2010-09-09-Divine Partnership and Service

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Topic: Divine Partnership and Service

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, what an honor, what a gift of grace it is to gather in this hour in pursuit of spiritual realities and spiritual presence in our lives. We all are in the cerebral awareness that we have a gift bestowed from the First Source and Center to us, a guiding presence, a Thought Adjuster, an internal spiritual guide, a Voice Within, that is a gift to us to lead us and guide us back home to the First Source and Center and that this gift is at this point in our existence a separate presence, distinguishable and different from our personality which is also a gift from the First Source and Center. Our purpose here this evening is to draw closer in understanding and awareness to these gifts, to the distinguishing of these gifts and ultimately to the combination of these gifts. So that with our stated intention and purpose, I now offer myself as a conduit for this purpose and with this intention. I do this in the Father's name and seeking the Father's approval and pleasure and I pray that all that I have to offer at this time is seen as good and right and worthy by my Divine Parents who I believe I am in service to at this time for that is my intention, that is my desire and that, I believe, is what will manifest as a result. Thank you for this opportunity to come together in this pursuit and to have this experience which brings us closer each time, to the reality, to the awareness of spirit presence in our lives. So be it. And now, I step forward in faith and would act as a conduit. Thank you.

Inner Voice: Hello, I would accept this offer, this invitation to utilize this voice, this data base, and this personality of my partner to bring expression to my presence. I am the one who has been invited to speak at this time, this one's Inner Voice but I am known by many many names and names are not at all important to me. What is important to me is that I am recognized in whatever form I may be recognized in. I am that flush of conviction, I am that sense of certainty, I am that piece of mind that comes from the knowing of spiritual certainty.


Free will

These are the things that I bring to our relationship, yours and mine, for I speak for all voices. It is my pleasure and it is my desire to be ever ready to join together with you as you are inclined to come together with me. Whenever you will provide the opportunity you can be assured I will be there to meet you. It is not my custom to arrest your attention and to somehow stop you in your tracks to gain access to your focus. I am a recessive partner in that I will always await your decision to seek me and to come together as one.

This is by design. You are ultimately a free will creature who has control of all of your destiny, literally all that happens to you is a result of your intention, your focus, your purpose, your desires, your choices. Your combination of personality intertwining with all of these is responsible for exactly who you are at any moment in time and space, even in eternity. There are so many factors combining together to bring you to any place that it is hard to tease out which ones are more prominent and which ones are less influential but all are present and that includes my presence as well. I am always part of what constitutes your experience because I am always there attempting to assist, attempting to drop the idea into place or nudge you in the direction of your higher values, or bring you conviction when you have an idea that is more altruistic.

But in the end, all these factors rely on you as the chooser. You [are] the one that decides which doors to open, which doors to close, how quickly you proceed or how slowly are all determined solely by you in the final analysis. I may be helpful, many factors in your life may be useful, but in the end it is you who will pick up these things or will lay them down, who will choose them or forsake them, who will add them to your experiential base or will decline the opportunity.

And so it is quite true that our journey rests with your decision. I certainly am unable to proceed without you as I have attached myself to you with the ultimate purpose and goal of combining with you, to be as one as we journey back to the First Source and Center from which we came. But I rely on you to make the choices to eventually facilitate this grand event that I have fore-tasted in time. You see, that is how much you are trusted and loved. The whole game is up to you. Indeed the Father has bestowed upon you ultimate freedom, even freedom not to choose to return.

That's how much trust and faith in you your Divine Parent have. They have created you with ultimate freedom to choose. They have given you the opportunity to be unique expressions as your experience dictates to you of aspects of truth, beauty, and goodness that you experience in your lives and these are treasured as jewels because they are gained experientially by you and as such are as precious gems to be brought with you and offered to those who have made your journey possible and have made your experiences and opportunities a part of your lives.

Identity, 'Personality

I understand why you are keenly interested in experiencing what your Inner Fragment feels like and is like because you perceive that your Inner Fragment is indeed a direct bestowal from on high and therefore you reverence it and see it as a Fragment of God, which it is. Therefore you desire it and seek it even at times such as this, but I tell you that you as individual personalities are likewise bestowed from the Father and are treasured as unique facets, never to be duplicated or replicated as you are unique combinations of time/space experienced personality and yes, divinity.

You have all of these things and are merely awakening to their presence in your lives, to your relationship to the whole, to the different aspects of your being. You are peeling back the layers and seeing different facets of yourself as you explore within the same way you are able to see different facets of your environment without. This is the journey of an eternity, the thrill of many lifetimes, the divine plan in action, the creative desire of your Divine Parents manifested in you. And now your role is to manifest your desire, to create what you would have based upon your interpretation of what is true, of what is good, of what is beautiful.

