2010-08-29-Form of Employment

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Topic: A Form of Employment

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “This is the right time to discuss abuse. Abuse can take many forms, and it can come in a verbal manner. Abuse can come in a way one can totally be ignored, and for you on terra firma abuse can even be physical. The latter does not apply to Midwayers, no, clearly seen, we cannot be physically hurt. However, we do not live in a perfect world either, and both the silent treatment and verbal abuse can hurt us. See it as part of our job. I note your Teacher Samuel is ready to answer a few questions now. Over to the greatly learned one.”

Samuel: “Such an introduction! So many on your world still believe that physical death -- the passing into the next dimension -- will as by magic render one perfect in every respect. That is hardly the case. Beyond this earthly life, a huge task is to be completed in that through interaction, cooperation, and in work detail with myriad other ascenders one slowly learns to be understanding of all others, respectful of all others, appreciative, thoughtful, considerate, empathetic, helpful, and loving. It is indeed love that covers all of these requirements.

“There is no room for hatred, or jealousy where there is perfection. Whilst all who ascend from this world leave their bodies behind in this age of the Correcting Time, and are clothed in their new and younger-looking morontia selves, they take along the potential of tiring themselves out. Some, indeed, can become fatigued and not in the sense that they become physically fatigued, but in the sense that their disagreement with the new status quo tires them mentally. It is in fighting the new rules that they can wear themselves out, become less real.

“The entire universe, from planetary life to Paradise, is a school of learning, balanced with a to-be-acquired state of being. Although there are failures, there need not be any, because there are thousands of groups all with their own Teachers and there are no time limits within which a certain level of proficiency must be reached. Attitude is of importance, and as long as the ascenders see their position in higher realm as if it were some form of safe and permanent employment, great progress can be made.

“Consider the position of a youngster applying for a career in an industry. Arriving there on the first day, clueless about procedure, materials or the end products to be manufactured, it would hardly be the time for him or her to devise new ways of going about the process, nor would it be appropriate to immediately discuss a wage increase. From the Mansion Worlds onward, the Melchizedeks instruct your kin to be your Teachers of ‘the trade’, Michael shall be the Foreman, and the Creator of All be the Governing Director.

“Your task will be to learn and share; your payment shall be the process of self-perfection, hardly a simple task, but one that countless trillions have achieved ahead of you. Consider now how much simpler it would be for you once you have arrived ‘up there’ to have practiced the process of learning and sharing, to be empathetic, respectful and loving on earth. See it as a form of employment here and now. Yes, consider. This is Samuel the Panoptian. My love goes out to you all. Au revoir.”