2010-10-07-The True New World Order

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Topic: The True New World Order



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: It is done my son, the axe has fallen and the new times are upon you…………….

Vince: What do you mean exactly?

Monjoronson: I mean there is no going back to the times of darkness and fear, and that you have been liberated from the clutches of the Dark Ones.

Vince: But they are still functioning, and we are still their slaves.

Monjoronson: Compared with how they once operated, they are now a dysfunctional collection of turbocharged fools speeding to their uncreation event. Think of headless chickens running around, and you begin to get the idea. Although they are very slick in public where they demonstrate a smooth, determined and unruffled style of persona, the reverse is true behind the scenes.

I know that you cannot see this yet, but there is a kind of calmness and balmy nature of the vibration in your earthly reality which wasn’t there two weeks ago, and it is growing all the time and nothing can stop it. It affects everything from Gaia herself through the kingdoms of Animal, Vegetable and Mineral, even to your next door neighbours; where you have failed to identify which particular group they belong to.

Vince: My dear Mojo; humour?!!


Monjoronson: I thought you’d like that. But seriously, every single atom on your planet is affected by this new and calming energy, and it is also having an effect on the Dark Ones. It has to be said that because of their colossal negative energies, any amount of the positive energy will not tip the balance with most of them in the short term, and that is why their removal beckons them.

I wanted to tell you that you were selected to come to this neck of the woods, in common with a number of beings from other worlds, and everything you have done in your life has been developmental in a spiritual sense, and has prepared you for the new era we are entering at this time.

In answer to your questions; yes the poverty, alcohol and tobacco addiction of your earlier adult years; battles with the Dark Ones in the work place for nearly three decades; and the rejection you have been subjected to as recently as early 2010. You have risen like the Phoenix from the ashes of your former self and we have been watching over you for all of that time.

Even the massive haemorrhage you had two weeks ago was the culmination of years of eating a “healthy” diet, deliberately polluted by toxins courtesy of the Dark Ones who seek to make everyone ill except them and their cohorts. But we were there and you were given healing while you were asleep, and your diet is now changed over to a less toxic one. Nobody can escape these toxins totally, for even in the most rigorously kept biodynamic garden the toxins are still there as they are in the air and water, which is why Urantia must be cleaned up.

You keep asking me whether you need more training, and I keep saying no! Listen once again; you are hard wired into the Father’s will, and you always have been. Ever since you quit the booze in the ‘70’s and began to walk an upward path towards the light once more, there has not been a single day; nay, not even a minute where you have knowingly transgressed Divine Law, and the ones unknown to you have been insignificant.

You keep looking back to things you said to people in the office in the 1980’s and early 1990’s and wonder why you didn’t get fired at the time, but you were our lighted beacon in a place governed by the Darkness, and where many people were cowed through their working lives. There you made a difference over the whole of your time with the company, even in those early years of carefree Christmas parties where the Conga was danced upon the roof of the building. Do not spend another moment reviewing these events, as you were our man then in a den of dark freemasons, and you are every bit our man now.

There will be those who will read this and wonder about their own lives and question what is their position now, and how will they cope with the new energies and with the Dark Ones in their end times. I will say that the majority of those regarded as the Few, or Ground Crew if you prefer, have been selected originally from a vast pool of volunteers who wanted the chance to come to Earth and both experience the developmental tool of Duality, and then the changing times and the New World Order.

When I say New World Order, I am not referring to that pissy little slavery scheme the Dark Ones have been working their whole lives on; but the true New World Order governed by those actually fit to govern, and under Divine Law. Those who claim the right to govern your material existence are shallow people attracted by the smell of money and power, but driven by fear. Whichever country you live in my dear ones; many of your leaders who parade across your TV screens, are outright crooks, liars, and criminals of the very worst kind.

Look at the people who have been suckered into drug addiction and then resort to theft, prostitution and drug dealing, just to feed their habit, isn’t it all a shame? Well, it’s more than that because the state security services, the armed forces under control of governments, themselves controlled by the senior Dark Ones, have set about bringing drugs to the streets of every city, town and village near where you live, and the presence of armed forces and civilian contractors in Afghanistan is to increase the size of the Opium Poppy crop and make sure it is transported safely to where it can be refined and delivered to where you live.

People who plan and manage this kind of despicable act against their own people are the very lowest of the low and right down there with the Religious leaders who oversee paedophilia with children from their own worshippers, and the many torturers, gangsters, murderers, bankers and politicians amongst many more who take unlawful actions against the Children of God. I’m not talking about your laws of the material world, but of Divine Law which rules throughout the Creation and cannot be manipulated by your grubby little lawyers whose first concerns are money, power and greed which are all so seductive to them. In all walks of life there are those of professions who like you, are our people and stand next to the Dark Ones and help to maintain some light energy, and also do our bidding and some of them are very brave indeed.

There is going to be training after the onset of Stasis for those staying with Urantia, and up until then if members of the Few feel inside that they need to develop certain aspects of their spiritually related knowledge then they should train accordingly; and if inside others do not feel that urge, then be assured that you have exactly what you need until stasis is declared.

Let these be happy times for they are the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one, and rest assured that things will not languish but be driven by a momentum originating from the Source and bringing to Urantia a genuine New World Order and not the crabby little article of the same name bought to you by spiritual dwarfs.

Listen my friend, I’ve got oodles of things to do, so must get on with them; but I have enjoyed our session today, and you may have noticed that because of the new energy which is around you, the whole process of reception and transcription of these words is twice as fast and more accurate. I will catch up with you again soon, and I must ask you to publish this in its entirety, for the personally related parts will help other people.


Vince: OK Mojo, will do, over and out!!

Monjoronson: Right you are Squadron Leader!

Vince: Aircraftsman, please! Remember I’m the one whose constituency is the poor, the ignorant and the unloved.

Monjoronson: Alright then, and now I’m off to chat with some StarFleet commanders about the next phase of the operation.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with my dear friend Vince. 7th October 2010