2010-06-28-Long View Project-Dialogue 21

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Topic: Discernment at Large

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Esu




LVP: My sense is that we have another dialogue brewing, this time pertaining to current events and strategies?

Esu: Our conversation has been brewing informally over the last few days and this is a good time to put our thoughts into a more formal context.

LVP: The “big three” of the dark forces continue at the top of the news: war, finance and environmental collapse.

E: Let’s begin and see how these topics converge. We begin with war which is the unfortunate pastime of your governmental and corporate leadership; an easy method of accruing profits via bloodshed. It is a simple machine to put in motion. Ignorance and prejudice are fostered by the churches, mass media propaganda and the lack of critical thinking in most education. Throw in a mixture of age old animosities, undiminished self interest and the tendency toward violence when there are numbers of poor and disenfranchised, bake with a few black ops events and voila, war is served!

However, I’ll move from this dark humor to a few current specifics. The General McChrystal affair is anything but what is being reported in the press. McChrystal made his career in black ops and assassination. He is far from a lighted figure but became aware of the growingly aggressive plans for war fostered by Israel and supported by the United States against their target du jour, Iran. McChrystal may be a merciless character in the field but he is a soldier at heart and he realized his troops would be proverbial fish in a barrel in the Islamic world if Israel attacks Iran with tacit or aggressive US military support. That attack would cause an all out war in the Middle East, which is the intent of Israel although the result is not in their immediate knowing.

The Muslim populations at odds in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere would unite against the common enemy, Israel, and also the US who would either be a co-aggressor or an ally to Israel’s aggression. US supply lines to Afghanistan through Pakistan and other Muslim countries, already stretched extremely thin, would become non-existent and the US would quickly discover the absurdity of war in the Hindu Kush as Britain and other empires learned. McChrystal did not want his troops slaughtered for the benefit of Israel and was strongly opposed to such a conflict. His “insubordinations” were anecdotal comments in which he vented his scorn and opposition without articulating specific reasons. He intended his comments to be known hoping that if he threw himself upon his own sword he might be able to avert war. He was removed as other military commanders who opposed the previous presidential puppet, and replaced by the ultimate politician, David Petraeus. Petraeus has not the connection or conviction of loyalty to his command that McChrystal does and will be happy to support the planned war against Iran should his political advantage require it, which his acceptance of the position indicates.

D: There’s hardly an advantage I can see for Israel to take this action other than a suicidal vendetta which will complete their progression to an international pariah state.

E: As the old saying goes, when a hammer is your only tool you look only for a nail. Israel has moved beyond international law, of any reasonable standard of ethic or morality. They are proponents of hatred and the crudest form of mass violence against civilian populations.

There have been studies done in the field of psychology demonstrating how quickly people advance in brutality when given domination over others. Average college students became cruel prison guards and torturers when empowered with a false sense of superiority and moral righteousness. This is the position the Israeli population has developed, much to their eventual demise, fostered by the Zionist leadership that controls their government and the worldwide financial oligarchies which control the Zionists.

The Israelis believe they are the masters of their own fate but they will soon find in war against Iran that they will have bitten into far more then they can chew. Russia will not stand by and allow their neighbor in the Caspian to be overrun or destroyed nor will China allow its considerable financial interests in Iran to be put to the Israeli sword. The return fire upon Israel and the US fighting forces supporting Israeli aggression could prove to be the denouement of the American empire and Israel’s military superiority, which is the only thing keeping Israel from being tossed out as good riddance to bad rubbish in the eyes of its many aggrieved neighbors. I’m not making predictions here, just outlining the chessboard for those who have interest.

LVP: Then there’s the financial scene which continues to tread water amidst a flood of bad debt and irresponsible investment.

E: The international system of finance is a corrupt and hollowed out enterprise whose foundations are shaken by repeated earthquakes to whatever remains of its structural stability. Repeated shocks that could have brought sobriety and urgent redirection of resource allocation have done nothing but result in more frenzied behaviors of shortsighted and destructive nature. There is no logic in applying debt to resolve debt, of issuing worthless paper to support an already reeking mass of bad fiat currency, of government treasuries shoring up the sinking ships of their financial sectors by opening the hatches to more flooding water! It is all madness and greed with the common population being hung out to dry by the worst of the financial parasites such as Goldman Sachs and their ilk. Each day many individual US cities and states and entire countries veer toward dissolution and bankruptcy. The collapse is inevitable and in Our view is soon to come. What will remain when the national and international structures crumble is anyone’s guess, but as in the nursery rhyme of old, no number of horses or king’s men will put together this cracked and shattered egg.

LVP: Now that we’ve covered the good news perhaps we should move on to the environment?!

E: This is the topic which should be garnering most of your attention presently, both nationally and internationally, rather than the folly of war and the culture of mammon. Each day, each week, the news grows exponentially worse in regard to the Deepwater Horizon explosion and the horrific surge of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. What were considered hyperboles in the first few weeks are fast becoming conservative estimates and worst case scenarios. Of this you can be sure: any estimate of the destructive force of this cataclysm put forth by the government or irresponsible corporate parties can be doubled at a minimum and any predictions of their ability to ameliorate the problem and its horrible destructive impact can be discounted at face value to nil.

Current estimates of 100K PSI in the oil and gas reservoir are closer to the truth than any of the previous geological profiles and as some may know this is a PSI greater than present oil and gas technologies can contain or deter. In simplest terms this is the opening of Pandora’s Box which will destructively increase in successive orders of magnitude. The entire petrochemical industry and its economic format could have been avoided with the clean energy imperatives fostered by Tesla as We discussed in the last Dialogue. The extraction based system you are operating within is a greed based formula that contributes to the wealth of a few on the backs of many. However, this is not an open ended system. The Earth Herself is not to be raped ad infinitum. Gaia has taken Her stand and although the current catastrophe was a result of colossal hubris and incompetency there will be no drawing back from the resultant precipice by your available technologies. This event could be the tipping point for modern industrial civilization and no amount of political banter and finger pointing will resolve the issues.

