2010-11-04-A Meeting of Minds

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Topic: A Meeting of Minds

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Teacher: “Now that I finally have your attention, it would be expedient for you to, for a moment, dwell with me on what the subject might mean to you, as this subject represents somewhat unknown terrain to you. You often ponder about what it means to have a meeting of minds, to be so totally understood, that this leaves not a shadow of doubt in your mind. It would take away all uncertainty about finally being valued to the core of your being -- to experience that something like a true meeting of minds is indeed possible.

“The most wonderful thing is that this feeling of being totally understood to the core of your being is possible even now in this earthly estate in which you are still so time bound. Believe that this is truly possible, as you have a mighty Indweller from God, living and working deep within you. Your Indweller is well apprised of your intent and all your thoughts, which are immediately reflected to the Creator God. This is in truth and fact the meeting of minds I desire to bring into your conscious awareness, so you will at any time know that you are never alone. It is not necessary to even entertain the notion that you are lonely or alone, for this is simply impossible once you have experienced this meeting of minds.

“And herein rests your responsibility, for the mind of your Indweller is always accessible to you, so how about reciprocating and taking advantage of this Indweller, who has only your best interest at heart? How many people do you know, who truly and continuously have your best interest at heart? I can assure you that there are none, as human beings starting out in life everlasting have a great need to learn and trust anyone, which is difficult, as humans themselves are fickle in their emotions.

“It is when you are getting used to a conscious interaction with that Spark of God living inside of you, and you work on developing that precious relationship with your Spark from God that you develop such rare capacity of this meeting of minds. Henceforth you can start to trust and believe in this still small Voice and even start calling this Voice your Beloved.

“In all actuality this Voice is destined to mingle with your voice, so in times to come Its mind will fuse with your mind.

“Truly now, can you think of a better meeting of minds, which eventually will be a melding together of minds?

“This is the work all mortals have waiting for them in eternity, although they can already make a head-start here in this physical life, allowing themselves that precious time to start to listen within, and allowing themselves this precious time to develop a most wonderful relationship with the God of their being and cultivate a meeting of minds -- God’s mind Fragment and their own mind, to experience and partake of God’s unconditional love for them and to practicing this unconditional love in their daily lives. How different this planet would become in a short time! With increasing compassion for each and everyone, as they would learn to recognize God within each other, such would be the ideal of the meeting of minds. Thank you for listening.”