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Topic: Perfection

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “Those who are created in perfection in the Central Universe never experience the doubts and conflicts which mortals must face. When they are exposed to the problems and the common experiences of the material worlds, they cannot understand why some things happen and they find themselves perplexed and without answers, regardless of their high intelligence and innate perfection.

“By contrast, many ascended mortals can understand very clearly the mortal problems, because they have experienced them in the past and have found solutions.

“The discovery of truth is the supreme delight of the human soul. To attain knowledge of values and meanings by personal effort is a great reward for human beings. Those born in perfection never have this satisfaction, since they are all knowing. However, they can acquire new experiences and discover new expressions of the Father throughout eternity.

“The goal of every being is perfection, whether it is obtained by creation or through experience. The two kinds of beings (perfect and perfected) are complementary and necessary for universal administration. However, mortals are the ones who will provide the highest form of mercy and justice in the universes that are still in formation. This prolonged training and the apparently terrible trials of the present are the fire that will forge more capable tools for the governments of the new creations.

“Our Father doesn’t do anything in vain nor does He experiment with His creatures. He has a very definite purpose for evolution and mortal elevation. Even when you cannot clearly see that purpose today, all is a part of a great plan that will result in something more beautiful and noble than we could anticipate. Your destiny as elevated mortals will equally be more wonderful than anyone can imagine.”