2010-10-21-Stay True To Your Calling

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Topic: Stay True To Your Calling

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Unknown



Unknown Receiver: “Good day my dear friend. We spoke before, just the one time, and since then I have been trying to get back to you, yet we found you to be busy each time. This short message to you has the single purpose of admonishing you to stay true to your calling. Terrestrial life represents just a split second of all your eternal future, but it is essential, yes, just as is the minimum of moisture for the acorn first planted to grow into a grand oak tree.

“Whilst in relation to your future lives on Mansonia’s worlds and beyond, it spans but a moment in time, still the way your life is led on your planet is of the utmost importance. There, in your task of providing the lessons and communications from higher realms – your spiritual friends of great progress – it is firstly essential to be endowed with a worthwhile capacity for imagination, but it alone will provide you no accuracy of information, and it can even be detrimental.

“One needs more. One needs the most important aspect of good receivership, and that is discernment in the recognition of, or feel of, one’s celestial friends, to know that appropriate contact has been established, yes, and that the flow of information arrives in a logical fashion, without one’s unrelated wishful thinking entering into the flow. Heed my words: The Celestial Hierarchy will advise you, hardly straighten out your world for you, for that is a purely human task.

“It is a lesson I learned in that I, during much of my earthly life, employed automatic writing, which became my regular means of noting and making known messages from above. Where at times I failed was in that my hand moved in a routine fashion, whilst I was ‘un-particular’ about the individual providing the details that I noted on copious supplies of paper, and thus incorrect information reached many, many readers of my extensive efforts.

“So here are my recommendations to you and to all who would bring celestial messages to the wider population: Be and remain in the appropriate state of mind, calm, passionate. Know without doubt from whom you are hearing, feel the love they have for you, and return this . . . express this love to your Teachers. Above all, never judge your work to be routine. Indeed, that is the most frequent trap I fell into, though you’ll find the ether more ‘sanitized’ than it was in my time.

“Complacency has no place in the receiving of messages, so stay with the mental preparation, always, and be true to your calling my dear friend. I send my love, and the love of many who know of 11:11 Progress and what it stands for. I beg you to hear from us more often. Carry on, and enjoy your day.”


This long-ago departed channeler belongs to a group of former channelers who are studying the results of what they made known that was right, as well as the repercussions of that which was in error.