2010-08-08-Long View Project-Dialogue 26

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Topic: Dialogue #26

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Esu, Monjoronson, Michael




LVP: Esu, after our energetic work together last week, removing the dark forces rooted in a sacred site and entwined in the people in that site, remnants of the removal of those destructive energies led to further work with Christ Michael in me, specifically in my DNA structure.

Energy, Healing

Esu: Our work is occurring on many levels . There is the physical work in the material dimension. This could be described metaphorically as lead. The work in this field is dense and difficult to penetrate. The structures are old, established and most often corrupt. There is then the mental and emotional work, what you describe as “personal work,” the stilling of the mind and calming of the heart, bringing the thinking capabilities and power of emotion under the guidance of Spirit. This layer is silver, malleable and conductive of the energies of transformation. The layer We worked on together this week (and for years in your recent past) is the energetic level, the center from which the more dense forms of existence and behavior are organized and set in motion. This layer could rightfully be described as gold, primary conductor for the direct energy of Spirit, of love and recreation.

The physical layers are heavy and difficult to move. The mental and emotional layers are more volatile and subject to change, the field where education has the most impact. However, the energetic layer is the genesis field, the place where creation may be reordered and reestablished in ways akin to the Spirit of Christ Michael and of Source.

LVP: This energetic work was what Monjoronson intended in His recent message and instruction about “loyalty to the Father’s will” and “rightmindedness” was it not?)

E: Yes, Monjoronson was inviting the readers of that message into cleansing and clarifying the connective link between human consciousness and Divine Will. Perhaps Monjoronson would like a word here.

Monjoronson: Thank you Esu. We have a Team present this morning for this dialogue with our beloved Christ Michael in the wings. What I would offer is first appreciation for opening this area of consideration. The work of evolution has many layers as Esu described. There are many more layers and He could easily have made His description more complex, but for Our purposes in the initiation of this understanding in consciousness, the metaphorical descriptions are perfect and the various layers of operation fully comprehensive for entry and first use.

The meditation I offered is as you described in your introduction, an “exercise.” The visualization as I expressed it, when received into the hearts and minds of the practitioners, allows the energetic level to come into play. The energy of “loyalty of the Father’s will” was what I intended much more than a concept of such or a devotion. It is the energetic level that will allow further evolution. Your world’s religions all profess “loyalty” with thousands of years of rituals, theological codes, beliefs, organizational structures of every sort yet with little improvement in the creative field of humanity. This is because the manipulation of the “silver” layer as Esu described it will not allow for the “gold” of true realization and forward movement.

The “loyalty” I promoted through the visualization is the energetic bonding to the Creator Son and hence to the very Source of Creation. The isolation of the human race has corrupted human capabilities and prevented the connection this meditation would re-initiate. However, the energetic field is not a table rasa, something blank and ready for new instruction. The energetic layers in human consciousness on every level, and in the planetary body, psyche and soul, are entwined with the dark forces of estrangement.

The “go it alone” mentality was the very essence of the Luciferian premise, the separatism from Source, from the Creator Son and the chords of Life’s most delicate control. Life itself remained, at first without the radical distinctions that would later appear. However, over time the degradation became more apparent because the energetic layers being abused could not allow the vividness of Source, the true power of Love nor the real understandings of Truth. The energies were stepped down severely and more dense layers of mind, emotion and physicality followed, until today you find yourselves on Earth in a hollow creative state where materiality is supreme and Spirit is largely disavowed or dismissed. This was perfectly described in a recent transmission from Germaine. (https://www.pathtofreedomistruth.com/?p=132)

We are certainly intent on restoration of the physical body of Gaia and all Her creation including reformation of the mind and emotion of the human race, but above all and now in focus for Us in our work directly with you and many others through these dialogues and other supple formats, is the transformation of the energetic structures, the cleansing and renewal of the primary cores of power and potential that will allow the recreation intended in the ascension of Gaia to take place.

E: This work of energetic transformation has been occurring for some time. Without it you would not have had the insight of genius that has risen from time to time throughout your history, the expression of Love and the awareness of Truth that allowed for some evolution in human society. However, We are concentrating now on establishing this energetic work on a planetary basis, inviting all who will into transformation at the core. It is true that work in this layer will not be perceived by the mass nor need it have unusually direct manifestation in physical, mental or emotional expression. The layers of lead and of silver will be impacted by gold, have no doubt, but working in this layer will need to be done for its own sake, by those who can perceive the value with openness of heart and mind and the courage to persevere and continue with intent despite the apparent lack of effect in the denser levels of creation.

We have prepared the foundation now and I would Christ Michael to offer Us the next steps as He sees them.


CM: Good morning all. This is a very opportune moment is it not, with humanity poised on the brink of catastrophic occurrences of every sort? Fires blazing and floods raging in the northern hemisphere, frigid conditions in the southern latitudes, earthquakes of increasing frequency and magnitude, earth despoiled through the relentless industrialization of the biosphere, wars and sub-wars violating the principles of Life on every continent, self-interest and self-promotion with little or no recognition of the purpose Creation might have in mind for human existence; all these and more would seem to demand direct interaction with the layers of effect Esu rightly described as lead and silver.

