2010-10-14-A Degree of Faith

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Topic: A Degree of Faith



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: I would like to speak today about people communicating with The Spiritual Hierarchy, which I wish to actively encourage.

First of all, you do not need to belong to a religion or have what is referred to as ”Faith” in a religious context; but an open mind is a most useful factor and by that I mean a truly open mind without preconditions. Many people who say they have an open mind do not and they set out from a point with the intent of proving something right or wrong, and that isn’t open mindedness.

In Science research is carried out by experimentation and the testing of theories in a practical way to see what results occur, but when it comes to the truth about your existence and concepts about The Creation and your Creator, true open mindedness and with it practical experimentation to determine truths and falsehoods, are thrown out of the window.

And those very same people will investigate which is the best make and model of car for them, and have a full structural survey carried out on a house they intend to buy, given the fact that they will be applying for a 25 year mortgage; but with the concepts of their true beingness and their understanding of visible and invisible matters in The Creation which are true or false for the entire length of their lives in so many different realms and incarnations; then they are almost totally disinterested.

There is a disconnection in the personal philosophy of most people; between what they are in their present incarnation and who they really are behind the scenes. Your societies are set up in such a way as to brainwash you right from the time you take breath in your current life and you are conditioned to act as consumers and financial slaves to the system run by the Dark Ones for their own enrichment and to your detriment.

As they are set up today, the religions of the world contain much falsehood and are merely an extension of the human control programme designed to stop you finding out the real truth. The original texts on which these institutions are based have been so altered by humanity down the millennia that it is difficult for the individual to determine that which is truthful and that which is not, for there are still truths contained in these religious instruction manuals, but it isn’t immediately obvious where they are.

You are left with a life having a predominantly material constitution and a poor spiritual philosophy, if any. The warm glow people get from worshipping in a church, temple, synagogue or mosque is so very poor compared with the knowledge of and communion with your true God, Christ Michael Aton. Many of you will not understand anything about him, only what you have been told about the almost mythical God as portrayed in the religious books.

Christ Michael is a vibrant living Creator God who is waiting to hear from each and every one of you, and all you have to do to start this procedure is to search within yourself for that portion of you that is also a portion of Him, and if that is not immediately obvious, then a different approach is called for.

You will need a degree of faith to make a start, but this isn’t religious faith; it is an understanding that if you begin to talk to Christ Michael, either quietly within your mind or out loud, He will want to hear you and will want to reply to you; even though at the beginning you will most likely not be aware of His reply. Some replies are when an answer to a question has been provided in a material way, rather than as a paragraph or two of His words. Other replies can be expressed as new perceptions or feelings regarding a question you have put to Him; many are the ways such answers can be given. Sometimes no answer is given at all, for at any particular moment many questions have no answer and are a matter to be resolved at a more appropriate moment.

To speak with Christ Michael you need to wear no special clothes; hold no special ceremony; take up no special bodily position; speak in no other language except for your normal everyday speech. It is best to speak to him during a few moments of quiet, but if you can’t manage that and are on the battlefield; working in a noisy machine shop; dancing in a Broadway show or in a hospital emergency room, Christ Michael will hear and understand your words and meaning. Every word directed to him is always heard, without exception, and He loves you unconditionally, for you are His Sons and Daughters, and God is within each of you.

The emotion which currently drives your material world is “FEAR”, and it comes in huge great chunks. It exists in governments, banking, the military, the religions, business, medicine; in fact it is everywhere and it is what helps the Dark Ones control you through war, conflict, taxation, medicine, religion, government, and the vast majority of TV programmes, movies, computer games, alcohol, recreational drugs, popular music and much more besides. In fact there are very little avenues left open where fear has not been put, and it is designed to catch out the unwary.

Can you truly escape fear by holding a personal communion with Christ Michael your true God; yes you can, but first you must find Him. You need that Degree of Faith to understand that anything you say to Him will be heard, even if you find that hard to believe. He is there for you, and you will be heard, but will you hear Him in return? At any given time that is a matter of the personal development of the individual, but everyone has the potential to hear him and it is well worth developing to facilitate this two way communion.

You see, what my Scribe is currently doing, is holding communion with me as a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy and as one of Christ Michael’s team; and I am transmitting a telepathic message which the Scribe is receiving and transcribing. Believe me when I say that if he can do it, then so can you; but it requires development to attain the level required. He can talk to me and he can talk to Christ Michael, then he can also get replies as well; and you also have the potential to do the same. It isn’t rocket science; just more complex and simpler than that, both at the same time.


Won’t you have that Degree of Faith and tune in to Christ Michael, and exclude the fear from your lives? I hope you will, and please remember that you require no special tools, just the desire to be with Christ Michael.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy, communicating this message through Vince, a Scribe of mine. 14th October 2010