2010-11-12-Your Little Child

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Topic: Your Little Child

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Oscar



Teacher: “The patience of parents who love their children is not the result of their efforts. Their patience is the result of the innate love of such parents. The little ones may cause their parents to sometimes loose their patience, but once the situation has calmed, the parents’ love prevails, and forgiveness for any fault or misunderstanding is guaranteed.

“This is why Michael asked us to attempt to express a higher love for our peers, a parent’s love, which aspires to be similar to the love He feels toward all His creatures. Such love can’t hold grudges or withhold forgiveness. Such love understands that we are all in a process of growth, so we are likely to make mistakes. Such love guarantees true fraternity and good will among men. However, such love has rarely been practiced upon this earth.

“This is the challenge of this age. This is the answer to the Master’s exhortation of two thousand years ago. Consider each human being to be a little child, your little child, because this actually is the reality in the eyes of the Celestial Father, whom you represent and who lives in you, and expresses himself through you.

“Consider each person around you; those who have hurt you, or someone you love, those who have made mistakes and are being punished by society, those who struggle tenaciously to hold onto their political or economic power at the expense and suffering of others. Consider also yourself, but try to see the pure and innocent child they once were.

“Try to understand how the circumstances of life could render a soul so confused as to forget what he or she really is. Try to see them as little ones, who don’t yet understand the game of life, who are still in the process of maturing. Start seeing your brothers and sisters in this world, and yourself in this way, and you will start to see how God sees His creatures.

“This is how the love of the Father will extend all over this world. In this way forgiveness and a true peace will become reality. Those problems that seem so big today will become trivial, and Light and Life will finally arrive on our beloved Urantia.”