2010-05-26-What Will Not Occur

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Topic: What Will Not Occur

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Machiventa

TR: Daniel Raphael



MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. It is a pleasure to be here with you once again. I have been with you many times and I enjoy each occasion. Now, many of you are expecting me before too long, and it is true that I will eventually be physically present among you. Today I want to discuss what will not occur, or would not happen when I arrive. This list is rather extensive, but not all-inclusive. I prepare it and present it to you, to give you an idea of how life will continue on your planet.

Magisterial Mission

  • Monjoronson will stay with a host family as life continues on

First of all, when I arrive I will not be staying at Holiday Inn. I will most likely walk up to someone’s home, knock on the door, greet those who are present, and ask if I might stay with them awhile. What will not occur is that you will not have to wait on me; I will be a part of your household. I will assist you in your daily activities, to learn the fundamentals of your culture in the real fashion of one who is an equal member and participant of your family. No, your garbage service will not end. No, you will have to continue to pay your utility bills. And those credit card charges you stacked up, you will have to pay on them. Even for the family with whom I stay, they will still have these obligations. And yes, you will have to pay the water bill and your car payments, and your rent, and you will go to work. There will be no life of ease for anyone.

Our plans, co-creative with you, is to help your world evolve into a virtual planetary garden of Eden. This will take years, decades, centuries and millennia. The Stock Market will continue to operate; you will buy and sell investments. Yes, you will continue to pump petroleum from the ground—at least until someone has the idea of zero-point energy and knows how to apply it practically to your world. You will continue to go to the grocery store and buy groceries, bring home those goods and prepare them to eat. For the family with whom I stay, it will be a pleasure to share this meal with you and to bless you and bless the food that is prepared for the meal. You will still go to Macy’s and Target to buy your clothes and your appliances, and you will continue to plug them into the outlets in the walls of your home to make them work.

  • There will be no mass marketing of Monjoronson’s presence

The changes, which you surmise will occur, may surprise you in how slowly they are to come about. The corporations that govern commerce and trade throughout the world will continue to exist; there will still be stockholder meetings, differences with chief executive officers and boards of trustees—these things will continue. After a few weeks of being here and enculturated in your world, more people will begin to know about me and my presence. There will not be a great publicity stunt or marketing appeal to the masses of the world. This will begin by meeting your neighbors and going to parent teacher conferences with you, at your schools. Though I am of divine nature, and will have the limitations of physicality in your world, I still have the need to become acquainted and enculturated in your world. I will know things ahead of time, but yet it is the experience of them, experience of living and existing and getting to know the experience of living with you, in your culture, in your world that will give validity and authenticity to my memory, to my experiences, to the wisdom and reflections that I will have.

  • He will be treated much like UFO’s are treated

Yes, there will still be wars; yes, people will still die; yes, people will still curse those who work against them, or cut them off in traffic. Many things will not change, but you should be aware that your world will not be the same. Many of you in this country—in the country where I reside—many will be completely unaware of my presence for months, and even some for years. My presence will be treated much like UFO’s are treated in your world—everyone knows they exist, but there is no discussion between those who have authenticated their presence, and the public which speculates about them. Yes, I will travel, and yes, I will need traveling companions—at least one or two—to assist me, as I travel throughout your world to meet and greet those in other countries. No, there will be no ostentatious presentations, no flourishes of miracles when I am here, and yes, some of you will remain skeptical, even though you have shaken my hand.

  • Schools will be modeled after those in Eden

Just as there are debts that need to be resolved by individuals, there still will remain debts by corporations and nations. The working out of civility among your international and personal relations will need to be learned. Schools will be developed by myself and by you, to educate your populace around the world. We will begin much as every Eden on most worlds has always been established by having a nuclear location, and inviting emissaries from other countries, other cultures, to come to this location and to learn. And as my acceptance becomes more widespread in your world, my eminence will grow. I will keep my eminence and presence at a very low key, among you for a very long time, before letting that glow and that eminent presence which Jesus, Christ Michael, presented to his followers on occasion, where they were over-awed by merely looking upon him.

Our classroom settings will be most unique, but on the other hand, they will be quite conventional. There will be some presentations, much as you have received from Teaching Mission Teachers, and many will be in seminar fashion with me, with myself.

