2010-10-28-Stability and Measured Changes

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Topic: Stability and Measured Changes



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Are you with me for a short chat? I know you haven’t much energy today, but I am sure you can manage a short Dialogue Session.

Vince: That depends.

Monjoronson: Depends on what exactly?

Vince: It depends on whether you are going to offer my testicles to the Dark Ones for fitment of electrodes, as you did in the last message.

Monjoronson: Ah yes, very funny; but as you know I was just making a point that you knew nothing of our secret plans.

Vince: Yes I know, but as you know, some fun makes the day go quicker.

Monjoronson: Indeed it does but now let us move forward to the serious stuff, when you have finished playing with the punctuation, that is. Just because you find that the software places red lines under mis-spelled words and green lines under punctuation errors does not mean you should edit the sentences and make the red and green lines disappear.

Just use the punctuation I give you and remember that the spellchecker is fine, but not every word I use will be in there. So, please desist from making these changes, except from where you have mis-transcribed a word like you just did, putting “their” instead of “there”. I know you can spell, but these kinds of errors are common with digital mankind and will eventually lead to changes in the English language.

Vince: Sorry MoJo, I was only trying to help.

Monjoronson: I know that, so let us continue.


There are many things going on behind the scenes at present which are unknown to mainstream humanity, and to many of our Few. Pole Shift and Earth changes are in operation and ongoing, which are known to some of you; but in the world of Government, Banking and Finance, the Military and certain sections of Big Business, we are already bringing stability and changes which will stop these institutions from crumbling away as you watch them.

Our aim is to bring about stability and measured change so that the dreadful problems of past generations are not repeated with economic collapse and general warfare across the World. Things are bad enough already, without them getting worse as the Dark Ones have planned and hoped to implement. There is enough trouble about already without more being heaped on top at this crucial time.

You are going to witness quite soon stated policies which would have adversely affected many of you; be reversed or dramatically revised and the officials and politicians involved will find smooth words to cover their about-face policy revisions. This initially will affect most major industrialised nations first, but there will also be some movement of Junta’s and Dictatorships, as they find out their tenure in office is coming to a sticky end for them.

The way your media is set-up, it is unlikely that these changes will be reported for what they really are, so you will need to use your discernment to understand what is happening. We are hoping to get many policy changes agreed and implemented quite soon, which will bring better times to you as quickly as is realistically possible, given the millennia over which you have been impoverished and tricked out of your rightful sovereignty.

Terrible, terrible things have been done to you all and the majority of humanity don’t even realise it yet, believing that their reality is not in any way abnormal. Of course it is a very large distortion from how things were meant to be, but Joe & Josephine Bloggs as well as John & Jane Doe haven’t cottoned on to the biggest criminal conspiracy there has ever been where the ones who rule you treat you with contempt and steal as much as they can from you.

In every village, town and city across the world there are those Dark Ones who shape your lives and control you in ways both large and small, and from your cradle to your grave they get their percentage out of you, and harm you in whatever way they can, because those higher up in the greatest ever criminal conspiracy tell them what to do.

You can say that every one of your politicians is involved in this conspiracy, for even those who look the other way are culpable. And yet for most of you, as you look out of your window and watch life going on just as it normally does, it is just so very normal. Is not this how it was supposed to be? Not by a long chalk it isn’t.

Every one who has ever worked and earned money, bought goods or a service, eaten food; has come into contact with a system of slavery; that of financial slavery. It is set up for the benefit of those who run the conspiracy, and it moves resources away from the poor to enrich those who are already rich.

At this point, I want to introduce to you a published letter which my friend Vince brought to my attention. It was published in the Letters Page of the Daily Mail a national newspaper in Britain, on 26th October 2010, and written by Mrs. Wendy Greig:

Be Thankful

With all the talk of spending cuts, it’s worth remembering some facts. If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep, you’re richer than 75 percent of people in this world.

If you have money in the bank, some in your wallet and some spare change in a dish, you’re among the top 8 percent of the world’s wealthy.

If you’ve never experienced the fear of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or the pangs of starvation, you’re doing better than 700 million people in the world.

Something to think about.

As well as being something to think about, and if you are among the ones who are in the “haves” groups, it is an indictment of what the criminal conspiracy by the Dark Ones has done to all of humanity on your planet. Nobody was supposed to be needy, poor, starving, shot at or tortured; it was to be a system of “commonwealth” where all of you were supposed to benefit, not just the criminals and their henchmen.

In the short term there will be some policy reversal as mentioned, and as we are able to, gradual easement to the conditions under which you live will be made; but please remember that if you give a starving man a feast the like of which he could only dream of, he will gorge himself and die, so whilst there will be easements made, they will be introduced gradually.

When these Dark Ones are totally removed from the planet, then there is real scope for all manner of improvements to people’s lives, and we are working to that end, even as I speak.


Vince: Thanks MoJo, talk to you again soon.

Monjoronson: I look forward to that.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy, in conversation with my friend Vince. 28th October 2010