2010-07-27-A Mission Update

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Topic: A Mission Update



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Well Monjoronson my dear fellow, I am getting a sense of utter hopelessness out of the global works the Dark Ones are currently involved in, from pollution to new conflicts; further erosions of citizens rights and new ways to tax us all and grab property and other assets from us all wherever they can.

Where once we had the likelihood of their removal and stasis, there appears to be the ‘situation normal’ sign hanging out of the Illuminati Headquarters. Positions are being consolidated and new ground gained, and still the majority of the population doesn’t realise what’s going on and the usual lies continue in the media.

When, oh when, will the cavalry arrive?

Monjoronson: Oh dear, difficult questions again; and have I not answered them already?

Vince: Yes, many times before, but situations change and when nothing appears to be happening on the surface, some of us wonder when the relief will come.

Monjoronson: The position is essentially no different from what was said a few days ago, and we are still waiting on Gaia to see if she’ll permit a few degrees of stasis, or maybe more. Two days of your time are but a blink of the eye here, and that’s probably why we keep thinking you ones go on rather a lot at times.

Vince: When a man is drowning in quicksand, he is apt to feel the event directly at a physical level, and through the attached mental dimension.

There have been ongoing geological and weather events, but still no sign of us doing it to them, before they do it to us!!!

Now, it would take more than one man and his sick-bed to put these dogs down, and there would be precious little help from the local populace, who still believe the TV News.

Monjoronson: We are only too well aware of the demographics involved with overthrowing your pernicious global government, and fully understand that it will rely upon troops of a different nature to help win back your freedom. The introduction of spiritual rule based on divine or natural law is the only viable system which will create the kind of fairly based society you are looking for.

It doesn’t come cheap or easy when a planet and its people are in the awful state that you are. In order to obtain your desired goal there will be loss of life on a massive scale as natural events unfold and great discomforts for many of you. You could then be forgiven for looking back on your lives at the present time and thinking how well off you were in reality.

For whatever the position of each individual, it could be far, far worse; and may become so. At present you are at least familiar with your world and all the corruption and vice, whereas you will be stepping into new territory, and in the early years it won’t be nice for many of you; and the bigger the stasis event, the more upheaval there will be in one go. Whereas with a series of smaller ones, the pressure for change is gradually ratcheted up and you ones will evolve through the systems introduced gradually.

Vince: Those ones who haven’t finished their life contracts will; but many of those who have also stood and waited for the ‘off’, will have dropped off the hooks long ago.

Monjoronson: I do like your description of passing over as ‘Dropping off the Hooks’, but I take your point. Nobody has said that during one, or more, shorter periods of stasis new bodies won’t be issued and running repairs made to existing ones, have they?

Vince: No, I haven’t heard that said.

Monjoronson: Then you should regard it as said that when a stasis opportunity arises, where necessary, and where it is essential for certain individuals to remain incarnate in your dimension, then cloned bodies will be provided where appropriate, and upgrades and running repairs to existing bodies will also be put into effect. There are certain people in your dimension who we consider essential in the scheme of things, and we will do whatever we can to retain their services.

In answer to the question forming in your mind as I write; no, I will not say who will be given such treatment, for it is nobody’s business at this time, and when the opportunity arises the deed will be done. That way nobody feels superior or inferior to another, and we don’t disclose to the Dark Ones the people of importance to us. In particular my dear fellow, I will certainly not reveal where you stand in the scheme of things; whether or not you are expendable like a cheap light bulb; or what will become of you and your family when the changes take place.

Yes, I know you would like to know, and so would many of you ones who have the ‘Light Worker’ label, but such knowledge at this time can make an individual a target, and so we prefer to say nothing at all on the subject. There are even those who have been told one thing and who will find it completely different in practice, such is the power of our disinformation. Just as the Dark have their versions of disinformation, so do we; and it is to ensure the integrity of the mission that we put this policy into practice.

You can also take it that if I said the next move with the geophysical changes, weather systems and stasis would be one scenario, in practice this would turn out to be different. We are dealing with matters which are exceptionally complex according to your view and all the matters which must be taken into consideration, that inevitably the end result will be what it is and how it happens, and not necessarily as promised.

Let nobody tell you that things are stagnating and that the Dark Ones are gaining the upper hand, for nothing could actually be further from the truth. All that you can see is not all that is happening, and the Dark Ones are currently digging themselves a deeper pit in which to fall; it’s just that you don’t get to see the overview as we do.

There are times when we get very frustrated with the way things go wrong on a regular basis, and we understand how bad things are for many of you; but that does not make us deviate from the path to victory over the darkness even by a mere fraction of a degree. Our mission remains the same, and there is a point in the overall project when it must be completed according to Divine Decree; so no matter what the Dark Ones do, they are destined to lose. In reality it isn’t a competition, and those Dark Ones who are un-harvestable, as you ones are harvestable; have sealed their fate by their actions and through refusing the Father’s requests to desist from their vile activities, times without number.

And so, although your view is clouded by the fog of the material dimension you are temporarily imprisoned in, the reality is that matters are still moving forward, albeit at a different pace than many of you expected. But for all that, real progress is being made, and we are still hopeful that we will bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion well before the Divine Decree end time.

Vince: Have you noticed that I’ve been less stroppy with you today?

Monjoronson: Yes, a refreshing change since yesterday.

Vince: Sorry about that, but I’ve had a very bad few days health wise. At those times the mind is willing, but that miserable old sod of a body won’t co-operate.

Monjoronson: No need to apologise, as we appreciate the service you are willing to provide, and fully understand the material and medical conditions.


On that note I am going to thank you for your communion with me and explain to all who will read or listen; that these telepathic channelling sessions which you and others do all round the world are a true form of communion with your God; the Father; the Source of All That Is. If only there were so many more of you doing this, your world would already be a much better place by now. The only place to find God is deep within you!!!

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in telepathic conversation with a Scribe of mine named Vince.

27th July 2010