they have done. Remember, as Jesus said: "I come for the sinner, not for the righteous. I come for those who are at fault, who are conflicted in consciousness, that they may begin to forgive themselves and understand and move forward."

So many human efforts involve human emotions. Humans are more ready to hold on to the emotion of guilt rather than the emotion of forgiveness. This is something which must be trained within human consciousness, the spiritual equivalent of forgiveness, the human emotion of forgiveness, the forgiveness of oneself. Then at some point, make some recompense, some worthiness to turn the action into a positive. This must be done through human effort.

What man has to begin to learn is not that what he did was wrong but that what he did is something which should not be followed as an example, and should not become a motivation for ones life. What is important in a spiritual sense is not the inappropriateness of human behavior, but the appropriateness of human consciousness to evolve into a spiritual understanding of meaning and purpose and value. Such a conceptual grasp elevates the human from having a mere emotional reaction into a thought out understanding and a level of consciousness so that the person is completely in control of their behavior.

Stumbling is not important to God but that you get up and run. Yes, the details of man’s life becomes messy with inappropriate behavior. The history of your human race is drenched in inappropriate human behavior yet human enterprise and human life goes on and constantly is the spirit moving man forward within a current. Again, thank you for this question.

Question #7: On more advanced worlds, is it possible to determine who has lost a Thought Adjuster and would there be any repercussions because they had come to know this?

Monjoronson: This is only something that can be answered by a person having access to an advanced world life; when you get to an advanced world, your level of understanding would include such matters, when you yourself had evolved to the level of an advanced world citizen. Always remember, that it is not so important to have something defined for you. It is much more appropriate to seek a personal definition— what you think or decide! You are indwelt with an unmistakeable essence which has the ability to help increase your understanding of anything on any level and of any topic. If there is a tremendous time lag in getting Adjuster response, it may be necessary to move closer to the Adjuster in a spiritual sense. That way the delay is not so great in understanding. Again, it is more appropriate to meditate on how to bring your own current civilization into an advanced world status. Again, thank you for this question.


  • Technological Impact on Health

Question #8: The new Hadron Collider near Geneva, where it spans the border between Switzerland and France, does this experiment have the potential to make energy discoveries which could be [as] devastating as finding how to split the atom and the resulting nuclear bombs we have now?

Monjoronson: In answering this question briefly, it becomes important to understand that it is not the discovery of things which creates their use, it is mans agenda with discoveries of things which creates the potential for something to be harmless, hazardous, or more productive rather than counterproductive. This has to do with mans own personal agenda, not the discovery of something. The discovery of anything great on this planet has always been mis-appropriated and mal-appropriated to personal agenda. Begin to understand that all consequences are a result of how you think because how you think dictates how you act or how you react, therefore dictates the consequences of your actions.

The only way to correctly move forward is to allow for a greater understanding within the evolution of social consciousness which sees how to use something for the benefit of mankind rather than the benefit of a small group of individuals. That is the difference between the religion of the brotherhood of men and women versus the life of tragic human consequences. Again, thank you for this question.

Question #9: The emission of energy from our many communication devices seem to be multiplying to the extent that a lot of their radiation could cause serious energy to the human body. Have you any comments on their danger and maybe how to reduce the threat and still use them?

Monjoronson: No, I have no comment. Thank you.


  • How Does One Spirit Person "Enshroud" Another?

Question #10: The Urantia Book speaks of the existential Deities and how one person of Deity enshrouds the other. What does it mean to be enshrouded? It put a picture in my mind of something or someone being veiled. They are veiled from our senses or our perspectives. Why wouldn't our Infinite Father be the One that is enshrouding the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit?

Monjoronson: Well, humans must have multiple perspectives of things in order to establish a perspective and a dimension of understanding. One human cannot have a complete understanding of any activities of an existential level. Even spirit personalities on a local universe level don't even pretend to have an understanding of existential spirit. Trust that as you grow a greater spiritual awareness that these uncertainties will begin to unfold themselves on a need to understand basis. It is like certain soils will only bring out certain qualities in the plant. If you desire greater qualities you have to use a richer soil. Thank you for this question.

Urantia Movement, Tradition

  • New Church or a New Way of Life

Question #11: Many wish to establish a new church based on the Urantia Book. Many of us feel there is a danger to make the same mistake of establishing a church again and do not want to see a church come into being. Are there any rights or wrongs here? Do churches evolve into something else such as the Father's Temple as described in the Garden of Adam and Eve?

Monjoronson: You're asking several things. To answer one particular part of your question, no, religions and churches do not evolve into the Father's Temple. No activity takes place into the Father's Temple. It is a place of no activity, it is just a presence. It is necessary for man to determine what man wants to do. As long as you are humans on this planet you will be involved with human misunderstandings, human conflicts, misunderstood communications etc. It doesn't matter what belief system you adopt, it doesn't matter what church you have, what religion you choose. The only religion you need is the brotherhood of man and woman, understanding the love and the will of the Father. Until religion gets to that level of understanding, comprehension, and the ability to act in that capacity, everything else will fall short. It is unfortunate but it is true. Do not think otherwise. Thank you for this question.


Philip: Thank you Monjoronson for your gentle and insightful responses. As is our custom here, [if there] any further comments you would care to make on any subject, please do so.

Monjoronson: There is no further comment this evening. Thank you.

Philip: Thank you, that concludes our session for tonight and we'd like to thank all those involved in this team effort, good evening.