2010-08-01-Long View Project-Dialogue 25

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Topic: Dialogue #25

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Esu




LVP: Good morning Esu. I realized opening my files that it has been almost two weeks since our last Dialogue. I’ve been traveling with another in my care and dedicating the time to this hasn’t been possible. I’m also aware that this is a practice and though I’ve kept my morning communion intact the gap between our Dialogues is obvious.

Esu: Good morning. You aren’t mentioning the other factors that are in play for you presently: the soul cleansing work you have been doing with your family, the poetry which always finds a focus in your island home and is nurturing to many, the Healing Inner Earth work which requires an energy within you that you hardly notice so subtle is the demand, etc, etc. I say this to emphasize what is happening as opposed to what is not because it is too easy in the mortal frame to become obsessed with your failures and foibles and not realize the value and totality of your creative endeavors.


On the larger scale there are events underway that are changing the surface of the Earth. Massive flooding in some areas of the globe including Pakistan are putting hundreds of thousands if not millions in flight with vast areas of farmland underwater. In other areas the drought is so intense that unprecedented fires are raging in Russia, Canada, and elsewhere. In the southern hemisphere extremely low winter temperatures are causing emergencies and in North America the Gulf Oil disaster continues with lethally toxic dispersants allowing the corporate controllers and their media voices to dilute the importance and scale of this devastation; the dispersants scattering the surface slick but thereby spreading in massive poisonously “dispersed” amounts throughout the Gulf and beyond.

LVP: The focus on this event has definitely been “dispersed” with media varieties of disinformation “dispersant” as toxic to awareness as Corexit is to the ocean.

E: Much could be said about this poisonous mixture that is destroying the Gulf aquasphere and the continuing drilling and extraction of oil that continues to weaken the geological structures of the seabed and surrounding land masses. There are calls to awareness on a worldwide basis and a reasonable amount of attention is being given to this danger but hardly in proportion to the scale of devastation. The problem seems overwhelming to the average person, even the small percentage of the population that is literate and attached to the internet. More are connected through cell phone technology but as I mentioned earlier there are so many areas of crisis, worldwide natural disasters and politically motivated wars and sub-conflicts particularly in the Mid East, that there is a flooding effect on consciousness, a rising tide of issues that are either drowning people into a submissive acceptance or forcing them to strike out for higher ground. This move seems to be caused by current events but is more a part of the path of ascension that is open presently and is calling to people through the desperate set of global factors that presses down upon them.

LVP: I guess the simplest question then is what to do, how as an individual or member of the smaller neighborhoods and communities that are our real environ can we contribute something worthwhile to this mix?

E: We’ve spoken in the past about the need for effective action, for people to join forces in an enlightened manner and give themselves to solving the problems at hand. Perhaps the smallest steps are the most effective, the cleaning up of your backyard or front porch, of the sidewalks and landscape in your immediate environment. This is not to diminish the much larger problems that are at hand, to retreat into an isolated set of behaviors that circumscribe too narrow a field of endeavor, but starting small is a way to begin, an obvious opportunity to put one’s concerns into practice.


However, for our purposes in this Dialogue I want to consider the energetic level that is also available through the medium of consciousness. Because humanity is bogged down in the material world and demands so much from it to the point of threatening Gaia Herself and the resources and life of the planet as a whole, little is seen beyond the material. When you address problems you usually address them in a mechanistic or technological way. The Gulf disaster is seen as a failure in technology, which is certainly true, but obscures the larger issues in consciousness that gave rise to the patterns of demand, extraction and technological failure.

The most important tool at hand for humanity is human consciousness. The cell phone began from an idea for wireless communication through research funded by the military. The evolutionary steps from paper communication to telegraph to telephone have progressed now to wireless formats but there are frontiers yet to cross. There are pathways of communication between people that do not require physical voice that remain largely unexplored. There are pathways of communication between people and higher intelligence that are opening at this time that are in the earliest evolutionary infancy. There are formats for creation in consciousness awaiting that are far more powerful and effective than the material drubbing around humanity is obsessed with.

People have no idea how the pyramids in Egypt and Central America, were created. The reason they do not understand is that they are fixated on a material assembly of blocks that would be akin to their current methods of construction. However, the ancient pyramids of your world, particularly the great pyramid of Cheops, were not an event of slave labor. The huge surface stones of the Cheops pyramids were ground to a precision that exceeds the accuracy of optical glass. How could this have been done with slaves and brute force? What form of technology was available to the ancients that allowed such precision on a massive scale? Without going into a dissertation on the assembly of the pyramids I wish to emphasize the potential of creation in consciousness and work on the energetic plane. To put is simply, the pyramids were constructed by light, not by brute force. The purpose of the pyramid is hardly revealed even in detailed study of its mathematical perfection and beauty of form because the purpose if you will is entwined in the manner of its creation and that is a format not limited to the material plane of manual drudgery.

