2010-11-04-The Financial Pyramid

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Topic: The Financial Pyramid



Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Vince



Monjoronson: Greetings my dear fellow. I want to spend some time explaining a few things to Erethea readers which I am sure will help them think outside of the box.

Vince: Well, Good Morning to you and off we go then.


Monjoronson: It is sometimes hard for people to see anything wrong with their world at all, particularly if they are rolling in money; but for the majority on your planet, life is no picnic and this is their daily reality. Consider if you will the fact that the vast wealth available to incarnate humanity is hoarded by a tiny number of people, and as a result makes them even more money every day.

There are a few nations which are quite wealthy, and yet amid this abundance there are people with no home, no money, no food and consequently no hope. In the majority of the other countries the bulk of the population is poor and hungry while their rulers have riches beyond the wildest dreams of most people. It was never meant to be thus, but a few people saw how over the long term they could make the majority of people their slaves, without these people actually realising it, and they have been extremely successful in their dark endeavour.

The illusion of freedom is a very sexy commodity, for it seduces people into believing that they are free and happy; and doing rather well for themselves. That is a very “Western” concept which for the people of many poorer countries does not hold true, as starvation and sickness are realities of their own virtual imprisonment. But if we look at your average person in their average “Western” country, they are free aren’t they? They live in a democracy, and that’s a free society, isn’t it?

Actually, no it isn’t. You are free to vote for whomsoever you want to, but the main political parties and anyone destined to be leader or serve in one of the great offices of state were chosen long ago by the Dark Ones who rule behind the scenes; so you will merely be voting for a functionary of the Dark Ruling Elite. But surely, the politicians who gain power make up the policies don’t they; yet again, the answer is no. There are organisations whose job it is to dream up policies which will adversely affect ordinary people, and the Dark Ones pay them to do that; and when the moment is appropriate, the policies are handed to the government of the day with the instructions to implement them. Democracy; don’t make me laugh.

The entire economies of the world are based on Interest bearing loans taken out by governments, businesses and individuals, and what you may ask is wrong with that? It is a system which makes money in large quantities for those people at the top of the pyramid and smaller quantities just below that level; but from then on down to the bottom, you all lose money on a compound basis.

Between the extraction of raw materials and the purchaser of the final product are many intermediate levels which are only viable in the world economies through finance arrangements and at every turn there is an interest charge to pay. This is rolled up in the final product and the consumer who is usually the poorest level of all, gives the biggest bite which is given directly to those at the top of the pyramid. You often get millionaires and billionaires in government, or close to government; so that the policies which make them rich are continued and enhanced.

The plane you fly on, the bus on which you ride; what’s the betting they are leased? Has the owner of the factory which made your TV or your can of beans had to borrow to fund this month’s wages? Why have rail fares just gone up; could it be those fine new train units which have had to be leased as the train operator couldn’t afford to buy them outright. Can the farmer afford a new machine to cut his hay and lift the bales; or pay for this years seeds, without a bank loan?

The more you buy and the more you pay; the greater riches the bankers at the top of the pyramid get, and the poorer you get; and when those on the levels below the Dark Elite have financial shortfalls, then they find innovative ways of stealing it from the poorer folks. The Sub-Prime Mortgage scandal was one such scheme among many. This is what passes for “normal” in your world but many of you can’t see it because your media which is owned by the Dark Elite, manages to hide the real news and feeds you what can only be described as Virtual News.

Pick up a newspaper and read it every day and watch the news in the evening, and don’t they both say more or less the same things. Sport, celebrities, fashion, music, drama, soaps, politics and war; these are all used to divert you from reality and it is a reality most of you seldom see. Most people have bought into the consumer society which is a construct to make you virtual slaves to the financial system. All the real value has long since been extracted from this system, and it now operates on the basis of figures on computer screens, for there is very little real gold backing the major currencies of the world; it is a house of cards and one day it will collapse, but not on my shift!

If you can’t see through the façade of this game the Dark Ones play, then they have done a fine job on you, but you have my sympathy for you are among many billions of people who have been fooled for a very long time. While troops are in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are providing vast sums of money to the corporations who supply them materiel and oil and poppies are another welcome prize. War has always been a business and individuals are slain simply to give someone a large profit.

For thousands upon thousands of years this system has been going on with various degrees of sophistication, and you ones always suffer at the hands of these Dark and Evil people who run the Establishment. It has been on my mind for a few of your days to write this in the hope that at least some of you who haven’t heard about it before will benefit, but it certainly isn’t new information, and has been given before in a variety of different ways. Periodically things have to be repeated as new people come along and are not wise to the biggest criminal enterprise ever.


It has been my pleasure to reiterate this for you today, and I hope it brings insight to those who are currently without it.

Vince: Thanks for the information MoJo, and we’ll talk again soon.

Monjoronson: Indeed we will.

I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in communion with Vince. 4th November 2010