2010-08-30-One More Look Around

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Topic: One More Look Around

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu, Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “Greetings all. It is a pleasure for us to provide a reply to the previous writing (see note below), however, it would be inappropriate for us to comment on the actual case earlier discussed. We can provide general explanations, as we witness many going through moments of confusion at the time of transition. I’ll now connect you with your Teacher. Later, friend.”


Samuel: “Indeed, at short notice it would not be appropriate to discuss such cases as have come to your attention only today. Clearance is to be obtained, and as long as former humans reside on the lower of Mansion Worlds, the stricter personal information is protected. Remember always, free will choices are observed. Once a human soul is fused with his or her Spark of the Creator, little in the way of so-called privacy is of import, and permission to discuss time-space anomalies is almost instantaneous when there is a need to know.

“Free will is paramount, not ever negotiable, except under rare circumstances of universe emergencies when free will is thwarted. Even on my home planet, Panoptia, there are still occurrences of sudden demise, whilst the majority of our (one) race are so advanced, so in touch, they are well aware of the precise time of their mortal demise. For most of your world, just some of my world, the moment of passing is a most confusing experience. Where are they now? Still on earth. However, they are no longer in the dimension they know so well – their bodies.

“Their lives suddenly cut short, they may well be burdened with a residue of soul-felt wishes, obligations, even deep-felt guilt. Your 1,111 loyal Secondary Midwayers each have untold numbers of stories to tell about souls unwilling to depart from the regular company they kept, places they frequented, or tasks to be completed, but they soon find out that no one in the flesh can see them. Long ago, your friend from the Netherlands wanted to visit. He had saved his money, planned the trip, taken early retirement. He refused to leave this earth.

“There was nothing to be done, but to transport him halfway across the world before he would realize that all was well with you. It is on such occasions when the mid-mind (soul) insists on its free-will rights that Spirit tarries to advise Seraphim and Midwayers of the best way to proceed to lessen the trauma of perceived unfinished business. In a world such as yours, seen by many as still quite barbaric, many a soul is at a dreadful loss to explain the sudden departure from the body, the new environment now perceived, even continued life.

“Life continues, and it is eternal if one so wishes it to be by not defaulting on the task to become perfect in all respects, as the Creator of all ever was, is, and will be. As those who unexpectedly depart must decide to leave all worldly things behind, perhaps but for one more look around, or some routine action to play out, so those who are left need to let go of them in peace. Separation is but a blink of the eye of time in all eternity.


“This is Samuel, saying good day on behalf of all in the Progress Contingent.”


“One More Look Around – Part One can be found here.