2010-05-23-Long View Project-Dialogue 14

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Topic: Gaia & the Gulf Oil Debacle

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Esu, Adama




LVP: With the pace of current events, is this the best time for a dialogue?

E: I have a few comments and then we will have a guest, for the continuum of education We have been building. You have already invited Him, Adama of Telos, so we won’t play cat and mouse! But I do have a few comments before Adama speaks.

The press of Christ Michael’s presence is influencing every aspect of life on Earth, from the cellular to the systemic. The DNA of the human body is being affected as is the composition of the clouds and the seas. Gaia is rising, however difficultly, and those on Earth are rising with Her. The resistance to this ascension is what you witness as violence and aberration in all its forms. The Earth changes are not aberrant in this sense, but again an outer manifestation of a vibratory change. It is this essence of Vibration that Adama will discuss. Without stealing His thunder I have a few thoughts on this as well. Remember, just as you are learning the ability to multi-task, We have that ability mastered at a level barely comprehensible to the human mind, so I am present at many levels in many occupations presently, this dialogue being just one.

We’ve been issuing various updates through Abundant Hope about the state of affairs and progress with Our activities. Many slide up and down with expectation and disappointment, hoping for what will come as well as fearing it, awaiting with every passing moment the paint to dry, lifting and falling emotionally while Our plans continue to take form. What I would offer is that this tidal movement is part of a larger pulsation. There is a pulse to the Vibration that surrounds and is moving all of what We are revealing, what you see and feel and know.

You and all who are conscious are part of the issuing wave. It may appear that you are simply reading an announcement, then experiencing a resultant sequence of emotion, but in fact you are part of Cause in Its manifestation. Because of your intent and orientation what you feel as a high or low is more the pulsation of Spirit, the incoming Tide and the outgoing Rest that is a part of Our every manifestation. There is a entire science to this Pulse, an aspect of the Science of Mazzaroth as it was termed in your book of Job, but that is a larger study then I will encompass today.

More directly, to use you as an example, and an example only for this applies to all who read this dialogue, you felt a very strong inner compulsion to address the Gulf Oil disaster.

LVP: Yes, I’ve written about it several times an although a bit reluctant to enter the fray I felt an essay on the subject may help awareness and awakening.

E: The compulsion you felt: was that yours alone?

LVP: I didn’t consider that, I just felt the compelling force and began gathering material for the essay.

E: Perhaps you were not so self-conscious as to consider this but I suggest you consider now! The Vibration was originating far beyond you and the incoming Tide of Spirit was rising. You felt the rising and you moved with the tide to assemble the information and your opinions to produce the essay on the tragedy as you know it. You were awake to My counsel and Christ Michael’s as to timing. You first published your poem, By Inner Light, which was an initial pulse that awakened a heart response in many.

LVP: Yes, that is how We discussed the sequence.

E: You prepared the essay but Our counsel was to wait before posting.

LVP: Yes, and that is what I did.

E: Dates were suggested and you were in that mindset when I suggested that the time for posting was now.

LVP: Hurry up and wait or rather wait and hurry up seems the order of the day!

E: Very funny! Here is your mind trying to interpret the Divine sequence; somewhat like gathering the vast quantity of information on the internet through your Blackberry device. It chugs along rather well but when it hits the pockets of availability it chokes and sputters and even locks.

D: Okay, okay! Just try to keep it moving here brother!

E: And you know I love your humor and the good joke in general, but there is an important point here. You were being held back in order to catch the wave as it is put on Earth, the wave being a vibratory one, a pulsation from Cause embodied in the Earth. When you released your Vantage Point you caught that wave and that is what CM and I had for intention. We wanted your particular thought and feeling to join the larger wave, one wave in reality that rode high and then ebbed.

D: So my feeling later of let down is just a part of an ebbing tide of Spirit’s emanation.

E: Not completely. There was the return of response to your writing which included a fair amount of despair and desperation. What you put out called for a response and that was in part what you were feeling. And there was also the ebbing tide; you felt that. Many have a clear sense of these rising and falling tides. There is joy with the rise and often disappointment with the ebb. I suggest that this is squandering a bit of your spiritual potential. Why moan about the tide when it is with a capital T?

