2010-06-13-Wake Up To Your True Nature

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Topic: Wake Up To Your True Nature

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Paradise Citizen: “My dear ones, at this point in time I desire to speak to all of you, since there is much uncertainty in your hearts, minds and souls.


Know that all is protected and in God’s hands. All earthly affairs are always known, for God sees all and knows all from beginning to end. And even though mankind errs in judgment, time is of no consequence when matters need to be remedied from God’s point of view.

“You are all passing through some painful lessons due to the greed of few. However, may this recent happening in the Gulf of Mexico, which has the potential to become a major catastrophe for the entire planet, teach you and awaken you to your true purpose in life.

“May it remind you that you are all God’s children starting out on a most wonderful ascension journey to become perfect even as God is perfect. This was the only command ever given: To strive for honesty and sincerity and to be made in His image. Two other commands where given by your Master Jesus; to love God with heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

“The main problem here is that very few people love their selves and others, otherwise they would not do the things which have been happening all during the history of this beautiful orb in space, whose lovely face is marred through the outrageous greed of few. Love is replaced by selfishness, and this keeps you in financial bondage, whilst some of your brothers and sisters live in abject poverty. Yet you are each other’s keepers, as you are all spiritual kin at your Root Source.

“Wake up to your true nature. Start behaving like the spiritual beings you are to become, and strive to be the best you can be. Your physical bodies are the temples of your precious Spirits. Do not fall under the spell of the false god mammon, as this falseness has now taken on major proportions in advertisements, in entertainment and media. Search for your true purpose in life. Turn within to find your own Fragment of God waiting for your awakening, nearer to you than your breath, and nearer than your hands and feet. You all have this living eternal Gift from God within you. Confide in It. Consult with It. Listen to It, and be at peace that all will be well, and is well.

“Learn to love yourself and all others. Learn to forgive and learn to forgive unconditionally. Learn to cultivate inner peace and lean upon your Beloved within, Who loves you unconditionally. Grow up to become worthy citizens in the kingdom of God, the One Who holds the planet in His hands.


“I am a Teacher from on High.”


In time, we guess, we will find out who this new Teacher is.