2010-09-17-More Dialogue

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Topic: More Dialogue



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Vince: Hello Monjoronson, I’d like to explain something to you in a polite way about the human experience and the freewill that Michael gave to us, as I think it will help with the understanding of ordinary people’s lives. Is that OK with you?

Monjoronson: Yes my dear friend, that’s fine with me.


Vince: Freewill is a fine spiritual gift, but don’t expect anyone to thank Christ Michael for it, because they know not whom He is and freewill is their normal default position. The concept of creatures not having freewill is alien to mainstream human thought processes, because it is like the ground and the sky in being ever present.

Freewill lets us think more or less whatever we want to, commensurate with our own likes, dislikes and abilities, plus our underlying level of spirituality. The Dark Ones learned long ago how to hijack the human freewill thought process by latching on to the desires contained within everyone. Thus our senses are bombarded by the media with everything from gambling, intoxication, sexuality, through to the must-haves of the house, car and plasma TV variety.

Many people are not aware of anything other than the material aspects of life because that’s how the conditioning has affected them, and they have allowed their freewill to be restricted by choosing to see only that presented to them as being the norm of any particular branch of society.

The Dark Ones have academia and science with huge funding behind them and every day large numbers of people in various institutions are engaged in planning which restricts freewill of humanity even further in various different schemes. There are very few people who ever break out of that controlling matrix to find out what is even remotely true about their existence.

Then there are the Few who live in the same societies, but take a different view of life, and their take on it is divergent from what is considered the norm, but by using their own freewill and constructing their own reality they become alienated from the society they are living in. They are increasingly unable to live in comfort in their society, and find themselves at odds with the rest of the population.

Freewill of the Few and of the many allows them to think whatever they can and to say whatever they want to, often without the regard for social niceties or the feelings of others; and I suspect that this will be completely at odds with Galactic Society. We have a tendency to ask searching questions, and some of those questions are expressed by taking a debating position which is not necessarily our belief, and asking probing or even hectoring questions from that base. This is often how we learn things to which access is normally barred to us.

Because someone questions you robustly, does not mean they are your enemy but are simply seeking answers and further knowledge than you have already provided. In material life it is sometimes the only way that we can get truthful answers out of politicians and their ilk. It maybe that in earlier discussions you questioned my loyalty to the Spiritual Hierarchy, because I asked questions of you and made statements which reflected the underlying feelings of many of the Few, and whilst I do not apologise for trying to help them explain how they feel to you, I am sure that I should have explained myself more fully, more delicately, and more intricately, for you are not politicians and their ilk.

My passion for freeing humanity from the clutches of darkness is huge, but because of health restrictions I am a sofa warrior rather than one who takes to the streets and marches and knocks on the doors of our slave masters. So in case my passionate questioning of you has been taken in the wrong way, then I obviously have the diplomacy of Galactic Society to learn and use when dealing with you my Celestial friends.

I am committed to the freeing of humanity from the matrix of control and the Erethea blog and website is my small contribution at this time towards that goal.


Monjoronson: Thank you very much, and I am very grateful to you for explaining things to us as a collective and I know it comes from the heart and that you are fully committed to the project, and the Few in the human condition are fortunate to have you battling away on their behalf.

Now, you have a good rest for a couple of days before we continue with our wonderful conversations.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with my dear friend and Scribe Vince. 17th September 2010