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Topic: Mindsets

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Aaron, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “We understand that it is increasingly more difficult for either of you to be available at predetermined times, and so we tend to wait for that window of opportunity with you before we alert your Teachers should they wish to convey a message. Whilst we now greet both Teachers, Aaron and Samuel, my personal take on mindsets will perhaps be covered later.”


Aaron: “Teacher Samuel and I have been associated in the studies and teaching we do for longer than what you would understand to be a lifetime of many years. We could think of this as a coincidence; the fact that a human couple share Teachers that have long been friends, co-students, and colleagues in the same Correcting Time Progress Group. Not so, my dear friends. Whereas you may well discern chaos in the machinations of your world, we recognize the events that ‘are meant to be,’ rather, divine organization, although in retrospect.

Samuel: “We, Aaron and I, discussed and now speak about mindsets, which in your world are greatly time-related, as well as, hopefully, success-oriented. There is for us, for those who direct and aid us, no other task as important as bringing you closer to your Creator – to the Midwayers, perhaps, your Angels, but to the Fragment of the Creator indwelling you in the end analysis. For this to succeed, many of you may need to alter your mindsets to allow for more patience during meditation and also more appreciation of the self.

“So much of your lives is ruled by routine, the decision to actually involve yourselves with regular meditation, or no, can seem like a big decision to make. In reality it is certainly more important than having your third meal for the day on time, if indeed having that third meal at all. Are you good enough to converse with the Gods? Indeed, you are their children, all. Are you making progress by stilling your mind? Yes, you are producing soul growth. Is your mind scattered, and do you run out of patience?

“Truly, don’t let this stop you. Persevere, yes, persevere, because it is the intent that really counts, and the eventual success will bring you greater satisfaction. So often do we note you going far too deep, even become sleepy and drift right through the shallow level of meditation (Alpha) that is required for us to work with you. Take heart, for so many that long saw themselves as failures, did well in the end. A change in mindset may be required for you to succeed.

“The Spirit that indwells you concerns Him or Herself neither with the passing, of time, nor with success achieved, but rather with the effort put towards the venture of your mind and soul reaching up to God, as God reaches ‘down’ to you, and no effort goes unrewarded. Change your mindset if you find yours to be in error. We send you our love. Good day.”

Bzutu: “You are human, and think of birthdays, deadlines, hours till nightfall, available time and obligations. We Midwayers have a different mindset in that we look forward to the next assignment whatever ‘long minute’ or ‘short century’ it may take. We too, will at some distant point in time make our way to higher spheres with you, but until then we will be task oriented, not time oriented, patiently working with the sincere and progressive-minded among you, and reaching out to you much further than halfway.


This is ABC-22 signing off.”