2010-06-10-Long View Project-Dialogue 17

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Topic: Ascension of Gaia

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Esu, Michael, Monjoronson




Esu: It is always by choice, “your call” as you say, but I initiate the dialogue this morning if you are willing.

LVP: I feel reluctant with what is before me today, as if the energy this will take is not available to me.

E: The energy is always available brother. It is will that is lacking, intent. So again I ask, are you willing?

LVP: Yes Esu, I am willing. I intend that this should occur and am with you in this dialogue. I am happy to be with You and Christ Michael (CM) and Monoronson (MJ).

E: We will sit again as a council, Each of Us with Our own unique responsibilities, including yours dear brother, and I will take the lead this morning.

I have a message that could be interpreted as ominous or threatening because the full array of conditions that surround the ascension of Earth, specifically of Gaia at this time, are not fully understood. We have asked all sentient beings to join in support of Gaia’s birth as We have termed it, the birth of the next step in transition from the existing vibratory state on Earth to what is awaiting, which We are describing as union with Christ Michael.

LVP: The birth and union are different descriptors for the same event?

E: The descriptors vary because they are being used to identify differing aspects of the unified cosmic occurrence. This is the time of the ascension of Earth and all that goes into that process. This process is not unprecedented, it occurs on a regular occurrence throughout creation. What is unprecedented in this case is the Correcting Time, the decision to give Gaia the freedom to birth this experience with whatever portion of the human race willing to experience the ascension and to join the process.

LVP: This is the opportunity we signed on for and are here to assist.

E: To assist, and perhaps more accurately to create. The impulse comes from beyond if you will, from the boundless depths of Christ Michael’s Creative Spirit, but the outworking in your dimension comes through you, through the body and soul and spirit of humanity, individually and collectively. This is the challenge before you and the tension, the awkwardness, the alternating lack and surge of energy you are feeling.

My message, which as I said may be received as ominous, is that the ascension must go on. It is ordained from on High, from Source and Center and includes the vast array of our local universe and Creation as a whole. The Creative Command permeates all of Creation but the specific implications are intended for several specific locales, our Nebadon and Urantia being the cases in point for Us this morning.

The ascension must continue. Gaia has the opportunity to singularly effect a geophysical uplifting which will allow for the socio political changes We have envisioned. However, the universe will not wait upon Gaia nor the intransigence of man. The ascension is a process that is underway. It is affecting your Sun, your planet, all of the planets and bodies in your solar system and all the material universe that composes Nebadon. The work of Christ Michael is being expressed through the increasingly intensified vibration of Creation and will find its way to completion.

At this time We are supporting Gaia’s efforts, this being the most compassionate path consistent with Michael’s way. This particular outworking could have been easier as We indicated time and again. The forces opposing Christ Michael could have allowed a far gentler sequence. They have not and so We are now facing a major geophysical occurrence and then a series of shocks to the social political economic systems.

However, if Gaia cannot gain traction in Her efforts the ascension process must continue and at that time We will have to precipitate the next steps which will be even more difficult for Earth. What I am saying is that each lost opportunity makes the following step more difficult, both to enact and in experience. The actions must be taken because the ascension process must continue. I am not making predictions here, just outlining a sequence which is becoming more and more possible.

CM: Perhaps I could offer a word here. Esu is speaking in His role as governor for this project and His words are wise. We have been restraining Jupiter, monitoring all of the energies flowing to Earth and to Gaia in the most compassionate manner. This is not only My choice but My Way as you and many are beginning to understand. Yet the mandates of Creation in the larger sense outweigh My particular predilections. What is underway in the largest sense must continue and so our governance must shift to allow whatever will be necessary to continue the process toward completion.

MJ: This requires an understanding of the overlapping matrices of Divine Order if you will. There are levels of design and command that interact through any order of creation. You are witness to processes on Earth that are largely incomprehensible to you. You really have no idea whatsoever how your finger heals after a cut or your stomach not only digests your food but transmutes it into your living consciousness! These processes are most intimate to you but can you penetrate the meaning of the seasons, the depth of the tides, what the ocean accomplishes each day, what gravity imparts to every living soul, what We are introducing now as a new order of vibration for Earth and all Her inhabitants?

