2010-06-25-Verge of Going Global

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Topic: Verge of Going Global

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Charles

TR: Daniel Raphael



This is an abridged version of this session; the main focus of this session consisted of private messages, however some parts of the discussion are applicable to the general audience.]


Vicki: Dear Father, we come to you today in humility and gratitude and ask that you encircuit us with the protection of your truth and goodness. We ask that you lead us away from our vulnerabilities, our egos, our defensiveness, our self-protective tendencies so that they do not obscure our perceptions, our thoughts and our actions. We ask that you guide us to the path that truly reflects your will and that produces the best results for the common good. We ask this in the name of Christ Michael, Monjoronson and all other unseen helpers, who we are grateful for. Amen.

CHARLES: Good morning, this is Charles. I am here with you and I will wait until you are ready to begin.

Vicki: Good morning, Charles. (Good morning.) Do you have anything to say to us, Charles? Do you have any beginning comments?


Administration, Magisterial Mission

  • The role of Charles, a Mighty Messenger

CHARLES: Yes, I do. I have given this some thought and have been observing of it for some time. I was aware of [these situations] long before I joined your group. Remember, dear ones, that I am not just a representative of the Triumvirate, but I am a direct line of Executive Authority of those three, though I always defer major decisions to confer with my three elders. My experience has been extensive as a mortal of the realm on the planet on which I resided, which was in rebellion at the time. I have in memory very in-depth records of my lifetime, my feelings, my thoughts and that which was productive. So I feel my contribution to you at this time could be helpful to you.

This is an exercise in very delicate but necessarily effective discernment. Your work, as [is] the work of all mortals, is to come to understand, realize and appreciate your sonship with the Creator, your Father. You are to appreciate and extend yourself and participate in the brotherhood of mankind. And lastly, you are to appreciate and understand your contributions to your infinite career in your universe journey. All that you do must contribute to these ends. If you can discern this very easily and quickly, all major issues are clear.


  • Seeking validation

Your situation here is again, is one of discernment—discernment between what you are doing, and your motives, intentions and that of the other person(s). Keep these things squarely in mind. You would be advised to seek validation for these messages, as you would seek validation for the messages that they receive. It is important that there be a validation process. If there is not a cross validation process with one or more other TRs, then you must exercise your skills in the art of discernment, to carefully discern how these messages affect the long journey of your lifetime and your work together. You are now an association, so this association must be discerning of its intentions and the decisions it makes to move ahead, rather than one of selfishness and self-serving decisions, these decisions should be all-serving and all encompassing, yet careful enough to preserve the function of your organization and association. I hope this helps give you some broad guidelines in your thoughts ahead and the discussions today.


Vicki: Okay, and thank you for that, Charles. I feel that we’ve agreed, and are setting up a validation process for our team. Daniel has several TRs that he calls upon for validation of his work, and for Daniel possibly playing that role for me in my beginning TR experiences. Is that valid?

CHARLES: This is very valid, and yes, you are on the right track. You will find that your organization, small as it is, will grow a wee bit more to encompass 2 or 3 more people, eventually.

  • Guidance for these special sessions

Roxie: Can you give us some guidance as to what exactly you want these special sessions to do or to portray?

CHARLES: First of all, there is no form or format for these special sessions, or for our discussions. These are not rituals that have to be conducted in a specific manner, in a specific way, in a specific time. These are simply conversations of clarification and development and in-depth examination of life situations, as you experience them. These special sessions have several purposes, one of which is for the “Right and perfect internal operation of this small organization. Secondly, your “right and perfect orientation and participation with other groups that this group is associated with. And lastly, for the education of the readers, who would read parts that are published and open for public examination. There is no correct formalized way to proceed with these, other than to be open to questions and answers in the full flow of dialog, from me to you and from you to us.

I also want you to be aware that I have my own assistants with me, to assist in this process and in the research that needs to be done. The things that we know about your group and your individuals are known through the input of many individuals who are with you, throughout the days and weeks and months


  • Future involvement with sustainability issues

We are totally committed to developing sustainable enterprises and the design process, co-creatively and consciously, with members of your societies. This is tantamount to preparing for the days of light and life, and this must be done co-creatively. There are few limitations that we have, as we have immense authority on hand to move ahead with this program. This time now is critical, as the next two or three years will eventuate in a great change of course in your world, and how we do work. We are “greedy,” you might say, for relationships with working groups who can carry out our work.

  • The survival of the current civilization is in doubt

There must be a process which deepens the relationship of individuals with the Father and in the brotherhood of mankind, and assists their own ascension. It as well must assist the ascension of your societies. We are not simply looking at six to seven billion individuals, but we are looking at one civilization, dozens upon dozens of societies, and millions of communities, and billions of small associations which can develop into small groups and communities of like-interests. It is essential that we bring this larger family of humanity together, under one roof of common interest, and that is its survival, and at this time, at this point in the progress of this current civilization, it is in doubt.

Roxie: Charles, in terms of sharing excerpts of this with the Starbridge Board and the general readership, they will probably want to know who our celestial contact is.

Why is Monjoronson not giving us this message personally?