The Tide of Christ Michael’s Spirit is having Its way, rising and falling, pulsating with Divine Intelligence. Ride the Wave then enjoy the rest. Nothing is lost. Do not misinterpret. You can’t ride the high forever. There is a correct pulsation. We are following this same Pulsation on a more aware and intensified level. You are joining that level, the new level of Vibratory Reality on Earth that is coming most surely. I suggest you keep your powder dry during the ebbing cycles so that you have your power and intensity in place to join the next Wave! There is no shame in resting, even amidst the battle and even for a Kumara!

This is our time, the cycle We’ve awaited. We are in the harvest field! Let your capacities remain centered and give yourself to the strength and power of what is coming. With that your compassion and ability to center others can only increase. Be mindful of the tidal movements. Let them become your own. Let the sense of separation dissolve. Let us move together as one!

LVP: Thank you brother. This could be enough I know but I would make opportunity for Adama if You would allow.

E: I will stay present but would be very happy for Adama’s presence and insight.

Adama: Good day to you both. Of course I’ve been listening in and enjoying this dialogue, which it appears Esu had in mind after all! Again here’s a subtlety for your awareness. You want to discern and place boundaries on experience that relate to your sense of time and space, the on and off in the binary way of your computer systems and decision making, but the level of Vibration coming includes a much vaster array of opportunity; truly the quantum level where in your present level of human science you are aware that a particle can be both energy and matter, wave and form at the same time. I suggest that the mutuality of your open spirit with Esu scope of vision opened the opportunity and what might have been a few words provided an avenue for a generous exchange.

LVP: I guess I’m always surprised by how this develops and usually read the dialogue, even after the many times I re-read it in preparation for posting, after it is on the web for the teaching and understanding it offers to me.

A: You are student of your own writing which is as it should be. In the larger outworking of Gaia and our beloved Earth, Christ Michael has said through many messages that He is a student of His own Creation! He is learning, shedding tears, enjoying the humor and banter with several, experiencing Himself in His own Recreation and Union with Gaia.

LVP: I read those words Adama and I comprehend but barely.

A: You comprehend sufficiently. Don’t underestimate your understanding or the understanding of those on Earth presently. We’ve all been here for quite a while! Here in Inner Earth We have not gone through the sequential incarnation experience you have, with all its joys and sufferings. We’ve remained largely stable, with some comings and goings as you would recognize it, but overall have remained present from the fall of our beloved Lemuria many, many years ago to now, when the cycle returns so to speak, the Vibration now Emanating from Source and from Christ Michael Himself, rising again in the tidal movement of Creation to restore our planet and to lift Gaia into Her rightful place with Michael as a crowning jewel of His Creation.

LVP: I remember in this moment how we understood all this long ago, and know it now, although the ups and downs of life cloud the understanding.

A: Clearing the clouds is the reason for My presence at this time. The Vibration of Creation has been ongoing from the very beginnings of time. The particular nature of that Vibration here on Earth has had its own characteristics. Part of that characteristic has been the experience of tragedy because of what is known as the rebellion and fall of a portion of the Higher Beings who were responsible for the direction and government of the Vibratory emanation. Christ Michael described this in His story of the vineyard and the stewards who forgot their place and began to use the land and the people without concern for the Owner. This is the story of Lucifer in the most easily digestible terms. The conclusion of that story is what is occurring in these times, and also very important to note, this is also the beginning of a new story!

What I want to emphasize is the vibrational nature of all this and the importance of how We all participate in the ongoing Tide. Your reading of a recent poem about Lemuria touched your memory again did it not?

LVP: Yes. The author and I have a connection back through that time and my memory is always stirred in her writing and reciprocally I believe, hers by mine.

A: Yes, and the point is not to get caught up in those memories. They are important because they are part of the awakening, the true history of Earth and Her people, but you should not become enamored with memory or overwrite what is present now or is to come with what is past. They are important because they provide perspective, and in this author’s case, a beautiful expression of love and devotion.

