2010-06-03- Progress, Inner Life, Creativity

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Topic: Progress, Inner Life, Creativity

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Father/Mother God, we come here tonight to become connected in this eternal spiritual circuit, the circuit of renewal, circuit of connectivity, this circle of life. We come here to receive the insurance of truth, the proposition of faith, and the beauty of trust. We ask all of this for the greater good within our lives, the lives of our family and friends and for the lives of all who live on the world that we live on. We all pray that one day we will all become one big and happy and joyous family. Thank you.

Inner Voice: Greetings this evening, it is good always to be given voice and to have a voice. I am this ones voice, Inner Voice, Inner Guide, the counselor of wisdom, the map of ways, and a whole life coordinator. I seek to activate the voice within each of you, the voice of consciousness, the voice of understanding, the voice of knowledge, the voice of intuition, the voice of faith and the voice of trust. I Am all voice.


This evening, as you embark upon your inner journey, consider the signs you find which mark your inner journey, things that you notice, little subtle things. You notice the slight reference of understanding, you notice the hint. Begin to see the inner reflection become outer reality within your lives. Begin to see the subtle movements, the inner mechanism beginning to manifest in an external fashion. Begin to experience yourself becoming manifest within your life experience.

In the great and concerted effort to move forward, begin to find in your own lives that which opens up greater avenues for you to find meaning and expression within your own lives. The journey inward has many of the same attributes as the outer journey. In the journey, things will always be shown to you which have personal reference and meaning. As is the inner journey, the personal and the meaningful take you within places of understanding within yourself, understanding of how to correct things that need correcting, how to shift, adjust focus to maintain patience and trust.

To be shown these things internally and to begin to use them in an external fashion begins to mark a shift of conscious understanding within your lives. It is a way to create a greater sense of reality and meaning and purpose within your lives. The Adjuster allows for individual creativity which surpasses any other level of creativity. Divine inspiration and human understanding have been partners for a tremendously long time. It is hoped that a greater effort to incorporate these tasks on a global level results in individual effort and individual success. It is of an elastic or spiritual nature; it is able to give as much as you are able to take.

By emptying the cup it can truly become full. Remember always to walk around with a half cup. Too many people have full cups; they cannot take anymore. As one needs more understanding, as one needs more connectivity, as one needs a greater sense presence, begin to turn inward to the great revelation which lies within each of you, the revelation of who you really are and who you truly can be, because who you really are is part of what you will be. What you are becoming is what you are not now. As you become more real, the extraneous and unnecessary will begin to drop from you and leave. You will begin to notice that certain patterns of behavior will begin to shift and change in your life, like something that has been outgrown.

Cherish the essence of that which truly motivates you, your greatest spiritual desire. This is your carrot, this is what is in front of you, this is the bait which lures, which you begin to sense, which you begin to yearn for and which begins to manifest in your life. You truly can have things when you begin to accept them and acknowledge them. This is true of ideas, this is true of other people, and this is true of life opportunities, life situations and life choice.


Thank you for this time to share a few thoughts with you, that once again you may leave motivated with a greater sense of assurance. Something within you has been activated, something for you to work on for the rest of the week, something which will help all of you to grow. Again thank you and good evening.