LVP: What then would be our energetic work now Esu?

E: You are realizing that work through the exploration of these Dialogues. As you open to this opportunity information flows through your consciousness from Higher Source that is beyond your present knowledge. When you re-read these Dialogues you are often surprised, as if they were messages from another person which in a very real sense they are, since dialogue by definition requires more than one voice and the Dialogues are a transcription of Our conversations with understanding you would not have if you limited yourself to the parameters of your own mental range of awareness.

Now in terms of effective action I want to encourage a much broader view of what is possible to the readers of these Dialogues. In the beginnings of the energetic field that is opening before you many insubstantial elements have presented themselves. Much was made in times past about the ability of someone to bend a key with their minds. Your teacher at the time asked the humorous and accurate question, what’s the good of a bent key? The same could be said about a lot of new age dithering around and fascination with various practices that have a small amount of truth or effectiveness but occupy attention in a very limited and tangential field. As you pointed out in a past Dialogue the calls for collective meditation upon the Gulf disaster lacked a commitment to personal responsibility and ongoing action but they were forays into the field of creation in consciousness, an entry into the energetic plane where much healing and effective action can take place.

You’ve been chronicling your experiences in this regard with the Healing Inner Earth series. You had no idea what you were going to find or do on those imaginative journeys when you began but you were encouraged by Christ Michael and Gaia to begin and so the magic of what you found opened before you. You were willing to release your own limitations and act in a field that you felt might be nothing but fanciful speculation with no real substance or purpose.

LVP: That’s true. Entering the “Inner Earth” field required a lot of letting go. I kept it mostly to myself with just a few allies who appreciated the resultant Chronicles.

E: You haven’t seen the real value of this work as yet because you yourself are still entwined in the material realm. The effectiveness of your explorations and actions in that energetic realm are obscured by your own gravity to the material world. If you move a physical object you believe you’ve accomplished something but when you move energy you have not the full awareness of the greater work you have set in motion.

LVP: Without this understanding I just move with faith. The action is enough for me and the recording of it in the Chronicles is less important.

E: But the recording is important because it is encouraging others to enter the field. The energetic plane is the next frontier in human evolution. You as a species have been there before although the memory of those times are lost for the most part. The little that has been retained seems like so much science fiction to you now or romantic notions of power and place irrelevant to your present life. I am suggesting that far from being inconsequential, the energetic plane will be found to be the most effective and substantial field of your work on Earth when you become practiced and disciplined in its modalities and understandings.

When you find yourself in a sore spot with another, when there is difficulty, distress, emotional wounding of another or yourself, it is good that you seek ways to improve your communication, talk through your problems and seek practical solutions, but there is also the work on the energetic plane that can be highly effective in such healing. You can go within and with the power available to you in the inner realm, you can commune with the higher self of another, understand the deeper more important factors you are working with, endeavoring on the energetic level first to achieve understanding and set healing in motion. If you take those steps first the eventual resolution in the 3d realm of physical reality will be greatly eased and enhanced.

I am not suggesting you limit the fields of your material endeavor. In the example of the Gulf disaster it is right and good that information is flowing about the destructiveness by those few brave souls in the media who go beyond the bounds of government and corporate control to expose the realities, that environmental groups (who are largely co-opted by their corporate sponsors which the Gulf disaster is revealing to any with eyes to see) continue to take action to promote clean up of the environment and protection for wildlife. All of this and much more is required on the material level, but there is a very important field of energetic work that is also potential to human endeavor.

In your last Healing Inner Earth Chronicle you wrote of what you were called to do on the energetic plane to assist Gaia in the Gulf travesty. What you did on that journey was the expression of your unique soul and spirit. However, in what you wrote you also opened the door for others to consider how they might enter the energetic realm and begin to provide what is unique to them in an individual sense. There is an almost infinite need if you will and a dearth of light workers who have actually stepped fully into the energetic plane. Again, I am not suggesting the few who have awareness of this potential jump to the other side of the boat and spend their days solely in imaginative flight. What I am suggesting is that in a balanced way there is much that could be accomplished by adding the energetic plane to the quiver of human potential. The Earth is sore in need of such healing and the people are as distressed and damaged in heart and soul as the physical body of Gaia. There is great need and there is great potential in the human being to address the need.

In addressing these needs on the energetic plane consciousness will expand and more opportunities will be revealed. There are no limits to what is before the human race in the path of ascension, only the barriers of fear and delusion that the dark side has woven against the matrix of human evolution. However, at this time Gaia is ascending, shaking off the chains of Her limitation and suffering and the consciousness of humanity is stirring and awakening in a manner unseen and unknown for millennia. What is before you is the Garden of Creation, creation in consciousness first and foremost, and into this new Eden I invite you and all through the command of our Creator Son in the light of the new time upon Us!


LVP: Thank you Esu, thank you.