2010-06-21-Death's Warm Embrace

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Topic: Death's Warm Embrace



Teacher: Michael

TR: Vince



Hello My Dear Ones,

There comes a time in your lives when it is normal and quite natural to pass away or die, to use two terms you are familiar with, and this is the normal process where the spirit leaves the material body and continues to exist in realms which are invisible to your eyes as you currently exist.

This process of death has been going on for eons of time, and is very normal in your world, but it often causes emotional disturbances for the loved ones of the deceased, and this can be very bad when there has been violence of one kind or another, or a sudden or serious illness. To lose a loved one, or several loved ones, can be a heart wrenching experience for many of you, and because there is no expectation of ever seeing them again for the bulk of the population; the emotional scars can last for many decades.

I say to you that death is only a passing phase and that everyone who ‘dies’ still exists and for a mind/ soul/ spirit complex not to exist, it will have had to be uncreated by me. Uncreation is the ultimate option for me to use when all else has failed after every avenue of rehabilitation of a Dark Soul has been considered. Other than that, people are born into your world, live, die and after a time the mind/ soul/ spirit complex experiences further lives in material human bodies for as long as is considered necessary for soul growth, and the term ‘reincarnation’ is often used when referring to this kind of rebirth.

We are now reaching a time of great change for your planet and humanity as a whole which will pave the way to an altogether more spiritual approach to life, away from the money, greed, corruption and selfishness you see around you in everyday life at present. The vibrational rate in your material world is rising as yet more powerful light energy reaches your planet, and for many people this will be a period when they find that life becomes increasingly impossible for them, and comes the time when they must depart these realms. This time is here already and small but significant events are already happening where extra numbers of people are passing away.

Some are being swallowed up by tidal waves, mud slides and earthquakes; others in freak accidents and from sudden illnesses. Your media reports these incidents every day, and the occurrence of these has increased considerably in recent months. Eventually, and in the not too distant future, there will be major geophysical events which will remove many more from your dimension, plus similar naturally occurring events. Then the time of Stasis will be upon you when you will be in a state of suspended animation, while the planet is cleaned up from its present polluted state, before you return to this newly upgraded dimension.

Of course, you will notice that there are also people missing, and some of you will be shocked and upset by the loss of friends, co-workers and loved ones and will try to find out where they are, but there will be no such information generally available, they will just have gone. The reason is because they would be unable to survive in the new band of light and vibrational frequency, and will be going on to new lives in due course, after a period of recuperation.

But do not be sad for them, for when the time for their departure comes, they will find themselves slipping away from their present consciousness as if they were falling asleep in a bath of warm water, it will be such a comfortable feeling and they will not suffer. There is to be a division of the population, so that those one’s whose best interests will be served by being in a different world, will be taken there; and this is an act of great love by me the Father, for some of My Sons and Daughters, that they may be given what is the very best for them.

The coming times are a very important developmental period for humanity and many of the comforts you have been used to, will give way to a different style of living with less emphasis on material wealth and its’ acquisition, and more emphasis on developing a society which cares for other people at all levels, and lives according to Divine Law. This is the beginning of a new age and it is eagerly anticipated throughout Creation, for the blue planet you call Earth is regarded as the jewel in the crown.

For some, even this will be small compensation for the loss of a loved one, but there will be such losses, and they are inevitable in such a vast new scheme of things, but as the Father I have softened the blow as far as is possible, and everyone will get what they need, but not necessarily what they want, such is the nature of things.


I am Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon and I place my seal on these words, given to you through Vince this day 21st June 2010.