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Topic: Freedom

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Consider a world where national boundaries no longer exist. Hard to imagine at present, I say, when we still speak of ‘third world countries.’ Think of all races being treated as equal, and all having enough to eat, a place to lay their weary heads, peace, a world government that is totally benign, progressive, without armies, and almost entirely without weapons. From me to you, right here, right now, is my promise that this will come about. A police force is what you will need, but a police state is what you are presently ‘edging towards.’

“I wish to make a few remarks about freedom this day -- freedom in the physical sense, a commodity you have been losing rapidly in the last hundred years or so. As a world, when coming out off the Correcting Time and into Light and Life, you will have a world government; there will be subservient regional governments, subservient local governments, and so forth, vying to serve for the good of all. More remarkably, there will be a world religion. Consider now how far removed you are from such a splendid time . . . of freedom.

“We Midwayers will see a time just like that, it is inevitable, it is the ‘distant future of progress,’ and there can be no other way, because the Creator of all demands it, and sooner or later it will come about. You will not see it, and likely your children’s children will not see it, but it will come. Not like magic, but with earnest hard work and sincere planning. So do take care of your part of it right now. Live it as well as you can, here, now, in these times. Begin by considering your function within the community.

“From the community will come your leaders, those who have behind them years of service, have given much, and have much more left to give. Not as it is now, my friend, when your leaders are promoted from old-boys clubs, cliques, groups with commercial interests, who hold up their hands to the lobbyists, who have taken much, and plan to take so much more. Indeed, here is another stone that I throw, to shake you out of your complacency, for it is your neglect, your carelessness that will take your freedom from you, and make you a slave.

“You are just one group of many that we are educating at this time, a time of change, a time of great spiritual opportunities, possibilities, and of great spiritual responsibilities, also. More is demanded of you than was exacted from your parents. Yet no one is spoiled on a rebellious orb, whilst your weather-beaten battlers will be greatest in His eyes.


This is your Servant, Friend and Teacher, ABC-22. I bring you the greetings and love of all. Adieu.”