2010-05-31-Laws, Words, and War

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Topic: Laws, Words, and War

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “There is nothing imperfect about the evolutionary world you humans, and we Midwayers, live in. Nothing is progressing outside of perfect synchronization. All of the things you dislike so much are simply meant to be. And everything that is happening to you and those around you resonates to the precise tune of the mathematical workings of the greater cosmos. There is purpose and genius in all there is, yes, and all this intent and intellect serves to advance and evolve yourselves and your spirit brothers and sisters.

“If this sounds somewhat familiar to you, you may recall my telling you this in August of 1992. If not so, perhaps it is time for you to check your documentation of that period. In any event, be aware of the fact that life needs to play out according to universal laws all ‘set in stone’ before the advent of time, and these laws do clearly resonate in the hearts and souls of the honest, the righteous men and women. They are ignored by those who fall by the wayside, and neither their behavior, nor their eventual demise, is any of your present concern.

“The Creator’s laws are ancient, logical, fair indisputable and absolute. It is the un-enlightened mortal man who will want to scribe the words onto a clay tablet, burn such into a hide, print them on paper, but over time put a slant on them, deviate on them to his personal liking. And note here I used the term deviate, as in deviation, as in deviant. And truly it is in group behavior where deviation after deviation is tolerated, seen as normal, and where in the end major mischief may lead the masses to belatedly conclude that a new war was long ago begun.

“You are a melting pot of credos, races, colors, genetics, and personalities, so many of them jaded, so many of them real to only a doubtful degree. You begin life by being thrown off at the deep end, but persist, persist, I beg of you, for you – the advanced, the clever, and the enlightened and courageous -- will be the ones that will be counted as the advisors of the yet-to-be-created worlds of outer space. There you will be placed according to their needs and your experiences.


“This is ABC-22. Be troubled no more after those (who died in the Mediterranean) for whom we (Midwayers) cared.”