  • Progress will be slower than on a normal world

In many ways, the progress we make on your world will be much slower than it would be on a normal world. Urantia has not experienced a Magisterial Son before, nor the sure foundation and biologic upliftment that an Adam and Eve would have contributed, had they completed the duration of their stay here. Had your Adam and Eve remained faithful to their mission, they would only now be ending their time here with you, and your world would be much different. The progress of your world would have been tremendous at this point in time. But that is not so, is it? That did not occur, and so we will be engaging with you in the upliftment of your world, with “you!”

It is because of the co-creative aspect of working with mortals, with their own stubborn natures—and selfish natures at that—that it will take so long. The duration of ten thousand years with an Adam and Eve would have brought quite a great improvement in your world, in that time. It will take perhaps, that long for your world to be ready to have a morontial temple visible to you. As this is a completely developmentally driven program—the Correcting Time—we do not have a projection of when it will be complete. Developments will build on developments, and so they may be slow. It may be that your world has a nation where there is tremendous advancement, and that my teachings and the social structures I have asked you to build, are far advanced of those in other nations, and in fact, there will be other nations at that time, which are still at war, where there are still hostilities of aggression and defense. Your world will exist in a very lopsided manner, where some nations are at peace and have the rudiments of operationally sustainable social institutions throughout, those nations which are beginning to build partnerships with other nearby neighboring nations, where borders and procedures of sovereignty have begun to erode.

  • A world government will not occur until much later

Do we foresee a world government? No. We do not see a world government early on, but much later when your nations have evolved individually, when there is much greater working order between them. You may attempt to do so on your own, but we will not support that until it is timely to do so. The difficulties of ego, the needs for self-aggrandizement, of control and authority, projections of fear, will remain for centuries, if not millennia, which must be overcome person by person, as they come into this world and are taught to live without fear, to live without necessity of control or self-aggrandizement. These will be most difficult to dissolve, and even on worlds that approach the era of light and life, there will be some who still harbor these primitive needs of ego, and who remain fearful.

  • Those in government and education will have great difficulty in change

You have a good idea of what will be taught in our schools by examining first of all the teachings of Jesus, for personal intra- and interpersonal relationships, and in the earlier papers of the Urantia Book for the processes of governance, and the evolution of representative government. There will be great difficulty of releasing control by already established political bodies and institutions and partisan interests. Those in government and those in education will have greatest difficulty moving from their old antiquarian methods to new more resilient, flexible procedures, with less control.

  • Progress will be slow as many are unprepared for big changes

So, do you understand a bit of what will not change? Do you understand a bit about how it will change slowly? We hope you do. We will not make a splash in the same reasoning that your governments have not revealed the presence and relationships that they have with UFO’s and the extra terrestrial civilizations, as there are many in your world who are unprepared for intelligent connection and contact with these foreign people, just as there are many in your world who have insufficient reasoning power and intelligence and emotional stability to come into the full presence of myself when I arrive.

  • Man must not abandon social responsibilities

We are not so much concerned about revolution and a pandemic of chaos, as we are about the abandonment of your personal and social responsibilities. There has been so much misinformation given to you and disinformation by religious authorities about the coming of the Messiah, the coming of the Enlightened One, that many would lay down their shovels and lay down their hoes, and lay down their time cards, and forget about going to work, and your world would then truly be in an uncontrollable spiral downward, as there would be little faith in recovery, based on historic precedence of human capacity and intelligence to do so. This must be avoided. My presence must inaugurate an era of progress, of social upliftment, emotional stability in the masses of humanity.

We are less concerned about the upliftment of your spirituality, as the stability of your civilization and your societies, to begin with. Without that, there will be no spiritual upliftment of your planet. It will easily take twenty years for your world to become acquainted with having an enlightened individual on the planet, and how to live with that reality. The program that Christ Michael has designed with the Most Highs, and those in Uversa, for the healing of this planet, and of the other quarantined planets, is very ponderous and very slow, very thoughtful. The infusion of what we have called ‘heart energy’ is paramount among and between us and you—you and your neighbors, your societies, your nations and your global community of nations. Heady, intellectualized, linear process will not work in this early era of introduction. And yes, (laughing) there will be those who will want to capitalize on my presence. Well, you can print all the T-shirts you want to, as it will not offend me; it would be nice to have wonderful sayings and logos that have been neglected in centuries past, printed on your T-shirts and your baseball caps.

  • Developing emissaries

We will begin by teaching those who are teachable—teachable to become teachers—emissaries who will go into other communities around the world. It will be slow, and yes, you will see some individuals who come to our schools, who will return home and sit on self-made thrones and have people grovel at their feet—this will happen! It is predictable among your kind, in this species. And, there will be those who return home, ever so humble, ever so empowered, ever so capable to transform the hearts and minds of those who they meet and greet and teach. You are in this era seeing much winnowing and separation of those of light and from those in darkness. This will continue, but it will be more and more evident and egregious among those who wish to aggrandize themselves at the expense of those who they are to teach.