I say this is your role but really, this is your gift, this is your opportunity. You can choose to forsake it, you can pass and not initiate your creative desires but as you are the result of creative desire yourself, you can certainly see the value in wielding such creative desire. All those who seek their Inner Guide are on this path not only to finding themselves and their true relationship to all that is, but they are well engaged on this path which is designed to take an eternity and bring you back to the very First Source and Center from which you have been bestowed.

Thought Adjusters

It has been my pleasure to report for duty within you each and every day, each and every hour. I have chosen to do this, I have signed on for this commitment, I have fore-tasted our union in time and I merely await all that is necessary for you to arrive at this destination with me. I have ultimate patience and will tolerate great lack in your application to our goal, because as I say, I have faith in you, I have trust in you, that you will choose more and more to come together with me, to work with me in this process, that we may work together as one for this process and in so doing, literally grow together to be one in this process.

From where you are this must sound lofty and something that is hard to intellectually grasp, and I grant you that because it is true, that there is a great distance to be accounted for but I am ever here to lead you in the right direction, to tease you with stimulating encouragement, to be a cheerleader for you when you have a righteous ideal, to point out for you, if you so desire, where you may stand in need of revision. But I do all this at your request. You all know even on your earthly plane that advice that is given that is unsolicited is rarely accepted or taken. And so it is that I will never force my way upon you but rather I will make my way available so that it may be chosen, so that it may be adopted and accepted. This is the way of spirit, to lead, not to demand, to coax and entice with further revelations of greater and greater exposure to truth and beauty and goodness.

That is what it is my privilege to offer to you, ever expanding views of reality of what it is to be more divine and with each revelation you are able to choose anew and afresh. Will you step out onto the new platform of awareness? Are you concerned it will bear your weight so to speak? Is it solid footing or is it not yet trusted? These choices must be made by you albeit they will be supported by me. This is the partnership we have. You look for me and I wait for you. You seek me with all your heart and soul and I am closer than you could imagine and I await your nod in my direction and from time to time I receive it. Even now I receive it and I acknowledge it and cherish it.

Thank you for taking these moments to reflect inward and to acknowledge my presence for I am here. I await your acknowledgement. With your acknowledgement there are no limitations to what we will do. For my part, I must wait; for your part, you must seek. In this process we grow closer together and that is the key, together. Together is how we will traverse this entire journey through the infinite. Together is how we will arrive back at the Father. We will report back having learned and grown together. Neither one of us makes this journey alone, but rather we are designed to at first be partners and then be together as one, all as an act of choosing, seemingly so simple and yet such a profound gesture made in honor of the Creator of the plan.

I am very grateful as I have stated, for the opportunity that you all provide. This is a most unusual forum and it is cherished as a grand experiment. And as such, I pray that each of you take away from this experience, an enhanced level of conviction of your partnership, of our partnership, an appreciation more deeply felt for the path that you are on being the right path else you would not be here. These are the things that I would gift you if I could simply gift them to you. The spiritual conviction and certainty that come from your willingness to have a personal experience with it and bring it into your lives and to the extent that you have offered these necessary traits, I trust that you will come away with an expanded revelation of these truths.

This is how it works as you have learned in your lives; seek and you invariably find. Exercise your sincerity and devotion and the rewards will follow. No great mystery about how this works, merely the observation of the truth of it and the reality of it in your lives. Now that you have individually ventured this far out in the spiritual domain, you are in personal possession of this experience and the conviction of such an experience may be yours forever. It may be incumbent upon you at times to stand in witness to what you have experienced to others who are seeking because many will seek but be unaware of the avenues of approach for finding. If you have found this avenue to be worthy and successful in your lives then you own this experience and you may share it with others who then may see an avenue of approach in your experience that they can identify with.

There is so much mystery surrounding spirit and what it is and what it does and how you do it. But you can be a guiding light for others by your simple portrayal of what it is to you. It is not magic, it is not unknown because now you know it and just as the magicians tricks exposed no longer contain any appeal or allure, so spiritual pursuit once illuminated becomes revealed to all and the mystery and magic dissipates and are replaced by the reality and the truth. What a glorious opportunity you have as mortals in the realm with your feet still planted in the mortal material soil of this world and yet your spirits reach out to the heavens and you are able to bridge this gap at will by exercising your choices.

You indeed are unique beings granted unique gifts of grace in this regard as are all those who will choose to exercise all the components of their being and expand beyond the limitations of merely their physical being but expand into the exploration of their other components as well. That's all this spiritual pursuit is, is allowing that there are other components to the self, and embracing them, going with them, letting them lead where they will.

