2010-11-07-See the Light

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Topic: See the Light

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good afternoon. This is your Uncle Tomas. I am so pleased to see you have made a place for me at your table.

Renault: Hi! Welcome aboard.

TOMAS: I will say the same to you. Welcome to this flying saucer upon which we ride overseeing the vision of humanity below, swarming, as it were, with energy and industry.

I have been busy in my realm as I see you have been in yours. Congratulations, Gerdean, on the new book. The Cherubim/Sanobim pair who spawned the concept in your mind is enjoying their success. And Renault, what tumult you have endured for the past short while with issues of body maintenance! What a trooper!

Renault: Is this some kind of wake-up call? I’m glad there has been nothing terribly serious come up.

TOMAS: Well, only you can discern whether it was a wake-up call and what lessons you may derive there from. The Gods do not arbitrarily put health obstacles in your way to make life difficult, but they often see trouble coming and do nothing to stop it, since experiential living is had by experience.

Renault: And dietary changes … that’s fine. I can do that.

TOMAS: Wonderful! That’s the right attitude to have. It is about adapting and modifying to the circumstances at hand. As you change, as your body changes, so do the requirements, obligations and rewards.



There have been discussions about the soul of the planet on which you live, the soul of Urantia, which has brought some consternation to those of you who appreciate that the soul is created by a marriage between the will of God and the will of the human indwelt by a fragment of this God, and so it is a sacred liaison, a holy alliance. And if there is anything we know it is that there is little in humanity that will cause a man to rise up on his rear haunches and do battle to the death more than that which one believes. and so we have another one of those intellectual presentations of beliefs that resemble warfare.

As with war, however, what once began with two sides, eventually becomes a mad scramble for survival … the other man be damned. So it is my erstwhile ambition to attempt to keep the topic/ subject matter/ meat of the discussion on such a level that will not result in fisticuffs.

We’ll take it to the nth degree, then, so as to have a broad brush stroke appreciation of the value of the concept that since everything is spirit or impacted by spirit -- a part of spirit, responsive to spirit, affected by spirit, ad infinitum, and since the material is not merely finite but also often invisible. This fact of finite origin is a part of your being, part of your consciousness, such that it, too, will exist for eternity. And so we have the spirit and the material living side-by-side, hand-in-hand, throughout eternity. And thus, under this broad brush stroke, we could say that the entire universe was a living being, and indeed it is. It is an organism that pulsates with life, that is growing and on which things and beings also are growing.

The difficulty comes as we inculcate the opposite side of that perspective, that opposite meaning the density, the obtuseness that comes as distance between the finite and the spirit comes to pass and comes to dominate. So we have the very dark finite, the very dense material and the very dense consciousness of unreality on one hand as compared to the illumination of enlightenment on the other.

This is not an either/or situation, however (for) Spirit has the greater advantage. Spiritual growth in evolution, actualizing as it is, has the upper hand and will always be transcendental over lesser realities and lesser perceptions of consciousness. This concept is not unlike the concept in your schools where the grade point average is the criteria. And whereas the A indicates excellence and the F indicates failure, the relativity of education and the relativity of people’s capacity to learn, based on their Intelligence Quotient, would have all children passing whether they learned excellence or not. And while this has long-range social and cultural effects on the positive side of the ledger, so does it have effects on the negative side.

Therefore, from a transcendental and metaphysical point of view, one can talk about the soul of a planet, or the soul of a city, of a neighborhood or of a family. One might even talk about the soul of their pet, or their home, or their new outfit, or the BBQ ribs that are sold on the corner BBQ restaurant. These are differing definitions of soul and yet they can all apply to someone’s understanding of what soul is but true soul includes personality.

I wanted to mention that within the relativity of this definition of reality of soul, there are various and sundry pockets or levels or layers or divisions of reality … or projects or places … that also have soul, that also are a combination of the finite world and the spirit that overlooks, oversees, impacts, affects, influences – basically this is Synergy, and it does develop a higher degree of consciousness than what one individual can do by himself or herself. In terms of what will affect society, it takes three to make a group, and when you have three people who can agree, then you have the possibility of coordination. You need not agree on everything, just that about which you have come together to support.