And yes, those who are sincere, those who have come to our classes, those who have been touched in the heart and by their spirit, will go away to their homelands as though they too were newly Christed individuals. My eminence will be palpable to those who meet them, and those whom they teach will also receive some of this eminence. There will be a diminution of my eminence as there is teaching upon teaching upon teaching, until those who have been taught, return to our schools and are re-ignited in the light and eminence of the Christ Spirit, which I bring forward to you.

  • Making hard decisions for our world

We predict that we will make great progress as we begin to teach individuals, who then return to their homeland. We predict that we will have greater and greater difficulty—we will have great difficulty overcoming the inertia of long-established social institutions, whether they be churches or governments, or healthcare, or other institutions. Some of the proposed legislation will be audacious to you; some of it will not be passed by your governmental bodies, or approved for decades, as it will go against the grain of what you think is appropriate and what is moral.

Before closing this part, you must be aware that you and your progeny will have to make very tough decisions, so that those who are of the light, remain and grow, and become the dominant segment of your population of your planet. Those who are unteachable, those who are of criminal mind, those who have social incompetence will need to be restrained. You will actually choose how your world enters the era of light by how you legislate the quality of life for your planet. As in any world that is becoming settled, we do not dictate the legislation that you pass; only you can do that. It will be a slow process, difficult at times; it will require perseverance of angelic and divine nature on our part, and the best qualities of human perseverance that you can muster, to follow along and to assist your world to progress.

Yes, there truly will be political parties that will come into existence—those who will align with our work, and those who align with the old established social inertia. What we will get out of this is eventually a world that is settled in light and life, a tremendous body of souls who have grown and experienced as agondonters, and who have grown through this difficult time, and a method of dealing and working with worlds that have been in quarantine and darkness for a long time. All of this will add tremendously to the experiential base of God the Supreme, and the new eras that come into existence.

  • Acceleration into a new three part program

I wish to switch gears now to a new topic. Many of you have noticed and felt a tremendous change in energy in yourselves, around yourselves and in your world. It is as though you have jumped onto a trampoline, and have come up to the top of your jump, where you are in suspended animation, where there is zero gravity, zero velocity for even a millisecond, before gravity pulls you back down to the trampoline. This is what you have felt; you have felt the zero gravity, the cessation of momentum of the programs that we have been working on, and now the early acceleration into a new program.

This program has the three-part, triumvirate participation of Christ Michael, Machiventa and myself. Machiventa, of course, is our “point person” for this program and he will be working as representative for this three- part executive team. He will be working through a liaison, who will co-creatively be working more directly with you. There are more direct developments that will occur, and these will be made aware to you in the very near future. All of the resources that we have used as personnel in the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission will remain and they will become much more effectively, directly and pragmatically connected with you in co-creative endeavors.

I will leave it that loosely said, and not define that further, being ambiguous on purpose. I apologize for this, but we know some of you are quite cynical, pessimistic and withholding of awareness and acceptance until we actually shake hands, and this will occur eventually, though of course, many of you will have passed on by then. We look forward to a more immediate, present, working relationship with you, as this new program gets underway.

I thank all of you for working so closely with me, all of those who have participated in question and answers that are pragmatic and oriented towards your relationship with God and your ascendant journey, and your experiences here on this world. Although you have had a cessation of your question and answer work with me, that truly will continue on in the future. This provides an ongoing teacher/student relationship with those across the world, as they read the transcripts and listen to our voice recordings. There must be a way for individuals to seek interpretation of the experiences they have, and of those experiences they anticipate. Thank you.

I will now be open for questions if you have any.


Melchizedek Schools

Student: What about the Melchizedeks that we’ve heard that will accompany you—where do they come into this process?

  • The role of the Melchizedeks in this new program

MONJORONSON: They come into the process in the immediate future through design teams and working teams. There must and will be a Melchizedek available for each design and working team that comes into existence. The Melchizedeks will be on-hand and available and working in the schools that we establish in the future.

Student: Will they be visible in those duties?

MONJORONSON: No, they will not.

Student: Did you say that we humans would be involved with the people on other planets that have been in quarantine?

MONJORONSON: No, you will not be involved with other worlds or populations that have been in quarantine. Are there further questions to your request?

Student: I didn’t see how that would be possible, but obviously I misunderstood what you said.

