2010-06-10-Home Truths, A Better World

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Topic: Home Truths, A Better World

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “This is your friend of many years. This is ABC-22. I enjoy being here, and I bring you greetings from the Midwayer members of the twentieth century 11:11 emergency platoon, and all those myriad ‘latter day’ Celestials who have gotten to know about the 11:11 Progress Group and its activities. They watch your busy-ness with interest, as does our Chief and Prince Machiventa, and as does our Universe Ruler, Michael.


“Carry on ‘awakening’ your brothers and sisters. We will always be behind you in your plans for progress. We will be walking next to you, ‘religiously,’ in the execution of your tasks, and we will continue to move well ahead of you in planning to whom next must be given the 11:11 wake-up calls. We have something going here and it’s not too facetious to call it a numbers game, since that is precisely what it is. Here are some home truths for you, our charges.

“You have the opportunity to try to communicate with us and learn; the option too to ignore us. Your loss! We do take our time, for we are the more or less unhurried permanent citizens here, whilst you are relatively short lived, and there will always be others to speak with. We will carry on with our main task, which is to serve Michael to the benefit of the Planetary Supreme, Urantia, who would prefer for you to permanently shelve your planned wars, and clean up the oily mess you made in the Gulf (of Mexico).”

Samuel: “For countless millennia, the Midwayers -- Primary Midwayers and their distant Secondary relatives – have been instrumental in upholding some degree of civilized behavior on this planet each time you threatened to sink yourselves into a morass of moral misbehavior. This now is the beginning of the Correcting Time, the post-Luciferian rebellion, and the very first signs that a lengthy period of Light and Life will one day be in the making. Your Midwayers have come to the fore, but it is truly up to the humans to make this a better world.

“We, residents of, and or ascendants to, higher realms await the signs that you intend to make this a better world – a world of peace, a world of scientific, ethical and spiritual progress, a world where hatred and war are banished for good. We, your Teachers, want to see your lawbreakers masquerading as lawmakers held to account by those they represent – the common people. We want to see you treat each other as equals in this world.

“Put away your religious and racial prejudices for a time, and discover, quite abruptly, that by far the majority of you will want peace, happiness, and a nourishing environment for relatives, friends and offspring. Do this, and do this soon, as the clock is ticking towards a time when the dust of your earth and the waters of your oceans will be so toxic that life will be a struggle to no avail.


I am Samuel the Panoptian. My sincere prayers are with you all.”