So imagine now that We are administering such processes on a far larger and higher level. We are called upon to inact the Wishes of the Most High, the vibrational Center of our beloved Universe of Universes. What Esu is saying is that the precedent of the Most High is taking effect as it must! The process of ascension although it contains the various and multitudinous complexities of free will consistent with Christ Michael’s Creation is also entirely subject to the larger Ordinances of Creation. Those Ordinances are in play and Creation Herself must and will continue to respond.

E: Gaia is in play at this time and We are watching carefully as She struggles with the birth that is within Her power of choice. We are also observing and enhancing the support that is coming from human consciousness on Earth and the higher consciousness within Inner Earth as it was expressed so beautifully by Adama in His recent message concerning the positive context for birth.

What I am expressing here is not a warning but a desire to include those who are part of our team in the understanding that the next steps, if Gaia’s birth continues to be impeded, will be more dramatic, more difficult. This is not a scare tactic as it is surely to be interpreted by some or a threat. It is simply the way governance will move.

The dark side has dug in their heels thinking We are bluffing, that We will allow a continuance in the way of depredation and parasitism governing human activity. That delusion will be dissolved one way or another and as you know, their day is coming, in fact is here if you could see the broader horizon as We do.

LVP: So in a way this is a message of assurance in the outworking although we seem to be marching in place here, at least to my awareness.

E: You are marching in place and that awareness alone is limited to less than 1% of your population. Most are unaware of what is occurring at all let alone in position to monitor it. On the dark side agenda the nefarious structures continue but their foundations are trembling and of this they are most aware.

LVP: You wanted to say something about the Gulf oil spill in this regard.

E: Yes. The spill is not only about the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The sea bed in the Gulf is shifting. This should be obvious to the most casual observer. Connecting the dots between the massive earthquake in Haiti, the series of earthquakes centering around Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean, the volcanism in Central America and the eruption and explosion of the Deepwater well has escaped the supposed “news.” It is not “news” as you know but corporate governance propaganda.

The “news” is that ascension continues and the Earth must and will continue to lift in a vibrational sense. The sea bed shifted, the well exploded, a well which should never have been placed, and the result were fractures in Earth structures which are releasing oil in several places in the Deepwater surround, not just through the well itself. The amount of oil pouring into the Gulf is enormous, which some of the more free to explore scientific community is beginning to evaluate and report. This is an environmental catastrophe to Earth’s oceans, an apocalyptic event in the sense that it will be seen as a significant turning point in the tides of the Correcting Time.

The larger scope of this event is in the awareness of your government corporate forces but they have not the ability to control this scope of oil leakage. Foreign governments have been advising, suggestions for nuclear explosions to seal the leaks have been proffered, but as I said initially and which you felt in your “gut,” this event although caused in large part by the irresponsible activities of human nature, is beyond human ken. The solution is in surrender if you will to Higher Intelligence and that move is what is anathema to the dark who control the media and governance and so are blocking the salvation of this vital Earth system.

LVP: This is all very sobering but important to understand. I’ve been supporting Gaia in Her efforts as have many others who may not be not conscious of the full context but have a deep compassion for the Earth Mother and of what they sense as Gaia.


E: It is good to support all who are endeavoring in this way, to focus the power of their intention. You are doing that through your poetry and there are many other ways to endorse and amplify the current of love and intentional direction for Gaia. This is vital as I believe We and thee all understand. However, I will reiterate, as We must do in responsible governance, begin contingency planning in your selves for what possibilities lie before us if this step falters. Michael will surely need to implement more energy to amplify and allow the ascension to continue. This may include Jupiter and/or whatever forces necessary to give fullest expression to the Creative Command that is on the Winds of Spirit. The ascension will continue and union with Christ Michael’s Spirit will be known.

D: Thank you Esu, thank you all.