2010-06-27-Global Banking

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Topic: Global Banking and Finance



Teacher: S333

TR: Vince



Hello Dear Ones,

At present all appears quiet on the surface, but below this seemingly tranquil veneer there is a desperate plan in operation to prevent a crash of the global monetary system which is functionally bankrupt. What to the global population has appeared to be normal for the last hundred years or more is an increasingly adulterated system where what was once gold and silver coinage of some value is now worthless paper banknotes and figures on computer screens. There is no known way of robbing out the intrinsic value of the currency, removing the precious metal reserves which once backed your paper money, and expecting the system to survive.

Put quite simply, it is busted; and if a hundred years or so seems a very long time to the average human, it is actually a very short time when measured against the whole period of mankind’s existence on Earth. Global banking is safe as a bubble, and whether it takes the one hundred years or so, or happens in two months, its failure is assured. Now I don’t want to be the bringer of bad tidings, but the fact is however long the Dark Ones can pull the system back from the precipice and keep it working the path to financial collapse is inevitable and the end draws nearer every day.

Their current thinking, or more correctly part of it, is to let certain currencies collapse and with them the economy of each country concerned, in order to stave off collapse of the whole system. This is an apparently seductive route for them to take, but once this path is chosen global collapse will likely happen even sooner. The Euro zone is more complex, but included in the plan for similar treatment.

It is all a matter of judgement and perception as to whether this will work in their favour and they have contingency plans if it should fail. Ultimate failure is guaranteed, however long it takes and by whatever convoluted path it arrives, and in the immediate future the Dark Ones are enacting plans to tax the global population all the more, in an attempt to shore up the current critical position. After all, these leeches have been sucking you dry for a very long time and their cynicism knows no bounds.

Your financial slavery will be all the tougher for a while, but ultimate freedom from the clutches of your present slave masters will happen once a new and fairer system is installed. There will inevitably be a stormy period of transition from this failing system to a new one, but then after the Dark Ones have been forcibly removed from power, the big global clean-up can begin. After a period of stasis, where all living things are put into suspended animation for the duration of the global cleanup, life will be resumed without the Dark Ones, and there is a new kind of civilization to build, not based on money, greed, power and fear, but on values where humanity cares about his/her fellow mankind, and is prepared to accept a more modest lifestyle.

We of the Spiritual Hierarchy continue to report current events of this nature, for we know that you cannot peek behind the scenes as we can, so you will not necessarily accept what we come to tell you about future plans and how they will impact on you; so at every stage with every twist and turn of this long drawn out business, we try and explain the contents of the next chapter in the book.

The changes are now at an advanced stage and although there are always the unexpected problems for us to deal with, the end-game is in progress and the outcome where the Dark Ones lose is assured, it is only a matter of hours and days and weeks before life changes once and for all.


This is a message from S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy through Vince. 27th June 2010