I wanted to speak also about consciousness in that context. For a rock may be conscious that it is a rock-- that is to say, it will do what a rock is supposed to do. It is comprised of what a rock is supposed to be comprised of. Just as water will do what water does because that’s what water is and it has, in a sense, a consciousness of what it is because it is true to its nature. Would that all things had adequate consciousness to conform to what it is, for life is so much simpler, is so much simplified, by such clarity of perspective. Consciousness does not require personality but personality requires consciousness.

There is always conflict in growth, and as you are constantly developing and growing, you are always going to have some degree of chaos. And in the face of that continual low-level confusion in the material mind, it behooves you to have foundations and boundaries and definitions and directions that you have come to know and appreciate, for they can act as a banister, a railing, a guardrail, a fence that you can use, and thus grow. You don’t have to create walls through which you cannot see, only indications of demarcations that have rational, sensible and justifiable experiential reasons for being there.

These kinds of boundaries and definitions are the best kind, for they are your creations and you can build them and remodel them as you grow, as you grow at your pace, in your time, according to your will as it conforms to His will for you. Otherwise, you are trying to be someone you are not, and you confound things, you fan the flames of chaos. All we need is slow and steady growth. That is our aspiration for you and for this world. In the process, walls are being torn down, but the foundations remain, so that you can see what went before.


Consciousness of consciousness is superconsciousness, and that’s a rather divine perspective indeed. That perspective is one of super-consciousness. Superconsciousness goes far beyond your comprehension of consciousness. But you will grow into that which you need to know. Your consciousness of consciousness is where you need to be. That’s how you can be true to yourself and to your divine partner. That’s how your soul can reflect its value most readily.

When they say of you that your soul is in error or is incomplete, agree! And rejoice that there is such a vast field of growing to come for you each and all. It does not matter if someone wants to call the planet Urantia “Urantia” as if it were the nomenclature of a beautiful woman or a ship at sea. It is typical vanity to think of earth as another human with the qualities of the human, but it would also be typical human error, and again our intention is to help you see it from the other side, from the farther view, from a different perspective.

For the planet is not made in His image, it is made in your image, and as you are peaceful and loving, Urantia will be peaceful and loving; as you are agricultural and artistic, Urantia will be agricultural and artistic. But it will never have a consciousness greater than the consciousness that you bestow upon it by your ability to put your spirit and your finite reality to the task of making it more than it was, more of what it might be if it combines the will of God and the will of man, the infinite and the finite, in one -- the evolving God, the Supreme.

I will let your minds rest on that for a while. Take a break. Enjoy the sunshine on this day of daylight savings. Perhaps we’ll have another session later. Good-bye for now.

  • Intermission

Reincarnation! Again and still. How this subject fascinates you! It is because you are limited to your current time-space condition. You are so obsessively curious about how you got here: Will you come back here? Who has come back? What were the circumstances that brought you here? Were you here before? All these questions are because you’ve only lived here – at least, you are only conscious of this life. And so there are those unanswered questions that truly will only come to fruition when you have gone from here and have a better appreciation of what is in store for you. Would you like to state the question? What is the issue?


Repersonalization, Reincarnation

Renault: Are some beings allowed, for instance, to come back to do something significant – something significant for the planet? Another question is: Do other beings, such as yourself, having originated on other planets, come to this planet and incarnate for the experience of the ascension plan? Or not?

TOMAS: Again, the first one was: are people allowed to come back here to do something significant? Well, I have to say it would depend upon the person and the significance. I would clarify that the Master himself said that he would return, and so if he is going to set any kind of precedent, which he set himself up to do, it would imply that it is possible under certain circumstances. Indeed, you are encouraged to anticipate a return of Adam and Eve, Machiventa Melchizedek, and there have been many other postulations, such as the children of Adam and Eve or the Magisterial Son or other-terrestrials. There are many possibilities to ponder.

Are they allowed? I am not the authority. That authority would come from somewhere On High as to be beyond my purview, but obviously some entities are allowed to return. The question is will they be allowed to return in the flesh, even though, as you know, Machiventa Melchizedek did manifest in the flesh, or what passed as flesh, and the Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve, manifested in the flesh, or something similar to the flesh – even though they were considerably taller and of a different color. They were created On High to serve in the capacity of a Material Son and Daughter to the material worlds of time and space.

There is that thing, too, about: is it really flesh or is it simulated to look like flesh, and that again opens many doors of postulation. As a rule, however, no one is allowed to return to the world of their origin … certainly not, again, in the flesh. You only need one finite experience. You only need to be born of the flesh one time.

Renault: For all eternity?

