2010-08-01-Spiritual Hearing

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Topic: Spiritual Hearing

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Ophelius

TR: Chris



Ophelius: “Today’s message is about hearing, that is ‘spiritual hearing.’


What is the difference between physical hearing and spiritual hearing? When you hear with your spiritual ears, you do not receive an audible sound wave through the ear canal, but rather a dialog in the consciousness of the mind. Like most skills and talents, spiritual hearing must be developed so that the receiver can distinguish spiritual dialog from common mind chatter or inner mental dialog.

“Many have natural ability to hear their guides and guardians speak, but they fail to recognize the difference between their own mental dialog and that of a spiritual teacher, or they lack confidence in believing that what they are receiving is super conscious input. For some, spiritual hearing is recognized as self intuition, yet this error in discernment is not detrimental, but rather helpful to the individual if they choose to follow its leadings.

“Some of you have heard your names called in an ‘audible’ voice by your guides and teachers, yet I tell you this is not a sound wave, but rather an intense thought focus on our part to get your attention. The best way to hear with spiritual ears is to quiet the mind. Stillness and meditation are most helpful in developing your spiritual hearing -- mind chatter and thought patterns are brought under control by slowing down the brain waves, and in doing so, allowing the spiritual voice to be heard.

“Your intent and attitude has much to do with the quality of your spiritual receptivity. Feelings of peace, love, gratitude, and worship will raise the frequency of your spiritual receptivity (a filter for higher thought and light), while in stillness, you are lowering the physical brain wave activity. This is a most desirable place to be.

“You may discern the voice of your guides and teachers by the message received. Your teachers, guides, and guardians will speak with a voice of reason; be non-judgmental; have a loving and patient presence -- always suggesting options for developing forward soul building paths. Never will they demand action to do something against your will, be it positive or negative. Never will the voice be angry; instill fear based thoughts; or fuel thoughts of pride or prejudice.

“When your own mental thoughts become more in tune with the Will of the Creator, then will you understand with greater clarity the dialog of your spiritual teachers. This is why self-mastery is so important because it trains the mind to reject the lower and coarser animal thought forms and emotions that interfere with your spiritual receptivity. Much of what you receive in super conscious input has to do with helping you develop the tools for self mastery because this is the first vital step toward greater spiritual awareness and soul education.


“Good day, “The Circle of Seven.”