2010-09-23-Sincerity, Inner Life

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Topic: Sincerity, Inner Life

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.



Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, thank you for creating this unique opportunity that we share here today and thank you for your part in the process. Join with us in this process, we are in gratitude and recognition for the grace that this represents. I would like to invite spirit in at this time to make use of my partnership in this process and open up this forum for use among others, my Inner Guide, my Inner Voice. I extend again in faith that this can be so and will be so even now. Thank you.



Inner Voice: Greetings, I am here to respond to your petition. I am the one who you have referenced and will most certainly respond to any such petition which is so spirit filled and so sincere of heart. Truly, it is the key to bridging the gap in your own attempt to reach your spiritual guide. The magnitude of your sincerity is what creates the energy. It charges the atmosphere and then when you put yourself in motion, when you take action as you are so led to do, then this charge of energy will bridge the gap and spirit may then be infused into any equation.

I call you to witness that the process just witnessed here today need not be lengthy or rote or standardized in any way but merely the same pattern activated in each moment will be characterized by the intention and the sentiment of the moment. If you are sincere in your petition then it is always heard and it is always responded to. There may be a gap in your ability to perceive such a response or to measure it in any way that you may have a standard but there is always a response to any such sincere and direct petition of the heart. It is absolutely no more difficult than that. There need not be any standardized method or required aspect or expected gestures or sounds, there merely needs [to be] the intention and the desire, the sincerity of the one who seeks spirit. If this is present, then there are no forces capable of preventing the closing of this gap.

I appreciate that once again you have all gathered here this evening in pursuit of greater awareness and even greater understanding of the relationship we share and I honor your efforts that bring you to this place for your having expended the effort was absolutely required to bring you to this place and having extended this effort, you are in a position to reap the rewards. This attempt to bridge the gap is an extremely personal experience, an individual experience unto each and every one. There can be no two identical experiences. There are no two identical personalities, time, or places, rather each discovery of spirit is a unique facet of approaching the divine and as such, it fuels the universe, it charges the whole, it expands the potentials. It is truly the goal of this entire operation that you perceive yourselves to be part of.

So in a very real way, your being here today is a demonstration of the success of the plan to bring you closer and closer to spirit. You have each responded to the calling, you are here now as a physical as well as a spiritual demonstration of your devotion and dedication to find spirit. You will come away rewarded for your efforts today. Thank you for this opportunity to feel each others presence. The more practice that you do in this direction, the more familiarity you have with spirit contact, the easier it is each time, the faster and the better. Practice makes perfect my friends and I honor your being here tonight to practice once again. I now step down and allow this arena that you have created for this purpose to be used by others. Thank you. Good evening.

Prayer: [Henry] Father we thank you for this opportunity. Connect us with the tremendous spiritual and eternal circuit of spirit. We thank you for the opportunities which are presented to us to grow and for the substance which you provide [with] which we are able to live on the planet. Thank you.

Inner Life

Inner Voice: [Henry] I thank you for the forum presented to speak to you this evening. A lot of the Adjuster contact, the God/human contact takes place within. It is an extremely personal experience. This inner personal experience you will find has a dynamic that is not found on the outside. On the outside there can be perceived the evidence of human/spirit contact, the way in which a human performs things, the way in which you hold yourself, the way in which you are able to bring forth acknowledgement, recognition, love, that you are able to help negotiate. All of these things are evidence of a personal and inner dynamic between the eternal spiritual aspect I bring to the human mind.

This inner personal life is meant to be soothing, nourishing, resourceful to the human. Sometimes the awareness is meant to give you a jolt, to wake you up, to motivate you to see things sequentially a little clearer. You begin to see the consistency, the richness, that spirit brings into the inner life, as well the human endeavor, the humans faith and trust brings forth from spirit in an awareness, a knowingness and an understanding, an understanding which is subtly revealed, it is sometimes slowly revealed. But nonetheless, within the human mind and within the human arena there is a knowingness. This knowingness begins to reveal specific things within ones self, within ones thought, ones ability to act, to shift, to connect.