CHARLES: If I can anticipate your question, there is a time to “need to know” and a time “not to know.” [At] the time I did not want you to reveal my work with you earlier, as we had much private work to do, concerning very sensitive issues. Now that this has changed dramatically, you are most welcome to share my existence with them. I will answer a question that they will ask, and that is this: their question will be, “Why is Monjoronson not directly available at this time?” The answer is this: You are most welcome to address your questions directly to either one of the three, or to all three, or to myself.

As you know, Christ Michael earlier in the first of the year, had a change of depth of his commitment, and he gave authority to his association with Machiventa and Monjoronson, to carry out this work. Christ Michael is now deeply involved in the work of Monjoronson becoming manifest, and preparing all facets on this world to accept Monjoronson successfully.

Where has Monjoronson gone?

Monjoronson himself of recent—in the last month or so—has as well withdrawn energetically, as he is no longer present as an entity in Nebadon, but has proceeded from Paradise to Orvonton. He is in the proximity of Uversa, and is undergoing his preparations for his transition as a more material being in Nebadon. He will reside in Salvington when this process is complete, awaiting the appropriate time for him to appear on this world. The three have given authority to myself, to act on their behalf, and have delegated executive authority for minor decision-making matters.

[Note: Monjoronson and Machiventa both spoke of this liaison entity with executive capacity and authority in the NOCO #117 transcript. They were referring to Charles, a Mighty Messenger.]

My capacity for decision-making is rather small, though it is far larger than what you may be used to from a celestial teacher or a guardian angel. This does not diminish their authority, this does not diminish their presence, this does not in any way change their program of the Correcting Time, the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, or any of the other hundreds of missions that are already existent on your world, in concert with the Correcting Time. I am here, not to take their place at all, but to act on their behalf until they are willing to have the capacity to engage you more directly. As I say, these three are available for communication to you directly, Christ Michael is ever present with you individually in the concerns of your life; he is your personal counselor, your way and your light into your ascension career and forevermore. Monjoronson is likewise as present, though he would communicate with you via a process of reflectivity, and if you were truly discerning, could sense this diminution of his presence. His energy is no less powerful, but on a different frequency, which you are less sensitive to receive.

Why has Charles come to work with this team?

They asked my presence here because I am a Mighty Messenger. I have come from a world of rebellion; I have proceeded through my ascendant career as a post agondonter mortal, who has gone through the final steps of being embraced by the Creator in Paradise, and received reception into the Corps of Finality. I have been assigned to other worlds of rebellion, and have been assigned to your world—to these worlds permanently, until the aftermath of rebellions are resolved, even into the days of light and life. Be aware that there are other Mighty Messengers present on the planet, but I am the one who works directly in conjunction with the Triumvirate. A Mighty Messenger has been assigned to you, because of the immense groundedness of the energy presence of this entity. I have been named “Charles,” because it is a very grounded name, one which you can associate with; you could call me “Charlemagne” in another era, perhaps. I could be called other names, but I have accepted the name of “Charles” for this era, while I am with you. My true name is unpronounceable by you, so why go to the worry and bother of trying to do so, but make it one of convenience for you. It does not mean that there is an informal, jocular relationship between us, but one which is serious and divine in nature, one which is very grounded in the soil of your world and soil of your own souls. I hope you understand clearly, the commitment I have made to be here, and to engage you so directly and so forthrightly, so candidly with you, that you understand and not be mistaken that I am an “airy fairy,” fly by night spirit, who will not endure through the eras. I have the tenacity of a midwayer, and I salute those midwayers who remained on this planet. I hope this answers your anticipated questions.

Roxie: Oh yes! Very well—thank you!

Integration within our own organizations before going global

CHARLES: Yes, we must begin by gaining unity, integration in our own known organizations, before we move forward to try to integrate others, as we might fall on our knees in the future, being embarrassed by disunity on our own part. We are not concerned about your embarrassment, but what would bring about the embarrassment, and that would be causes of uncertainty and internal division.


I believe that we have concluded our business for today.

  • On the verge of going global with our work

Daniel: What I’ve seen over the last 6 or 7 months is a very definite shift in organizational operation on the part of Monjoronson and—particularly Monjoronson—and his work, and in his relationship with Machiventa. Of course Christ Michael is the “hinge pin” for all of this, and he isn’t moving, but there is definitely evident to me that there has been a major, major shift in the orientation, of their operation, and their delegation, and that they are ready now to begin a broader application of their work around the world. It appears to me as though it has gotten to the point of development, where they are ready to step out now with some confidence in us.

Vicki: Oh, I hope so! … and you’ve got to have your foundation there, before you can have… we can spread out, like Charles said, assisting and bringing on other organizations

CHARLES: Yes, it is time to move away from corporations, foundations, non-profit organizations as an edifice of some ego, or some fear-based ideas.

Vicki: And if we need some help in identifying how those organizational components could be better organized, can we call on you again?

CHARLES: Yes, you are welcome to. I have a whole cabinet full of experts I can draw upon.

Vicki: Okay. Thank you so much, and my end of this is done. Thank you very much, Charles.