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Topic: Perfection

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “Perfection comes from knowing right from wrong. Those created perfect do not fall into sin or error, because they innately know what is best for them. Regardless of how attractive sin may appear, they are not deceived because they simply know. Besides, many of the things that trouble mortals, the so called ‘pleasures of the flesh’ are not an issue to those who live on Paradise.

“It is entirely possible for these creatures to choose evil, because they also enjoy free will, but they will always know the consequences of their actions. Such is the life of the perfect creatures. They know with certainty the will of the Creator and enjoy a higher understanding of the Father and the working of His Universe.

“Perfection is also the destiny of mortals, if they choose to follow the guidance of their Divine Spark. However, mortals have an advantage: Evolutionary experience. Those personalities that are forged in the struggle of time have no parallel in the Universe. Great attributes of courage, loyalty and faith are needed to achieve the goal of perfection. Once you have reached this level you will have been tested in every way, and you will have triumphed over all challenges.

“Today while you must believe without seeing; while you walk trusting that the invisible Father holds you by the hand; while you suffer trying to harmonize the things of this world with your spiritual realities; while you aspire to truth, beauty and goodness, and are faced each day with error and sin, remember that your Father has created you so you can aspire to be like Him. Through your extensive preparation during eternity you will become a perfect creature -- similar to your Creator -- and someone who can also understand very well the tribulations and mistakes of those who come later. Those well prepared can provide a more than adequate service to these younger souls of the future who search for the Father.”