2010-10-27-Close Call

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Topic: A Close Call

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Bzutu

TR: George Barnard



Bzutu: “There are circumstances under which a simple ‘yes or no’ to your earnest questions will hardly suffice, and this is one of those circumstances. However, this lecture is not to be ‘a poor, poor me’ on either your part or mine, because misunderstandings will continue to plague us for centuries to come, as we try to bring the only-partially-adept-to-receive into line with those of more regular worlds.

“Consider now the claim by Nostradamus that ‘the god stands nearby’. Hardly! His Thought Adjuster had business to conduct elsewhere, and the fully appraised DEF-5 was certainly no god, nor has she attained that elevated status by this present time.

“Your dear friend . . . and mine . . . Dante Alighieri, was allowed to catch but a fleeting glimpse of the smartly attired Beatrice (ABC-3), neither knowing her to be a permanent resident of our planet, nor ever understanding just how many Celestials shared in his writings.

“And, my brother, your Joan of Arc was equally fooled by her own mind in believing she was under instructions from Saints Michael, Margaret and Catharine. Michael, yes! Once again, here we find a project succeeding well, yet misunderstandings galore.

“How we battled for so many years to make you hear, understand, catch on, to what we wanted you to know and act upon, when you battled to understand, yet excelled in seeing us before you, each time we attempted to converse. Not in our world’s past, nor future will we find many that are ideal on both scores – the visual and audible – we carry on with our tasks, never give up, and only in retrospect will those of your kin who assisted us, find recognition on Mansonia and beyond, as will the one (Vern Grimsley) about whom you enquire.

“We, on our part, may well be advised about circumstances that may become a close call in potentially dooming all life on this planet, and we may be ordered to go into action. We are rarely if ever apprized in advance of the outcome of our efforts to thwart human free will as was the case in which you viewed the Russian technician.”


Years ago, I (clairvoyantly) saw an extremely nervous Russian technician about to send his ICBM’s off to the US. He hesitated, and fortunately did so for long enough for the skies to clear of an unusual weather pattern that made it look like his country was under attack. I personally know of no other close calls, but a book called “War Scare” refers to the above and other close calls.

The Question posed: Was a certain Vern Grimsley a member of the Reserve Corps of Destiny? Evidently he was.