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Topic: Faith

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “Faith is something that must be born in the human heart. It must be nurtured, strengthen and practiced. It must be lived and experienced through life in order to become true and living. It must also be put to the test and be able to survive those moments in which the mortal ‘can’t see and can’t understand’. It is in these moments that faith should turn into trust in the care of the Creator, of a Celestial Father who really loves His children without condition.

“This is the true ‘narrow path’. To achieve such faith is a slow and gradual process. However, once faith has reached the level of implicit trust in God, it becomes an eternal possession of the human being, part of his experience and a habit. Such was the faith of the Master.

“During his life, He never doubted the care of his Father. He always had the courage to consecrate his will to his Father’s will because he implicitly trusted that the Father’s will would always be the best that could happen to him and to those around him. This was an intelligent faith, arising from the biggest mind in this universe, who didn’t hesitate in putting his great intellect aside to follow his Father and triumph in the experience of life.

“A true faith is like constructing a building. First you dig to establish the foundations. Then the foundations are built, allowing some time for them to solidify, to become firm. Only when the foundations are ready, can you build on top of them, starting from the lower levels and working your way up. Those who have a faith based on miracles, or the words of great speakers, are building a faith without foundations and when life tests this faith, it crumbles, leaving them even worst than before, since it is harder to build over ruins than to build over clean ground.

“Faith is the understanding of the paternity of God. It is the exploration of the relationship of being a son or a daughter of the celestial Father. As in any relationship, patience is required to really get to know the person with whom the relationship is established. Only with time and communion, true confidence and authentic affection can be developed. Therefore learn how to establish a communion with your Father, who is already within you. Dedicate some time each day to explore this divine presence and start to enjoy the life in the kingdom of your celestial Father.”