2010-07-27-Another Dimension

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Topic: Another Dimension

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “The body you have today can only function in this slice of time. However, the lighter parts of your being can go beyond.

“The Soul is morontia, hence it is already in another dimension. This is interesting because it means you are multi-dimensional beings. You live in different dimensions at once.

“In order to better perceive the things from the ‘lighter’ dimensions, the Soul must grow and develop. The ‘senses’ of the Soul are the ones capable of feeling the sensations from that dimension, let’s call it morontia, although it would be an oversimplification. As the Soul grows, the sensations and perceptions of that world become more evident and real. Similarly, the human personality becomes more real as well, because it starts to truly participate in morontia.

“You were at the beginning just a shadow in that other world, that higher dimension. As long as you progress, and the Soul develops, you begin to gain consistency and become more visible in that level of existence.

“You wonder if you can see even a little of morontia. I tell you that you have already seen it, with the eyes of your mind, while asleep. Almost all human beings have experienced this while they sleep. When they wake up they only have vague and confused memories that are even more confounded by the interpretations made under the dim light of what you think you know.

“There are many things you will see during your sleep and during meditation. You already exist in two different levels, therefore you can’t be prevented from experiencing life in both levels. As your Soul grows, more visions of morontia will come to you. Many of these visions will not be processable by your human brain, but once you have gone through the threshold of death you will remember and understand better some of the things you have seen in the past.

“I understand that your human curiosity wants to search for answers and that you are left perplexed by these things. You want to know, you want to see, you want to explore. These are impulses placed within you by the Father, the source of your personality. These impulses will motivate your upward movement until you are face to face with God himself. You can be sure that all these secrets will be yours and that you will make great discoveries during your eternal life, because you have accepted that your are a son of God and by that grace you will live in an endless journey of loving service and unending adventure.”