2010-10-22-False Idols

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Topic: False Idols

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “Some of you still value your physical appearance above spiritual attributes. During these last decades, the fixation on the appearance of the body has reached alarming levels, and caused various disorders due the tendency of some to go to the extremes.

“Physical exercise and the care of the body have a place in human life. Your body is a gift from the Creator, and you will do well to take good care of it. However, the Father has not given you this body for you to be its slave. It is a vehicle for your life in this world, but it was created to serve you, not the other way around.

“Many of you desire to leave ‘that extra weight’ behind – the excessive preoccupation for your body. Remember the words of the master: ‘Do not concern yourselves with what you will eat or how you will cover your bodies’. The basic things will not be missed by those who work. You are afraid of losing your vitality and your health. This body was not made for eternity, just to last long enough to provide you with an adequate opportunity to have a satisfactory life experience with eternal values. It was designed to be temporal.

“Do you forget that the source of health and vitality is the same source of all things and beings? In your Father you have your origin and in Him we all live. It is on the Father that you should focus your attention, and through the discipline of Silence you will gather many benefits that will even help your physical body.

“In many ways, human health was better in ancient times than it is now. Many damaging foods have been created just for the sake of generating profits for some, and the purpose of nurturing people has been relegated to be optional. These foods cause many forms of addiction, which make them very hard to avoid, just more profitable. Know that the best is to find foods as close to nature as possible and try to make these foods the basis of your diet.

“Simply using your body the way it was intended is the best you can do. Avoid excesses and don’t concern yourselves too much about how you eat and your health, because soon you will be provided with a better and longer-lasting new body. Free yourselves from that false adoration of the physical and start seeing yourselves and your siblings as you truly are: Spiritual creatures, temporarily living in a material body.”