2010-10-14-An Exceptional Life

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Topic: An Exceptional Life

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “What is ‘exceptional’ in the eyes of men is not considered as such in the eyes of the Father. When you talk about an exceptional life make sure you are not referring to prestige among people, material riches and fame. An exceptional life for the Father Creator is a life dedicated to His will, which makes the creature reach the highest expressions of his or her being and come closer to perfection. This is truly exceptional.

“When you talk about a normal life, make sure you are not talking about a mediocre life -- a life in which you decide not to make any effort to be better, because this clearly is not what your Maker expects from you.

“You should focus on knowing the will of your Creator and strive to be like Him. Let truth, beauty and goodness be your guide. When you feel the desire to do something, examine your motivations, and what you are hoping to achieve. The things of the world are clearly different from the things of spirit. Do you wish to start a new endeavor in order to get closer to the Creator, be better, and help your siblings, or are you just chasing material rewards?

“Know that material success is not an indicator of the validity of your endeavor. You can perform thousands of things that are damaging to yourself or your siblings, and still achieve great material rewards. Many attain these things daily with a lot of material success. You could also start with the best of intentions and obtain wrong results. This would indicate a lack of harmony with the will of the Father.

“From your point of view, it is indeed complicated to know if a new endeavor is right. This is part of the training, of the experience of life. You are an Agondonter -- one who believes without seeing -- but not seeing may sometimes be the cause of mistakes. The Father will look at your intentions and the purity of your heart, not at your results. Keep a clean heart and strive to align your will with His Will, and your success will be guaranteed, if not here, then perhaps in the next phase of your existence.

“A life dedicated to the Father’s Will is not a life without risks, suffering or mistakes. It is simply a life dedicated to learn to know better the One in which all of us have our origin and our destiny. This spirit of exploration and adventure, combined with a living faith and supreme trust in the Father, is what will provide the peace to face the deceptions of life and gratitude for the victories of spirit.”