TOMAS: For all eternity!

Renault: So we learn all these lessons on these billions of worlds in a morontia form and never again in a flesh form?

TOMAS: That is correct.

Renault: Wow! I didn’t know that.

TOMAS: You do not go to another planet and live another life on a lateral world. You are having your one and only finite existence right now.

Renault: Wow.

TOMAS: When you die, you will change form. As when a caterpillar changes into butterfly, it will never again be a caterpillar. You will never again be a finite. Nor will you have to go through that stage of change that is death when you go from one incarnation to the next in your eternal career, as you ascend, and as you occasionally go back from whence you were in order to teach what you have learned, but you will not return to a finite world as a finite being.

Renault: Wow. The Urantia Book talks about architectural worlds and that the seraphim have homes and I picture physical abodes. Do we go there?

Mansion Worlds

TOMAS: Yes. You envision having a home in the future. By all means you will have a home in the future. There is always a place provided for you. They are not, however, architectural spheres. Architectural spheres are created perfect. The worlds you will visit in your ascent are not architectural spheres; they are not created perfect. They are created to accommodate your need to be housed as you are learning your lessons and serving those you serve. You will have a resting place, a domicile.

Renault: A physical, material …?

TOMAS: Morontial.

Renault: Is that like sleeping in a hammock rather than a 4-poster bed?

TOMAS: No, but it is less linear than a 4-poster bed, certainly. This is another one of those topics that is certainly a curiosity question but is asked because you have only lived here. It is virtually impossible to describe to you what it will be like there because you are not yet like the butterfly that you will become, you are still like the caterpillar. And therefore you have no concept of the difference. Only after you’ve made the change will the very word “residence” make sense to you in the new context, but you may be assured that there are gardens, there will be weather, you will have attire, you will take in food; therefore, you will sup with your friends.

Renault: Does that mean you will pee and poop?

TOMAS: There will be some waste but it will not be feces as you are familiar with waste. It is more like pollution or smog on an otherwise fairly clear day. It will be dealt with in the course of time as sunshine deals with fog.

You must not think of it, however, as moving from here to England, living in a Victorian home and suddenly becoming proper and elegant. That is not a true depiction of the mansion worlds, although the attitude of civility and graciousness is palpable.

The sensible exercise, then, is for you to contemplate what your dream life would be like in Mansonia, and then try to duplicate it here and now so that you can have heaven on earth. And so for that reason I can spend some time with you discussing what it would be like if you were to wake up in Mansonia in your next domain, but beyond providing a little stimulation for your imagination and whetting your appetite for being of service, there is not much point in overmuch emphasis on what life will be like there as compared to here. Another reason is because it will be changing often.

Renault: Are there like day and night, for rest?

TOMAS: Yes, but it is not as clear-cut. And again, it depends upon the world where you are living. It has to be somewhere in the universe. And there are certain universe laws that apply. If there is light, that’s all you need to worry about. Darkness is merely the absence of light so if there is light you will find your way home. And if there is warmth, you will be comfortable, warmth being the absence of cold. Living love is not cold. It is not pitch black. You need not ever fear of being lost, or alone. That in itself is a state of consciousness that is often missing in the caterpillar-like state of the material world.

Perhaps this is why moths are drawn to the flame. It is inherent in living things to seek the light and the life. Was there further data or information or insight desired?

Renault: Does the T/R have any questions?

TOMAS: I see none flowing to the top of her consciousness so I will assume that all is well there. Shall we pause to double-check? [Pause]

Renault: Also, since we won’t ever be in a physical form again, will we soon be able to see all these invisible beings that are around us, the midwayers and our helpers and the cherubim and the visitors from other planets, like you yourself, Tomas? Other than being aware of your presence, it bothers us a lot, I think, that we can’t actually see all these people that you are talking about. I just sort of assume they are there, our angels and helpers. I think you are there because I think I have benefited from your help and your coordination and everything that has worked together to help me to recover and be better and I’m grateful to everybody for all their help. I know I’ve had help. Thanks a lot, everybody, whoever they may be out there. But I just think it would help us if we could be more aware.


TOMAS: Oh, I agree with you completely! It would be ever so much more helpful to you and everyone concerned if you and all of you were able to be more aware, for it is with those eyes that you will see. The physical eyes are only designed to see the physical reality that is part of the finite caterpillar existence. The true vision is in the mind’s eye, through the spirit. Even if, for example, Adam and Eve were here, how would you know they were supernal beings, except for the fact of their height and their skin color? You would not know that they were a Material Son and Daughter, for they were in a simulated flesh. They were transported here and materialized.