LVP: Taking these three issues in sum Esu, it seems we have a perfect storm brewing.

E: Indeed, a perfect storm of your own making. It was assumed by western civilization that prophesies, visions, and predictions of old such as the Book of Revelation would be the manifest form of an angry god. However, the native American traditions such as the Hopi and other rightly termed “original people” understood that what would eventually come would be the results of actions that disrespected the Earth in part and in sum, that in fact every chicken of the greed and dominance based system would eventually come home to roost. Right now that chicken, to continue the simplistic analogy, is not only roosting but laying eggs!

The Gulf catastrophe could easily become a negative pivotal point in the life of the oceans which is detrimental not only to the few who walk the beaches in the southern United States but to the very life of the planet. And still the issue of oil extraction and consumption cannot be seriously debated in your halls of government and court systems which are so thoroughly riddled with corruption and graft as to be in plain sight nothing but a collection of thieves and prostitutes. I use these terms with some restraint because there are many common thieves with more integrity than your well heeled government leaders and many in government with less morality than those who make their living selling sex.

LVP: I guess we’re not going to have a lollipop session today?!

E: No indeed! And why should I spoon feed lollipops to grown human beings. Are these facts hidden?! A simple scan of the internet, which is yet beyond the tripe of main stream media, will tell you most of which I relate. The problem is not in the lack of information but wax plugs in the hearing capacity, implanted by dark side entrepreneurs since your pre-history and continuing unabated through today. Modern advertising and public relations are nothing but the latest versions of mind control present before the pharaohs. There is nothing new under the sun as the Biblical inscription notes but the level of hubris and self importance in the scions of this day stand to challenge the inbred stupidity of the ancients and then some.

My purpose is to educate, uplift and make new but this will not be done without a thorough house cleaning of the human state. We have been seeking through the renewed lines of communication opened in the last century to acquaint mankind with a higher intelligence and consciousness unknown for many years. We have informed and enlightened through every available medium including the direct publication of the Phoenix Journals, the oracles and channels of celestial intelligence, through these very Dialogues. We are seeking to invoke a disposition in humankind to awake! To come out of the somnambulant state and shake off the slavery of these many long millennia. Most of what you know as history and religion are nothing but a conglomeration of aberrant opinions and half truths. The verification of what is real and true requires the inner compass which every human being received at birth and which sadly for most remains an unused tool in the dusty basement of their careworn spirits.

LVP: You have been very careful several times today in refraining from “predictions” and I believe there is something in this You may want to expand upon?

E: Yes, and thank you. In the “big three” We reviewed today, violence, greed and despoiling the Earth, I was seeking to provide an overview of the chessboard of human endeavor. We are working on Our side to lift the vibratory context in which these childish games are occurring, in fact change the very nature of the chessboard and all the assembled pieces. In doing this We often provide foresight to possibilities, knowing that as coordinates change certain occurrences are probable. We “warn” if you will of these probabilities, and sometimes the probabilities occur and sometimes they do not. This has caused a great deal of consternation among the small population of enlightened individuals about who or what to believe. Our purpose is not to further belief.

In providing overviews that sometimes take the character of “warnings” Our main intent is to engage human consciousness in the problems that are looming. By painting the picture in stark terms We often obtain the attention of those who sadly are only stimulated by something of a disastrous nature. We’re not providing false alarms but including humankind in the spectrum of the possible. As human consciousness joins Our efforts We hope and expect in fact for the outcomes not desired to indeed be avoided. Even in your elemental Heisenberg uncertainty principle you learned that an object or experiment observed is changed. This is the power of co-creation into which We invite you. We desire your attention and intention. We seek your creative impulse to compliment Ours.

This is the Creative Field of the Creator Son and it will not be known upon recliners while channel surfing through the void of television. It will be known because there are those who take a creative stance with Our forces, with Christ Michael’s great Assemblage, and bring the power of consciousness to bear on the human side of the equation. That power can and should take specific form in any number of desirable ways, but first and foremost it is the change and rise in consciousness that We seek which will secure the day.


Within the question and answer formats of recent vintage and the many forums that are devoted to the greater work, there are some questions that inspire transformation and there is also a great deal of idle consideration that does nothing but cloak the spirit and further the opacity of human mentality. We are not here to further such directions and it behooves everyone whose dedication is toward the Light to examine their words carefully, to consider the words of another before giving them credence or support, to watch carefully the actions of those who demand attention or respect to perceive whether or not such gifts are requited and most particularly, to examine one’s own actions.

You have a wonderful quote in your mind now of the American poet William Stafford. Please place it here:

For it is important that awake people be awake,
or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep;
the signals we give –yes or no, or maybe–
should be clear: the darkness around us is deep.

- from A Ritual to Read to One Another

These are words to take to heart. You and I have discussed many times over the last few weeks the importance of resting while remaining vigilant and remaining vigilant while being at rest. This is balance and required in these days of great change, of Gaia’s birthing into a new Body, a new Presence and Spiritual formation. You cannot be on watch every moment of your waking days but even in rest you can be awake and given the proper preparation even your sleep can provide advantage. These are not times for the faint of heart. Though every molecule of your metal will be tested you will have the benefit of these events and your participation in them forever on your journey into full consciousness. Use your life force well and such use will serve you and Our Mission in ways you can only begin to imagine.

LVP: Thank you Esu. This is sobering and well received.