2010-09-28-Human Decisions

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Topic: Human Decisions

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “We are not allowed to intervene in the life decisions of humans, but there have been occasions in which we were given permission to provide a warning to try to awaken you from your self-induced dreams of power, ambition, and group superiority.

“Each time, events like the many apparitions that have been recorded in your history occur, the outcome is always the result of the human decisions, of the choices of the men and women of the time. In the case of Guadalupe many were touched in their hearts and this avoided a bigger killing during the process of the merging of two races. They were Spaniards and Indian-American -- the mixed races from Europe and the red race of America -- who found each other for the first time after being separated for a very long time. In the case of Fatima, the humans involved decided to ignore our advice and the outcome, World War 2, could not be avoided.

“This has occurred many times in your history, and even when from time to time we are authorized to provide warning or advice, the decisions are always exclusively in your court. Sometimes our advice is heard, sometimes it is ignored. However, you can be sure that the plan of our Father and our Creator Son will prevail and this sphere, so confused and full of suffering from the past, will more and more faithfully reflect truth, beauty and goodness, the destiny planned by the creators since the beginning.

“Humanity is maturing. Little by little the light is glowing in the hearts of some who search for the truth within themselves. These lights will be the flames that will illuminate the road for everyone else, awakening in turn other souls so they can shine with increasing intensity. This is the real meaning of the age of Light. The time of revelations is passing and the time in which humanity is able to make its own decisions, illuminated by the guidance of the voice of the Father inside everyone, will come.”