2010-08-27-The Desire to Help

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Topic: The Desire to Help

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “The desire to help is something that might be taken advantage of. Remember how the bullish children took advantage of the inclination of the Master to not defend himself. Even when these episodes happened several times, He was never in danger and always tried to offer advice, and give of His time to those who were trying to harm him. At other times he just walked away without saying a word, when he perceived that those bothering him didn’t have any desire to better themselves.

“In reality, you can always know when someone is trying to take advantage of you. True help is not about solving other people’s problems. You can offer advice to those who ask, you can say words of comfort to those who need them, and you can talk about the realities of the spirit to those who inquire. When someone asks you to solve their problems, or to buy something you don’t need, you will know what their intentions are.

“In general, commerce is a good idea and since the beginning it has been one of the main factors that moved civilization forward. However, the idea of trying to ‘sell by force’ things that are not needed, is a modern idea. Is is more wise for people to learn not to buy everything they are offered if they don’t really need it, instead of buying things just because they want to help. Those who are trying to find a way to sustain themselves should strive to do something that is beneficial to others, not something that adds another load to people's shoulders.

“It is a rule of success that those who produce something that is good for others will get a fair reward. Indeed, when a commercial activity does something good for people, such activity will keep flourishing and generate benefits. As you can see, the will of the Father and commerce can live in harmony, and even contribute to civilization's progress.”