Renault: Did they not die in the flesh?

TOMAS: Yes, but that was not the question. The only one that was born here was Jesus. Machiventa Melchizedek appeared here fully grown, fully clothed.

Renault: He would do the same again. He would appear … as a person of the realm. As a normal-- But he wouldn’t get sick.

TOMAS: He is a Melchizedek. He is not a former mortal. He was a Melchizedek before he was the Sage of Salem. There are obviously occasions when the gods see fit to send emissaries to the worlds of time and space. Notably they are Avonal Sons or Magisterial Sons as well as the planetary princes, Material Sons and Daughters, and those who assist in the advancement of planetary evolution. They do not send former citizens of planet 606 back to planet 606, nor do they send them to planet 607 or planet 605 to be reincarnated as a mortal there - even simulated, for there is no purpose. Their path lies before them, not behind them. They will never become flesh again.

Renault: Oh, no more killing, or disease or …

TOMAS: There is an equivalent of many of life’s experiences. The birthing of children will no longer be necessary or possible, but trinitization may take place at some time in the far distant future and so you can aspire to create new life, yes, but not for some considerable ages to come.

Renault: I guess we’re so attached to the physical that we don’t understand the spiritual way of life.

TOMAS: Yes. You cannot truly see and so you guess and speculate. And thus we sit and chat about things you cannot understand, but it does give you something to think about if you can think in terms of how to convey your ideals, whatever they may be, into the life you live here and now. The idea of tilling the soil represents cultivating that which is potential into something that is actual, something that provides meaningful sustenance. It does not have to mean literal soil and earthworms for the principle to remain. Even so, there is a parallel reality that would incorporate those elements, just as there are mountains and valleys and rivers and prairies on other worlds, even morontia worlds, and Edentia is home of many gardens renowned for their beauty and maintained by the Univitatia.

Renault: Which are a …?

TOMAS: It is a life form that provides routine maintenance throughout the architecture spheres and native worlds of the gods.

Renault: Somebody’s got to maintain the garden, so there will be flowers, vegetables.

TOMAS: And consider yourself a bush that sometimes needs pruning but that also gives forth fruit. It behooves you to learn to think more lyrically and less literally if you want to be successful in acquiring a long-range look at your future. And remember that the boundaries that you plan here to help you develop the projects / programs / and civilizations of your advancing planet, so too on High will you create divisions and separations that provide order and dignity to those who work in those fields of the Lord.

Renault: (Indistinguishable)

TOMAS: Marvelous and eternal. It is no wonder that you look to it with such fascination. You resemble the beloved child who sits on the lap of the grandparent and thinks of all the wonderful things they will be able to do when they grow up, and the grandparents encourage these aspirations for this whets their appetite and enthusiasm for living. This too is one of our aspirations as teachers, to inject within you a new lust for life and a cozy comfort in the arena in which you work, the sandbox in which you play, and the nest in which you nurture yourselves and your loved ones.


It is time for you to now run along and nurture yourselves. It has been a real pleasure for me and for us this afternoon to have such a bountiful session with you. We look forward not only to our next session with you but to those many times in between where you will be able to connect with higher reality as you remember that you are overseen and cared for by legions of angels.

Renault: I wonder what would happen if we could actually see them all. Do you think mankind would wake up and treat each other more spiritual?

TOMAS: Yes. And sometimes that happens. And on a relative level, it’s happening all the time. The light is coming on. You have heard us say so. You have yourself witnessed it.

Renault: Although the shadow side is there as well.

TOMAS: Indeed, and it sometimes seems as if the brighter the light shines, the darker the shadows are. And there is a certain context there, a dramatic comparison, but that is because the light is so bright, the darkness appears dark by contrast. The light will eventually overpower the darkness completely. That is our goal. But let me not leave you with such a literal thought because even when fully illuminated, there will be times when the light will need to be subdued so that you may find rest and respite from the constant exhilaration and effort involved in dynamic living. Thus you learn graciousness, even moderation, which is yet another morontia quality that you can yet bring into your life here and that enables you to enjoy a little more heaven on earth.

Renault: Thank you so much, Tomas.

TOMAS: See to the light. Farewell and amen.