MONJORONSON: We will examine the transcript and see how it shakes out. Our intention is not to have you working with other populations of quarantined worlds.

Student: It’s problematic enough to work with our population here.

MONJORONSON: Exactly so. My words and my thoughts exactly.

  • The use of mass media

Student: It was my impression from some discussions back in the past that you would be utilizing mass media in order to carry on your work here. Is that still an option eventually?

MONJORONSON: Yes, of course. Your television stations will not cease to exist, they will continue to operate; you will have commercial television, cable television, public television broadcasting and so on, which will be updating this progress. We will use them to our advantage, rather than theirs. There will obviously need to be quite a great deal of restraint used in working with media. This is no “starlets” and paparazzi event. We do not wish to have any embellishment of my presence. You can be quite assured that we will use some of our energy and our authority and power to dissuade those who would come and do that type of media coverage from attending—without harm or injury to them.

  • Establishing Melchizedek schools

Student: Can you tell us any more about the time or the manner in which the Melchizedek schools may be established?

MONJORONSON: They will be established as I have said in my discourse earlier today. In the beginning, we will be working through mortals and eventually, my staff will become corporeal as well. The Melchizedeks will be in all of these schools, giving coordinated direction and guidance and development, so that there is uniformity among all the schools, among all the nations. Does this answer your question? (Thank you.)

Student: In some ways, when you take corporeal form, it will be similar in many ways as Christ Michael functioned as Jesus, in a rather modest manner, rather quietly, working with individuals. The thought occurred that there might be considerable similarities to his method, teaching and relating with people.

MONJORONSON: Yes, it will be most humble and gracious and easily done. There will not be any fanfare.

Daniel: Machiventa is here. (Group welcomes him.)

MACHIVENTA: Thank you, it is good to be here! I feel much more “material” today. (Laughter.) I feel I have some substance to me. I do not like to use the word “triumvirate,” as that has political connotations; I do not like to use “tripartite,” as that seems so individualistic. I do not wish to present myself as “one in three,” as the Trinity Godhead, for that would be equally as misleading. I think of myself as one of three executives, the junior of the three, with Christ Michael as the originator of this triumvirate executive head. Christ Michael is the “Planner,” the Sovereign of Nebadon, who has designed this Correcting Time with all the resources available to him, including his relationship with God the Son, and the lineage downward, through him and including myself. Monjoronson has his part in this triumvirate, yet he is the Head of the Magisterial Mission, and the work that it encompasses.

  • Machiventa’s role and co-creative design team

My part in this is to be the Sovereign of this planet. I have a lot of work to do—and so does Monjoronson, and so does Christ Michael. I will be working through a semi-independent liaison, who has executive capacity, with authorization from myself. This individual does have and will have authority to execute decisions, based on its wisdom, knowledge and relationship with the Most Highs, we three, and others who are essential to those decisions. What I am saying is that when this liaison being makes a decision, “it will be,” as though it is already. He will be working with teams that come into existence.

These teams will not be spontaneous, but they will be called into existence as there is need to be, in locations which are most favorable for their continuance. I will be working with this individual in the first team that develops, which will also be a working team. We will be working co-creatively to design the programs that can be implemented in the soon-to-immediate future, after this team begins. Do not anticipate that this team will come into existence immediately, or even in the near future, but within the next year or so. I leave this as an anomaly for you to puzzle over and fuss with, as I know it is your nature to do so anyhow. So you must have something to work on, to fuss about, that has possibilities of good out-workings, so there it is. Know that I will be in touch with several of you—many of you—in the near future, in a very palpable way. Please do not think that it is your own thinking, but honor this invitation to dialog with me, and to begin the work that is given to you.

We will deal with those who wish to aggrandize themselves at the expense of our program and the expense of other mortals. They will be dealt with as they come into existence. Those of you who are of humble nature, yet are competent of decisions and perseverance and capacity to make decisions in working with your fellow brothers and sisters, we will be working with you, surely. Now, are there other questions, which I can address myself, or on behalf of Monjoronson? There were some questions given through the Internet to you, and if they are present, I would be glad to answer them.

Correcting Time

  • Why are Latinos slow to join the Correcting Time?