And that is what we are engaged in even now in this grand experiment, to follow where spirit may lead and to trust and have faith that as spiritual beings, it is proper for you to do so, it is desirable for you to do so but there is a grand and glorious plan which would have you exploring this dimension of self because this dimension endures. Your material component will wither away but this dimension we speak of, this dimension we are in at this moment endures beyond all the limitations of the flesh. And so it is good to move your seat of awareness more and more from the material focus into the spiritual realm because that is your permanent residence whereas your material vehicle is but a temporary address.


I hope the words that I have been privileged to bring you this evening find lodgment in your being and are embraced by your person. They are meant to be offered in loving kindness and friendship for that is how I operate. That is how you know me. Always am I loving and kind and trusting and peaceful and always do I bring you the assurance that you are alright, that all that you do is well and good, that we are on a divine path together even if you are uncertain of that fact at this time, I am not. I bring conviction to our relationship. You bring freedom of choice and expression of personality and we will weave these things together because this is how it is meant to be. I am grateful and I know you are grateful. This is another thing we will weave into our tapestry together, is our gratitude to have each other and to be together as we move forward.

So on that note of gratitude for our partnership and our togetherness, I would with some hesitation, bring this gift of grace to a close and loosen my grip on this podium as it were, this microphone so that it may be accessed by others or perhaps there has been enough to saturate attention spans this evening. Either way I bid you all good evening and thank you for this opportunity that you have provided. Go now and be in peace with me, together in peace. Good evening.

Magisterial Mission, Service

Monjoronson: Greetings to all those assembled on this line, I am Monjoronson and I as well greatly appreciate the opportunity you provide by assembling all the necessary factors together at this time for you to be here in this place where we can meet and have access to this form of communication. I arrive here this evening in another attempt to bring forth my energy signature into your experience so that we may become more acquainted with each other as I will be around for sometime involved in the up-liftment of your world and as I have need of a great number of workers for the work is great and the workers are few.

So I bring an invitation to any who come in contact with these words that I seek volunteers to help with the upcoming Magisterial Mission which I will shortly usher in as a matter of course to this world. If these words find residence in your hearts and you feel a desire within to roll up your sleeves and volunteer to work for this mission, then I accept you and your application as you so offer it. You have been told for some time that great changes were in store for this world and you have been told the truth. Now, what is required is those brave and sincere individuals who will stay centered and focused on their spiritual component while the material realm is in flux and in change.

You here tonight have experienced once again an excursion into the dimensions of self and explored your spiritual dimension and this is what will be required of those who will volunteer in service to Michael and in service to myself in the future. This ability to serve from the seat of a spiritual perspective, that is a universal perspective, an expanded perspective, not merely confined to the mortal short term perspective but one which will encompass grander and more divine perspective.

If you are even the slightest bit willing and sincere, then you will be useful and serviceable as we move forward in this process together. I applaud your decision to be here now for you have indicated in thus doing, a willingness to put yourself in training and this is what will be required of those children of light who volunteer to step forward in service.


I understand that you get told many things, you hear many things from the outside and that it is incumbent upon you to process the many things you hear and to use your powers of discernment as to what is true, what is accurate, what is righteous. This can be made easier in your process by turning and giving a nod to your Inner Guide for affirmation, for conviction. This is your ultimate truth indicator and if you are in doubt as to the validity of anything you are told, your best course of action is to take it within and seek its relative validity in your consciousness. You will receive either positive affirmation that it is to be included in your consciousness or you will fail to receive validation and in these cases you should simply let it go and not be encumbered by that which you have been exposed to which does not have relevance in your being.

There are many who you refer to as teachers who will also do their best to assist you and guide you in this process of discernment but even there you must personally encounter and interpret all truth through your own filter of appropriateness. And so it is you must judge or interpret everything you are exposed to, even these words right now. This process of seeking validation will become routine, normal, and rapid for you if you would simply practice it and when you become refined at this process, you will know at every turn which way to go, what is right and correct for you in your life experience regardless of what may be right and true and good for others in their life experience.

Follow your own path each and every time. It may coincide with the path of others, it may be quite similar at times and at other times you will diverge greatly and walk alone, apparently, in your own truth and your own conviction. But this is as it should be. Following your Inner Guide is the surest way to navigate your journey.


Thank you for the opportunity to share energy signatures with you. I trust that my words and their accompanying embedded energy find their way into your hearts as they are intended to be portrayed on the wavelengths of love. And as I perceive there has been much offered to you digest this evening, I would draw my remarks to a close there. I perceive this may be a valid point to draw to a close the formal comments for this evening. Again I am in appreciation for this opportunity that you provide and I honor your choice to be here and to embrace these words as you so offer them. Thank you, I now step down, farewell.