2010-08-26-Experiencing the Adjuster

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Topic: Experiencing the Adjuster

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Henry Z.



Inner Voice: Thank you this evening for giving me a forum to speak.


The previous discussion which was shared, had a little of my insight sprinkled through the experiences of Henry. It is true that once one goes beyond the doubt and begins to doubt with sincerity in faith and trust, there does shift a dynamic between [the] relationship within the human mind and the directed activity of the Indwelling Fragment presence of spirit. It is also true that this dynamic expresses itself as individually as there are humans to experience this dynamic. Yet there are similarities yet, the actuality, the timing, the details, the particular situation, all contribute to the equality of perceived response.

Again it is not that the Adjusters are holding back within the human mind. It is designed that the human mind detect and slowly begin to nurture, as someone finding something precious like a flame in darkness and you want to preserve this flame, want to build a protection around it, you want to find something for it to consume so that it continues to burn.

God within the human mind, the aspect of God known as the Adjusters, are a universe gift. They are the spiritual component to the violet race as it is designed to come to your earth and admix with the racial stock and uplift [them] so that the Adjuster comes at a spiritual time, a time when it can indwell, and uplift to bring forth within the human mind the possibility for a greater achievement within the humans life.

It is interesting, a lot of times the Adjuster is concerned specifically with the humans immediate situation yet continually holding this completeness, this oneness as a stance, as a space, in which this particular moment can be expressed a[s] human needs. The welfare, the eventual greatness of the individual is always an intent from the Adjuster's side. The Adjuster is constantly programming areas of thought, synthesizing your thoughts to create a certain quality within your mind, the way in which you view reality, the way in which thought erupts to show you how to create reality for yourself in synch with the rest of humanity's separate realities.

Even though the Adjusters, on the Adjuster's circuit level, have access with each other to coordinate human activity, many times the bulk of the activity is within the individual and not so much yet into the coordination. This starts to happen once the individual begins to become conscious of a dynamic relationship with the Spirit Within.

It is interesting from an Adjuster's standpoint, what the human holds sacred in the mind, the Adjuster's hold human integrity, human will prerogative as sacred. We hold the eventual time, potential is fused with aspects of the sacred. There is a tremendous trust from the standpoint of the Adjuster. There is a continual concerted effort to orchestrate within the human mind below your mental activities, a coordinated function of the way you think and the way you act and the way that manifests in your life.

Of course these things are dealt with in Adjuster time, not human time. In Adjuster time, the dimension of eternity comes into play so there is no restraint or condition as to time. Nonetheless, from a human standpoint, time is of the essence and time is everything. This is also understandable as you come from the opposite end of eternity, from the immediate finite. In a brief moment of a life you get to experience this dynamic in tremendous detail [so] that you begin to sense what goes on in a greater way once you leave this earth plane and move on with your ascension.

There is always an element taken into consideration in all of your decisions which eventually taps in and builds into a future morontia-like reality. It is an ideal. You as individuals activate this, the Adjuster makes it so. One needs to experiment to determine the parameters and the effects of the dynamic achievable and available within the Adjuster/human mind relationship. It is not a good idea to assume anything. It is much better to think that all things are possible and in this respect, you will be more willing to try different avenues of approach in developing this relationship, in beginning to get a sense of this reality presence.

These thoughts that I share with you this evening, take it to your weekly thoughts and meditation. Take it into your consciousness and find if there is anything there for you to begin to experiment on a little more personal level, this unfolding, ever yielding, ever changing Adjuster dynamic within the human body.


I thank you for this opportunity to have spoken with you and now I will step aside for any others to come forth. Again, thank you.