Student: This one is from Chile, South America. She writes: “Is there any reason why Latinos have been so slow to join with the Correcting Time?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, there are good explanations for that, and that is the authority of the Church has been very persistent in that culture, and there are fewer free-thinkers who think outside that box. Guilt is heavily invested in that religious culture, and very few are willing to engage that kind of guilt by experimenting with going to other religious, spiritual sources, away from that organization. What appeals to us with the South American, Latin cultures is their tremendous heart energy, their passions for belief, and it is this passion for belief that is withholding many from joining us, yet it is that passionate belief which will make those who join us, such staunch and strong believers, those who are willing to engage their communities quickly, and to redesign their societies to become more productive and in alignment with our work.

Student: She also wants to know if it is strictly due to their culture, or if their genetic makeup is involved?

MACHIVENTA: It does not involve your genetic makeup. The Spanish community of South America has become highly mixed, and there is still much blood of the red race, which is prevalent there that we can use. You have a genetic predisposition to believe and to seek higher authority, and this will enable your culture to progress much more rapidly than other cultures.

Student: Her third question is, she wants to know if they have any “shred” of the Adamic descent?

MACHIVENTA: Yes, you do, but it is very miniscule. It is not a concern of ours, as we are treating your whole global population equally, and it will be individuals who decide and choose to align with us, and this alignment and conscious choosing will make the greatest difference for your culture and your race.


  • Light workers trying to manage earth changes with combined energies

Student: On the Internet, there have been a lot of light workers that are trying to join their energies to put off some of these earth changes or at least move them to areas where there are not large populations. Since we are overly populated to begin with, what is the wisdom behind this?

MACHIVENTA: The question really should be, “Is there any wisdom in this?” (Yes, of course.) No, there is not. The geophysical, energetic dynamics of your planet have been put on hold for so long that the releasing of these restraints, even slowly, will bring about tremendous upheavals in your world. There is false wisdom in using this approach, as you live on a very small planet, and your neighbors are very close. Would you rather have an earthquake occur on a vacant shore of Australia that would cause a tsunami that would cross the ocean and inundate Chile, or Peru to such an extent that those nations would be wiped out? You see, there is no deferring of energy stressors in your world, your earth, any longer, that does not affect someone else, somewhere in the world.

There are truly very few—if any—empty areas of your world. Would you wish that this be projected to Antarctica? And how would this manifest? Would it manifest as volcanoes and the warming of that mighty glacier, so that it would melt in less than one hundred years? This is a serious question. You must be careful in your work as energy workers, to where you send this energy. Would you send it to the mid-Atlantic rift, so that it would be expressed there, along the whole chain from far north to far south? Would you then be willing to suffer the repercussions of an under-sea tsunami that would inundate all of Eastern United States, the Isthmus of Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Europe, Spain, north Africa? Perhaps not. How would this effect the Amazon? How far would a tsunami reach up into the interior of the Amazon basin? Ten miles? One hundred miles? A thousand miles? It could, you know, and the devastation would be tremendous. Be careful, children, how you use these “matchsticks.” You are likely to light your clothes on fire.

The wisdom of Christ Michael and the energy workers under his and Orvonton’s control have worked to release this energy as best can be done, during this era of great change. You must be careful doing this as you take on the omniscience and omnipotence of a Creator Son’s Sovereignty. You have been taught and told repeatedly that your intelligence is lacking in many ways, yet through your mind and its capacity, you can in concert with others, affect great changes. The problem is that of your ignorance; you are not fully aware of what you are doing, for the energy that you shift to another location, may simply exacerbate those conditions that you are unaware of. (Student: Thank you—I appreciate your answer very much.)

Any other questions?

Student: You’ve given us much to think about.

Student: And we will try not to set our clothes on fire!

  • Disappointment at slowness of the Magisterial Mission

Student: There are a lot of people that are going to be disappointed about the slowness of the Magisterial Mission.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson. Let me speak to that once more, about the slowness of our progress that we will make that will be quite visible to you. Surely, we must not evince the same kind of short-sidedness of the mortal with whom we co-creatively desire to help and heal and lead into wholeness and oneness, to initiate actions which cause greater strife than had we done nothing. We wish to set a model for your decision-making, for your planning, for your deliberations on designing sustainable social institutions in your respective nations and cultures and societies. And for designing a sustainable global civilization, yes, and even a sustainable global government, which will eventually come into being, before there is no government.

We must work with you and set the example for the highest standards of a sustainable world, to the end that your world become complete and replete in its fullness of completion of all programs, even to a planet that had no disruptions, no changes, no difficulties, but had a full spectrum of spiritual infusion from Avonal Sons to Adams and Eves, to the presence of even yes, a Christ Michael. This is the goal, and this will be done slowly, thoroughly, thoughtfully and developmentally.


Thank you and good day.