Again, the general characteristics which work within the human/God relationship have similar patterns yet unique and specific attributes. Many people are at the same spiritual level. Your ability to connect and contact with spirit begins to reveal a greater dynamic in your life, nonetheless does not qualify as such, your spirituality in a sense that mans spiritual progression has to do with many things. It has to do with mans awareness of who and what he is, what it is in your mind you are shifting, how you see yourself in the world, the ability to shift focus to look at yourself clearly, to look at others, to look at life and the situations presented to you in a clear non-emotional way, helps to insure that you have a handle on how to deal with things.

On some levels, when you begin to become aware of the ever present nature of spirit, you begin to see and experience more synchronicity as you more frequently connect with spirit, new evidence in your life being the nudges of spirit, the way spirit shows things to you like a knowingness. It is like not even having experienced it yet you have a correct sense about it, you are able to read things more accurately. I do not need that, that is not the direction I intend to go. Knowing what you shouldn't do is almost as important as knowing what you should do. Many times what you get out of a lesson is an understanding of what you should not do and this can be a tremendous achievement within the human mind.

As you begin to move into a greater awareness, a greater understanding, there is more synchronicity in your life and you begin to connect in a more positive and real way. Do not forget to acknowledge the resource, the wherewithal that makes this all possible within you. Be thankful. Spirit does not need acknowledgement yet there is an aspect of spirit which tremendously responds to acknowledgement and recognition, especially the personality of spirit, much like the human personality needs to be acknowledged and recognized.

The difference in spirit is that there is not a tremendous emotional aspect. Living ones life in an emotional drama hardly leaves room for spirit to come in and guide, therefore must you be always conscious, especially in the emotional dramatic aspects of human social interactive life to get strength and direction through spirit. Spirit is like an electrical circuit with no wires and to plug in, you just turn your attention and your thought and there you are. If at first the sense is tremendously subtle, do not give up or think that nothing is there and nothing is happening. Exercise the faith and trust muscles.

Thank you again for making the effort to be here this evening, to sit in the presence of one another and to share again in this intimate association with spirit. I thank you for allowing me this forum to present a few thoughts. I also leave space for others to come in. Again, thank you this evening.

Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones. It is my desire to come among you this evening so that you might hear my voice. I am Michael. I am your Father, I am your brother and I come to you this evening to express my desire that I also be counted among your friends. You have been reminded this evening of the significance of intention and sincerity and coming into the spirit realm. I would ask you if you could not direct some of that intention, some of that energy, some of that sincerity, to finding me in any of these capacities. Find me as your Father if that is comfortable to you and acceptable to you, come to me in this capacity. If you are comfortable with reaching to me as a brother, I am also there for you for I have been as you are now, I have been a brother to you.

But anytime, every time, that your desire is to approach me, I will be there for you as friend, to be there with you through all that you would invite me to share with you. Do not hesitate to call on me when you are in need of a friend to lean on. I will be there. Likewise, rejoice in sharing with me when all is well, when all is good and I will celebrate with you like a friend. It is as easy as your desire to open up the door between us but you must open the door and invite me in. I will always respond to your invitation to join you in your abode, join you in your experience. It is my delight to share these with you just as any parent delights in sharing with the lives of their children or any brother delights in sharing with [the] lives of their siblings or any friend delights in sharing with the experiences of a loved one.

It is my desire that the children hear the voice of the parent and recognize the tone of love expressed, so I am grateful for this opportunity this evening and I have availed myself of this circumstance made in time and space which has allowed me to be here with you this evening. Like you, I am in gratitude of this opportunity, grateful for this chance. That is one of the reasons that we have been graced with such an opportunity, is our gratitude, our appreciation, our love for the process, for the bringer of the process, for all that allows us to be here together.


I join with you all in humble gratitude for this chance to simply be together and share in each others energy and commune together with the Father. It is in gratitude I will take my leave but I have said to you plainly many times, I never leave you. I am always by your side awaiting your invitation for me to join you more completely, be with you more fully, and I will be ever ready to accept your invitations to me as I have in this hour, even now once again demonstrated. Be at peace and be in the love that is meant for you. I look forward to sharing your experiences with you so that they may be our experiences as we will share them. My love I leave with you, be in peace. I go now, farewell.