2010-07-11-Change of Emphasis

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Topic: Change of Emphasis



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Monjoronson, I am weary.

Monjoronson: Why is that so?

Vince: Because there is apparently nothing one can focus on which could be described as the truth. There are claims, counter claims and counter-counter claims; allegations and accusations, bickering; and these coming from people who profess to be of the ‘Light’

There is not a single incarnate person who can actually prove to the world that they can communicate on a two-way basis with what could be described as the Spiritual Hierarchy, deceased friends and relatives; spirit guides, angels and so on. There is no actual proof that an individual has ever seen a discarnate energy, and there is no actual proof that there is even a God. When I say Actual Proof, I mean that which will be acceptable to mainstream humanity.

We are stuck on a planet controlled by forces of Darkness, where theft, corruption, lies, fraud, murder, sexual deviancy, cruelty to other humans and animals, gambling, smoking, boozing and drugs are the order of the day, and those who stand by and say they support the Light energy are fighting amongst themselves.

Not only that, but there appear to be members of the so-called Spiritual Hierarchy who are putting out conflicting messages, to the extent that they often seem to contradict each other, causing further uncertainty and bickering.

Monjoronson I am weary of it.

Monjoronson: Let’s analyse this, shall we?


None of you ones can be completely certain that you are in touch with those ones you think you are, and there are those who very clearly know they are not in touch with the so-called Spiritual Hierarchy and are doing the bidding of the Dark Ones by spreading a certain amount of disinformation. I will not disclose who they are, but we know who they are and so do they. Their part in the development of the human race is important, as disinformation is a counterweight to the truth, and when searching for the truth you must have an untruth as an opposite for comparison with the truth. A healthy view is gained by weighing up both factors and seeing which you believe in. In this sense there is no right or wrong path through this process, because in the long run, to maintain the straight and narrow path, you have to walk a fine line between truth and untruth.

I have only commented on matters relating to the stasis event recently, because there are certain expectations out there, but in reality you have to ask yourself what you thought was involved, did you have a grasp of reality, or did you buy into an unrealistic scenario?

By setting a deadline of 1st January 2011, and waiting to see what happens or doesn’t happen by then, is wise but doesn’t go far enough, because 1st January 2013 would be much more realistic and takes you into the conspiracy theorists’ ‘End of the World’ timeline. Now should anyone pick up on this and say that ‘Old Monjoronson’ says the world is going to end in 2012; Star Fleet are going to rescue you by the end of 2012; or there is going to be a gigantic Stasis event by the end of 2012; I am not saying any of these at all, period.

There IS gamesmanship going on, false details ARE being given out, in just the same way as a countries’ Intelligence Services issue disinformation to ensure their enemy doesn’t know from which direction or when an invasion will come, or whether it will come at all. These and more, are the options we have to consider.

Now my friend, I am going to do you a big favour, which is to ensure that my telepathic chats and messages contain no references to Stasis, or any of the events leading up to the Ascension process whatsoever. It is high time we ceased chatter and turned instead to spiritual matters and the teaching mission with regard to how we get through to average man, and this to me is far more important for us to spend our time on.

I have a goodly quantity of scribes and spiritual teachers in your dimension, and you are now among their number. Some of these are more high profile than others, and some of them are totally private and run education groups in their own homes. In time, I would like you to do the same, and you will find that people will come to you who need the understanding and philosophy which I can give through you. There is no substantial difference between the typical Spiritual Development Groups you were involved with for 25 years, with the exception that Monjoronson will be among your teachers, not just your Spirit Guides as before.

I want to ensure that you do no more than three channelled messages per week with me for public view, and the bulk of the time is spent on a secure and private Home Group, where we can do one-to-one teaching through you. That way we can concentrate on developing some real physical assets in your country for the future. You are tired and jaded, so I am going to suggest a break from our contacts for a few days so you can recover from the exertion, and then refocus on the upcoming task.

In answer to another of your questions you have it in mind to ask, I never discuss any of my contacts with you ones with other contacts in public or private, or with anyone else. As anyone in the Intelligence community knows, there is great security in having groups and individuals as stand-alone cells, and if you lose one of them, the rest are unaffected. It isn’t a competition where one group or individual is favoured over another, for each one of them is equally valued whether they have been with me for twenty-five years, or twenty-five minutes. I have selected them all for their capabilities and they are all unique.

To recap, you shall refocus your talents to align with the mainstream Teaching Mission, have a slightly lower public profile; and I would suggest that you forget about stasis. This is the positive and constructive path, and I want you out of the hot-air arena of speculation, and knuckled down to learning and teaching. Is that quite clear, and do you understand and agree to abide with my request?

Vince: Yes, I will do as you ask, and carry it out to the letter.


Monjoronson: Thank you my dear friend, you will find this to be a solid mainstream developmental path, and you will not regret making this choice.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy with my scribe Vince. 11th July 2010