2010-08-28-A Question and Answer

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Topic: A Question and Answer



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Monjoronson asked me to post this as there may be readers who can learn from it.

Please understand that I am not moaning nor complaining about my lot in life; I long ago accepted that “shit happens” in various forms and it is only right and fair that I should have my share delivered to me.

Within the last three weeks I had a nasty ear infection (Well you don’t get nice ones.), which required antibiotics for it to clear up; this was followed by an unpleasant eye infection, where my left eyeball was the colour of a tomato, requiring some drops from the doctor, and it is just clearing up; whereupon yesterday afternoon I developed a rampant “Flu type Bug”, which has laid me low, is very painful and has stopped me eating as I feel permanently sick. I have just spent 22 hours in bed, which I really dislike. This is just the latest in a series of health issues throughout my life, and this year so far has been liberally sprinkled with them.

Sometime after midnight, when it became clear I wasn’t going to get a normal night’s sleep I asked Monjoronson a question: “Why am I ill again?”

Monjoronson replied: “Well, without suffering yourself, how would you be able to look people in the face who have lost relatives and friends, jobs, houses and money and are suffering themselves?”

Of course you can’t, and we are facing an unprecedented period where we of the Light will find much work in explaining the Earth changes to members of a population ill prepared for these times.


I wanted to flesh this out a bit, but can only manage a short piece, so I hope it reads OK.

Vince. 28th August 2010