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Teaching buddha small.jpg


Topic: Tools

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “When a creature decides to walk under the guidance of his or her Creator, a synchronicity of events takes place. When you align your will with your Father’s will you become an instrument that can be used for good – become a tool for creation.

“This is how the universe advances. This is how God performs miracles, through His co-creator children. Today you have seen a little piece of the great opus. Today you understand a little better how coincidences and events are organized by an invisible hand so the Father’s will becomes a reality here and beyond. Today you can see – even for just an instant – that mortals, despite their humble origin, can actively contribute and become creators just like their Celestial Father.

“Thus, doing the will of the Father becomes the supreme joy of the human soul. This satisfaction, this happiness that you feel today, is just a little preview of the great accomplishments of eternity. What a wonderful destiny will await those who decide to take what is theirs by right and enter the kingdom of their Father!”