2010-08-19-Arrival of Thought Adjuster

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Topic: Arrival of Thought Adjusters

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “Human beings in these times are mostly unable to notice the moment in which a Thought Adjuster arrives to indwell a child. However, you can recognize the Spark of the Father by observing the ‘symptoms’ the child displays.

“The little ones who have received the divine Spark start to show certain traits of maturity. The normally selfish tendencies of infants start to wane a little. Some behaviors, not earlier observed, start to appear. The child starts to share, asks questions, and becomes more pensive and analytic.

“The changes are very subtle, but they don’t go unnoticed by attentive parents. Is it then that it is appropriate to start talking to children about our Celestial Father. Before that moment, only the Spirit of Truth was working to illuminate the mind, but with the arrival of the Adjuster, all the impulses directed towards spirituality are recorded and organized.

“When your little ones start to show these higher behaviors, start to prepare their path, so they start to wake up to spiritual realities. Every word, every teaching in this area will always produce some results, even when that may not be evident in the short term. As you wouldn’t expect a little child to fully understand advanced knowledge at college level, have the same consideration when presenting ideas about the spiritual world.

“This is how mortal parents contribute to the spiritual development of the little ones and cooperate with the Celestial Father in creating personalities with a great potential for eternal life. Can you perceive the supreme importance of this task? In truth, the number of beings in eternity that will be benefited by the spiritual awakening of a mortal creature is larger than what your human brain could comprehend. Such is the magnitude of the power and responsibility given to those who decide to become parents.”