The Vibration of Christ Michael and beyond Our Creator Son to Source Itself as other internet author has been transcribing from Siraya, is one of Creation, ever new and unbounded by the limits of time. It is a vast and unimaginable Tide and the Pulse of this Tide encompasses thousands upon thousands of Earth years. The precession of the equinoxes every 26,000 years is just one example of such magnitude. It has only been one half of one such cycle since the disappearance of our Lemurian home beneath the ocean, a cycle of time which was so clearly understood by the ancients and recorded in several ways in the Great Pyramid at Cheops.

D: An understanding and awareness lost over time as we knew it would be.

E: Never completely lost and surely returning and amplifying today. My contribution to the Dialogues is to emphasize again at this crossroads time if you will, centering in Vibrational Cause; not to become overly oriented in effect. The Tide has been at work for thousands of years and the perturbations of an hour, a day, a year are only of consequence in a very small relative proportion. Each and every thought and feeling, impulse and action has its intrinsic value, but should not overweigh the larger tidal movements which are underway at this time and have been in motion throughout the aeons of time you’ve experienced.

LVP: Even in the recent dire tragedy of oil poisoning the Gulf and the larger ocean as oil plumes form and remove oxygen from the sea?

E: This is yet another in the sequential tragedies of human hubris, ignorance and greed. The magnitude of this disaster is much larger than what you or any have written. In your essay you made the Chernobyl comparison and that was illustrative but the actual effect of this toxicity upon Gaia’s waters have has yet to be understood or reckoned.

LVP: And even in this we need to stand back as it were and remain oriented in Cause.

E: Exactly, without the detachment of the greedy ones who have simply lost all feeling and connection with the Mother or the ignoring masses who want to continue with their lifestyles of apparent comfort while Gaia is being choked and poisoned.

No, it is not that ignorance which I suggest but rather the full engagement that Christ Michael and Esu demonstrated in their Earth walk, being fully in the world, but as He said even then, not of it. You are part of the Creator’s emanation yet also most wondrously, part of the One Who is Emanating! As a human being you are in the incomparable crossover position of Creator and Creation at once. You are being Caused and you are Cause. You are part Gaia and you are part Christ Michael. You cannot swing to either side of this vibrational boat without throwing balance and even plunging overboard!

There is a center point to the boat if you will and a balance point to your mission on Earth. We have our balance point in Inner Earth and you have your balance point in outer Earth. You’ve been crossing those borders with your healing Inner Earth work as have many before you who reengaged with Me and the presence of Telos. However, your mission remains above if you will and Our purpose is to join forces at this time with the emergence of Christ Michael, in union with our beloved Gaia. Our challenge in a sense is to be both in union with Gaia and with Christ Michael, to embrace the world in all its suffering and joy and to remain centered in Cause so that the outworking is given our fullest intention and most perfect opportunity.

LVP: Thank you Adama. This is beautiful.

A: This is the mission and purpose we share. This is our joy together, Inner Earth and outer Earth, soon to be reunited in the ascended vibration of our One Holy World in the Spirit of our Creator Son.

LVP: Thank you my brother. Esu, any closing words you wish to offer?

E: This is quite a bit for your readers as it is. You know I suggested a rest day for you but in true Kumara style you wanted to engage the field. This is your style showing up and as always I appreciate your willingness and contribution. My word to you and the readers of the Dialogues, which are centered on the educational mission of Christ Michael, is to heed Adama’s instruction and remain centered in Cause. Do not lose heart because of what appear to be ups and downs. Each and every one of you signed on for the big Mission, and as it was put so humorously yet so accurately in one recent post, the Boss is in the House! Without losing touch with the gravity of the situation and the difficult labor Gaia is suffering, let this awareness be your joy! Let the Reality of what has been so long coming be your satisfaction. Let the power of your individual and collective intent be centered on our Creator Son and the incoming Tide of His Great Spirit!

LVP: Thank you my brothers, thank you.