However, My intent in this exchange is to point the way to gold! I wish to encourage work in the energetic layers of creation that Monjoronson so accurately described in His recent transmission. You’ve engaged this , with Me and My Team, particularly through the Healing Inner Earth work and the work of Origin as your dear shamanic ally describes it, cleansing and renewing the patterns that precede creation, beyond the effects that humankind are obsessed with, into the operable layers of Cause that originate not only human behavior and experience but the life of the planet Herself.

LVP: We worked together this week on the strands of the dark lord of the underworld woven in my mental and emotional structures and in my very DNA.

CM: Yes, and as such you provided something of an experimental laboratory for Me and My Team. As I said to you then, I needed your permission to work in your core structures after defining what it was that I intended. However, I also needed your awareness of what was going on in your own energetic field. This is sorely absent from most human beings, who move only in the field of effect, from pillar to post as it were, starting fires here, putting out fires there, only to find that their “putting out” engendered the beginning of added fires. Much like the Gulf oil disaster where the “remedy,” the Corexit poison applied by the millions of gallons to the aquasphere of the Gulf, the “cure” as the dark side would attempt to convince, will prove to be far worse than the “disease.” This is not to say that humanity should not be intent upon solving problems, engaging creation with their full capacities for thought and feeling. However, without a pure connection to Source on the energetic level the work in effect will prove to be counterproductive to real change and actually contribute to more rapid degeneration.

LVP: Being involved in the field of effects seems the obsession of our times. There is the star quality of individual personality or achievement which takes up much of human attention and on the flip side the abhorrent violence and destructiveness human civilization is expressing in its aberrance. We see what’s going wrong in the framework of mechanistic orientation, problem solving as it were, much like the prosthetic advances touted in biomedical science, which are a blessing to so many but are most often required because of the infinitely more horrible devices of war that the same mechanistic orientation has invented and proliferated throughout the planet.

CM: One step forward and two steps back is truer of human civilization than would be readily admitted by most. However, I’m not addressing that condition as a primary focus in this dialogue. What I want to suggest is a differing consideration and practice that will allow the primary conductors in the human sphere to be reoriented to Source. I strongly suggest that all who read this message go back to Monjoronson’s exercise and begin there; to use that visualization to begin a practice of invitation, setting the stage for the increase of Spirit in their personal and thus the collective energetic core of humanity.

Correcting Time

My work with you this week encouraged My Team to advance a further invitation. What I wish to propose is similar to what We endeavored upon, a cleansing and renewal that will form the basis for the processes of ascension during what We have termed the Correcting Time. Here is the “exercise” I, as Christ Michael, do put forward to those who are dedicated to the evolution promised in this sacred time.

Allow thought to calm, feeling to find peace. Bring attention to the Beingness that is behind all being. Let the breath guide you in this awareness but do not be anxious or demanding. Simply let the breath guide, within and without, and trust that the sensation you are experiencing is sufficient to Intent.

With that experience in place be aware of the difference between this place of peace and serenity from the typical frenzy that marks much of life as you know it. Let the awareness simply be present with you, not taking you in a direction of trying to fix anything or make what you’ve known different; just let awareness be present with the breath, and continue.

With the breath, and awareness, let your consciousness travel behind the layers of thought and feeling to a place of Origin, where the security and enlightenment of divinity is more easily present. Again, do not push yourself or require a revelation, just follow the breath, allow your inner vision to expand as it will, and take in the Field behind the field. There is no need for achievement here, just awareness and the experience of center.

With the breath continuing in this place of heightened awareness, I ask that you invite Me and My Team to cleanse your thought and feeling of the dark side structures that have come through your incarnation into mortality and through the experiences you’ve had on Earth. Simply say “I ask Christ Michael that You and Your Team remove the darkside structures from every layer of my being – body, mind, heart and soul, and cleanse the energy of all these layers in Your Light.”

Pause in this space and let the purification settle into your being.

Continuing with breath, allowing the Spirit of thankfulness to arise as it will, take another step in invitation wherein you may say “I ask You Christ Michael and Your Team, to remove the dark side structures from my DNA, in every strand and fiber, cleansing the very core of my life expression here on Earth with Your Light.”

Pause in this space and let the experience settle into your being.

Finally you may ask “With the dark side structures now removed, I invite You Christ Michael into my heart and mind, body and soul, and into every strand and fiber of my DNA, letting the Light of Your Truth and Love, the essence of Your Being, flood and fill me.”

Perhaps your hand will find its way over your heart, perhaps your breath will quicken or you will know that here in this place the work is done, that here is the garden of My Creation in your very being, and that here We may work together in the recreation for which you have come.

This is an exercise that can be entered upon at any time, in any place, but I suggest each one find a more private time and place for this as We enter this new level of transformation. We found excellent results in our “experiment” with you and We know that We can be equally successful for all who enter herein with a reasonably pure intent.

As you “practice” different meditative expressions will come to you. You needn’t remain fixed on the DNA meditation which I am originating here, but this is the most useful place to begin, for in the energetic level of your DNA lies the activating principle for your life expression. This energetic core has been corrupted over centuries of dark side interference and control and although I certainly intend that every layer will one day clear – physical, mental, emotional, soul and spirit, for My purposes at this time I would invite you and all into this place of energetic origination with Me, to allow this cleansing and reorientation to become your daily meditation and practice.


LVP: Thank you Michael. I think this gives us all enough to engage for now.

CM: Thank you . As one of your teachers once said, “Let wonders form, let Heaven’s beauty shine!” Trust in this work, for when you invite Me then I AM WITH YOU, in Truth and in Love. So let it be.