2010-06-16-Questions About Being in the Flesh

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Topic: Questions About Being in the Flesh



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Monjoronson, are you there, and can I question you?

Monjoronson: I am always ‘here’ and yes, you may ask me questions.

Vince: It has been written in another place that you are going to be here among us in the flesh, is this true and when will this be?

Monjoronson: Yes I will be in your world and in the flesh as you put it, for that is an important part of my mission. There will be no announcement of when this event will take place; or indeed if it has already taken place. Those of you who need to know will be told when the time is appropriate, and the majority of you ‘enlightened ones’ will never know the details.

Vince: When you are in the flesh and in our dimension, will telepathic communications with you continue or cease?

Monjoronson: We are having a chat telepathically at this moment; isn’t that so?

Vince: Yes we are.

Monjoronson: Am I in the flesh in your dimension, or not in the flesh and in what I could describe as invisible dimensions?

Vince: Dunno.

Monjoronson: Exactly! You don’t know; and that is how it is going to continue. Times are changing and events move forward. Types of telepathic communication are evolving and developing with the changing times; and so with those channelling partners I choose to work with, I can work with them whatever the dimension I am in.

Some projects have run their course and others are quite new and developing, and you are in the latter category. There is no point continuing with projects which do not move on and keep up with the times and new developments, for to do so would be a waste of valuable resources.

Vince: When you are in the flesh, whose doors will you knock on?

Monjoronson: Ah, that is a matter which will never get an answer from me. If I were to reveal that information, it would put the lives of some brave and wonderful people at risk, and in any event my lips are sealed on this one. And in answer to the next question you are about to ask, which is how will the people I visit know me; they will just KNOW. There will be no doubt that this person standing in front of them who is fairly nondescript is Old Monjoronson.

Vince: So you could as I type your words, be living in somebody’s house tucking into eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Monjoronson: In theory, but I would choose not to eat animal products. Other than that, yes I could already be in somebody’s house as I give you these words. Remember, that as a member of what you term the Spiritual Hierarchy, many more things than you can imagine are possible. Talking to somebody in the flesh, and carrying on telepathic conversations with others at the same time is no problem, it is only that you humans on Earth cannot understand the true nature of things, and so think in a very linear manner. Multi-dimensional multi-tasking is no problem whatsoever.

Vince: When you are in the flesh, could you make yourself invisible should the situation warrant it?

Monjoronson: Yes indeed, but having the ability to ‘remote view’ a situation before entering a room say, often offsets the need to mask oneself with invisibility. There are enough concepts associated with multidimensionality to boggle your mind for quite a long time, so we’ll just leave that there for now.

Vince: Are you likely to continue channelling with me for a time?

Monjoronson: Yes, because I want to put some simple guides together, like the first we’ve already done, and these are part of my Teaching Mission. You and I are in the early days yet and I hope to have a long and productive relationship with you, because you are easy to work with and are open minded with new concepts, even though you don’t fully understand them.

You just get on and make the best of what you are given, in that easy, relaxed way you have with you.

Vince: Thanks for the compliment.


Monjoronson: It’s merely a matter of fact. You are tired now, and have a long day ahead of you, so we must end this session before your energies drain further.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy, in telepathic conversation with Vince. 16th June 2010