2010-09-22-You Are What You Learn

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Topic: You Are What You Learn

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “Little by little everything is revealed by the Father to His children. You don’t need years of study; just the supreme desire of knowing the truth and the experiences of life will provide you with what is needed for progressive spiritual illumination.

“You are right when you think there is a lot more that you don’t as yet understand and you can't even imagine. Life down here and ‘up there’ is a never ending discovery, where you discover God by discovering more and more of yourself. God is contained within you and by discovering Him you are also revealing other aspects of your personality and your potential.

“The life you live today is a gift to the Supreme Being. All the experiences that you go through and help you to learn something about yourself, your Creator, and your spiritual progress, are treasured and are never lost. Some day these experiences will be useful in helping others go through similar situations. As you can see, when you learn something of real eternal value through experience, you are not only obtaining intellectual knowledge but in reality you become what you learn, because you have lived it and it is a part of you forever. In the distant future, if there is ever a need to know about this particular lesson, you will be the living illustration of that lesson.

“Be aware of this when making your decisions. Besides you responsibility of growing spiritually with every opportunity that arises, you also have the potential to contribute to the experiential learning of the entire universe. Are you starting to perceive that your decisions go well beyond yourself?

“Michael lived a magnificent life, because his goal was to live a life that illustrated the idea of living the will of the Father. Your life can be the illustration of a unique experience, as it is the case with all the lives of all creatures in the universes. Each one of you is an original way to express the consecration of a life to the will of the Father. It is always refreshing and stimulating to observe how creatures of such humble origins overcome their limitations and achieve perfection. It is the adventure of the ages.”