2010-08-26-There's No Going Back

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Topic: There's No Going Back



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Now that you have finished your most recent task, I should like to talk to you if you find it convenient, and you can devote your mind to it wholeheartedly?

Vince: Yes I can, so go ahead and speak.


Monjoronson: You may imagine that because you see nothing much going on in your neighbourhood, there is a stagnation of the main mission, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The majority of events go unreported or under reported by news barons who begrudge you a few words about how your human family members are suffering on Earth. And they are suffering a great deal at the present, but soon enough many more will join their number, and there will begin to be so many more global events than there currently are, that they will be hard pushed to give you any good news, for there will be precious little of that available.

If you look at the Pakistan flooding disaster as an example, then you will see many millions of people gradually starving to death in misery, and what do you ones who live in the West care? Not a fig. This is not aimed at you personally, but at the generally uncaring society which has grown up in your world. Never mind, for what is coming will affect everyone in some way, and even the comfortable millionaires and billionaires will sit up and take note, for to build a new civilisation, you first of all have to take down the old one.; and as I speak the molecules of it are beginning to disassemble.

Every one of you has what you regard as a ‘normal’ life. It is what you do every seven days and nights throughout your lives. It may be abnormal to others, but it is very normal to you. Well, whatever your position in the pecking order of your society, your normality is about to be disrupted, and very soon indeed. It has happened to past civilisations on your planet, but never before to such a vast number of people over such a wide area of the globe.

For the tycoon who jets around the world staying at the finest hotels, there is not an appreciation of how to get by without money, and even for those who have stockpiled gold coins and trinkets, and will use them to try and stay ‘normal’, they will have great difficulty as many institutions and corporations with global reach meet the point of meltdown.

You ones have been tricked at every turn and your resources have been extracted from you at every given opportunity for millennia. Even now plans are in hand to make you and your fellows even poorer, but as the final curtain comes down on your civilisation, this time the rich are going to find it just as difficult as the poor to get by; and it is right that they should suffer at least as much as you ones.

Spare some thought for those who live in Pakistan, and who are in extreme difficulty; for your turn will come and it is by how you react to events which will be the litmus test of your spirituality in this present incarnation.

With a major disaster or two going on in the world at the same time, it is about as much as the international community can handle; and as you saw in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, the so-called leading international country, the USA; didn’t even have the will to save its own people. What then will happen when it has several major disasters of its own to contend with, plus significant numbers of similar events going on worldwide?

This will be the time when people will realise that they have spent too much time engaged with this season’s fashions, the upcoming 2011 model year cars, and holidays spent jetting to far-off locations, while others not many miles away have been subject to house repossessions, bankruptcy and homelessness not to mention the chronic sick, the terminally ill and those excluded from the employment market.

This will be the time when many people realise that they don’t know God; whether there is even a God and who is their God. When they find themselves in deep trouble which is apparently outside of their making, and on such a scale that is outside of their understanding, then they will turn to religion of some kind, or God for help. What they do not realise is that they can thank God, and specifically Christ Michael Aton for this temporary upheaval in their lives and the great harvesting of those who have risen to the appropriate spiritual level to become ONE.

There will be the vast majority of those who have wasted their time and pursued entertainments and diversions to the exclusion of spiritual evolvement who will be going elsewhere, that they may better pursue the spiritual understanding required for the next harvest time. But for those who have made it will come a time of great remedial and construction work as together we of the Spiritual Hierarchy and you Enlightened Ones go forward and clear up the mess, and lay the foundations of a new society on your planet.

It will not be easy, and there are no short-cuts, but working for God you will be engaged on a very noble project and with that comes the greatest satisfaction it is possible to achieve at this point in your evolution.

Things are well advanced and events are happening as we speak, yet some of them are not reported, and others are at the stage when a fire is being lit. The kindling has been laid, some rolled up newspaper underneath and on top; then the lumps of coal placed carefully on top. The paper is lit, and for a few moments seems to struggle, but gradually the wood kindling starts to burn and then the flames transfer to the lumps of coal and then we have a fire. After the initial process, more coal is added, and in an hour or so there is a warm glow settled in for the day.

We are at the point of lighting, and it has been lit; so for a while you won’t see very much to speak of. But soon the time will come when one major geophysical event will be observed; and then another; and yet more. Then there will be no denying that your current civilisation has reached the end of the line.

No amount of Champagne or bottles of beer; fancy steaks and cream teas; Broadway shows and movies will take your minds off the fact that your planet is evolving to a higher vibration and life as you knew it will be possible for not much longer.


And that is all I have to say, for there is no going back; it’s a one way street only.

I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with Vince. 26th August 2010